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Explore the European landscape from the birth of the modern world to the tumultuous events of the First World War. The world has never been so divided: the forces of democracy have thrown off the shackles of monarchical rule, creating an unpredictable new world in their wake. A world which may yet again devolve into conflict and chaos.1914: Prelude to Chaos is a real-time strategy RPG set in the tumultuous years leading up to the First World War. Make your own choices - either to support the Great Powers of Europe or to stand up for democracy and the ideals of the new world. The fate of Europe may well hang in the balance. STORY Enter the year 1914, which will mark the beginning of the first man made catastrophe of the 20th century. From the smoking revolver of the Serbian nationalist and grab for glory of a dying empires, that were slowly losing their legitimacy, death, despair and chaos that has finally put an end to the ancient European monarchies was born. The player is put in a role of Finley Thompson, A British adventurer and archaeologist searching for a mythical artifact on the territory of Kingdom of Serbia. In this endeavor, his closest ally is his Serbian guide Vuk. Not long after locating the possible site all hell breaks loose when the Sarajevo assassination occurs. Cut from his home, Finley pleads Vuk to help him finish his mission.GAMEPLAY The player will control Finley and his companions in their quest to find the lost artifact and preserve their lives in the midst of largest confrontation the world has seen. To solve the mystery of the First Crusade player will have to control his party in a series of conflicts while they search for the artifact.AMATERASU SOFTWARE We are a team of four video game enthusiasts with a childhood dream of making our own video games. Every member of our team is a fan of old school JRPG genre. We have already released a few games on Steam and our wish is to make our player base as happy as possible. Every player is more then welcome to give their feedback and criticism, without it, we will improve at a slower rate. About The Game 1914: Prelude to Chaos: Explore the European landscape from the birth of the modern world to the tumultuous events of the First World War. The world has never been so divided: the forces of democracy have thrown off the shackles of monarchical rule, creating an unpredictable new world in their wake. A world which may yet again devolve into conflict and chaos


Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans Features Key:

  • Product description
    • Non-cliché Game Design
    • Realistic character designing
    • Amazing game graphics
    • Simple and intuitive music system
    • Beautiful artwork of Hong Kong
    • Adventurous atmosphere
    • User-friendly game design with excellent community support
    • Multiple game modes
    • Special game map created by Hong Kong Stable
  • Possible Game Control
    • Keyboard/keypad view
    • Horizontal control
      • Left mouse click to shoot
      • Right mouse click to switch target
      • Shift click to look up to shoot
      • Alt click to switch target by clicking left mouse click
      • Right mouse click to reload current target
      • Mouse click
        • Shoot target by clicking left mouse
        • Switch target by clicking right mouse
        • Look up target by clicking left mouse clicked on view up icon
        • Hold RMB to switch target
        • Shift click to look down to shoot
        • Hold LMB to move position
        • Hold CTRL to zoom view
        • button
          • W: switch between view and controller
          • E: zoom in / out by raising or lowering perspective
          • A: change player view angle
          • Numpad 1 through 0: change player view direction
          • RTS: change player movement speed
          • R: reload current target
          • X: change player look angle
          • Mouse wheel: zoom in / out by raising or lowering perspective


          Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans License Key (April-2022)

          A lonely adventurer unravels an ancient secret in the heart of Kuromori-chō. Experience a unique story line as you travel back in time and meet the ancestors of Kuromori-chō. In the town of Kuromori-chō, once a bustling Japanese village. Now, only the ruins of houses and the sacred spirit of the village survive. When a strange girl unexpectedly crashes into the town, she begs to be allowed to rest her weary legs for a short while. The guard of the village readily agrees. Hearing strange noises, the boy who patrols the village immediately alerts the guard. Another unexpected encounter awaits the boy in the ruins, which is not at all what he expected. If you’re not tired yet, then another surprising encounter awaits you in the ruins. What is the secret the Kuromori-chō village holds? And what are the true intentions of this child whom you encounter in Kuromori-chō village? Featuring: Yuri Lowenthal, Mitsuyuki Satō, and Sairenji Tales of the Black Forest comes out in Steam on August 27, 2018. Kuromori-chō (湖ノ森市) is an unspoiled Japanese village, with mountainous scenery and subarctic climate. Unfotunately, because of all the treasure the village holds, it has been neglected for years. However, there are many mysteries that have yet to be unearthed, such as the ghosts and monster that live in the mountain, and the dark secrets of the village. Main Features ·A unique 3D style a pixel anime set in a historical Japanese village ·A mind boggling story full of mystery and wonder ·New monsters and traps, new items to discover ·A very different type of RPG ·Classic turn based combat ·As characters you can interact with other characters as well ·An assortment of catchy voice overs ·Completely hand drawn with a retro look and feel ·Beautiful but disturbing environment ·Incredible pixel art ·A very well crafted soundtrack ·A chill experience in a very chilly village ·Bilingual story ·Divided into 3 chapters, The main story takes you on a journey of over 40 hours ·Solve puzzles, interact with characters to progress ·LOTS of cats ·Mix of a side scroller and turn-based ·With super slick pixel style · c9d1549cdd


          Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans Keygen Free Download [32|64bit] [April-2022]

          Virginia is a single-player, first-person thriller set in a small town with a secret. The player controls Lucas Fairfax, a down-on-his-luck salesman who tries to sell a ring to Anne, an attractive receptionist he meets by accident. As Lucas notices odd details, he begins to piece together that the city is being controlled by a number of artificial intelligence entities. These entities communicate with the citizens of the town through thoughts, and they learn Lucas' identity.As the player learns the truth about the Dominion, a mysterious underground realm that arose from the undersea volcanoes, the entities reveal a back-story for each character and introduce a dire, impending threat to the fate of humanity. However, one of the entities is not what it seems to be, and its game-changing deception will be revealed by events which threaten to pull Lucas into the game entirely.In addition to the first-person gameplay, new technologies were implemented, such as hidden sequences and split-screen maps. These are designed to allow the player to go where the game wants him to go, and be with the characters for as long as he wishes.The game also benefits from the vivid storytelling of the screenplay written by scriptwriter Norman Evans. Game Director Olav Marthinsen notes, "We wrote the script for the game from almost the same point of view as the game’s protagonist, and the writer's prose has carried through the game from the tiny bar where Lucas first meets Anne to the final confrontation on the stairs. And the final four minutes of the game all have music tracks which bring that final confrontation to a feverish, almost extreme pitch. I feel that the music definitely helps set the tone and intensity of the game. It really seems to help the player decide to push further or stop and turn back to bed. All in all, if there is anything to be learnt from Virginia it is to always trust your intuition, and choose your own destiny."Official soundtrack by Lyndon Holland, composed for "Virginia" Lyndon Holland is a composer born in Malaysia of Malaysian and Australian heritage. His works are widely praised for their musical depth and uncompromising exploration of popular genres. Additionally, he explores cinematic scoring and sound design, a field he is deeply respected for creating numerous pieces from the worlds of science fiction, horror, and thrillers. Lyndon and his musical partner, Lukas Kendall, have just released their first album - Into The Spider-verse. Based in London they are a dynamic duo with two very different musical approaches


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