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King of the Sandcastle is a funny and challenging, yet casual, multiplayer dungeon crawling game by Sokpop! Why King of the Sandcastle is different: King of the Sandcastle offers you a different experience than any other game like this. What Makes A Good Dungeon Crawler? In this game you will find other players in our online community. You will be able to talk to other players and ask questions about your cards and topics. We'll also play cards of other players from time to time. Challenges: - Being killed is not the end of the game, but a chance for you to find a better card and gain some xp. - Adding your master to your friends list increases the probability for you to get your chosen card. - When you win the fight, make sure your card gets chosen! - When you lose the fight, don't despair! A new batch of enemy cards are fighting for your slot, in the next room you can choose a different one! - The winner of a battle will not be the only to win, but the one that does the best job in the fight will be rewarded with new cards. Why You Should Play King of the Sandcastle: - Challenge other players around the world! - Win extra goodies for your own collection. - The battle system brings something new in this genre. - Communicate with other players while enjoying yourself. - Free to play! Where can I play King of the Sandcastle? We're actually looking for more people to play with on our online servers and we invite you to apply for one, or to make one yourself! To learn more about our community and to get more detailed instructions check out the following pages: If you want to send us screenshots of your battles with other players, post a picture on our Facebook page or send an email to Please note that these screenshots will be used for promotional purposes. Is King of the Sandcastle a Mmo? Only the login screen is not realtime. Everything else is live time-sensitive! How to Play King of the Sandcastle? Just create a new account at


Features Key:

  • A delightfully wacky trip through a often dangerous west, where no one shoots rock stars, just the homeless, the low-hanging fruit of opportunity, and the of the fatal flaws in human civilization in general.
  • Old-school roguelike gameplay, with development, testing, and refinement spanning almost three years
  • Utilize the Diablo 3 gold to pay your folks back in one of the most impoverished areas of the US. Man, you are rich
  • Create your own dream caravan for an epic trip to New Zealand, Europe, and Indonesia!
  • West of Loathing Game Guide

    • The 11 quest categories revealed for the first time.
    • How to play and use objects and currency in your quest travels
    • Written lore about the west. who's an author? (Congrats Boyd Zwicker)
    • The art of the graffitti you will find, including chapter and outfit customization, and world generation.
    • The lore of the west!
    • An in-depth look at the P-52D. The best of the best!
    • A look at items. In and out of the game.
    • A look at classes, classes, classes.
    • West specific skillsets described. and what they can do.
    • Fortifications, stashes, and portals revealed.
    • Possible questing order revealed!
    • Showdowns!
    • Five trouble: In addition to the 11 quest categories, there is also five bribes or difficulties that will be added at a later date.
    • Queues. It’s something we’ll keep an eye on early on, but will definitely look for feedback on soon!
    • We want to hear from the gaming community on our game forums:
    • Discord at https


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      Kabounce™, a procedurally-generated pinball game. Aim to create custom layouts and collect over 1000 points on-screen by successfully bouncing on targets and targets. Key Features: A high-tech combination of the scariest technology, the best collection of pinball visual themes, and the best pinball physics ever! Unique Procedurally-Generated Maps: Load up your phone and let Kabounce™ use its amazing algorithms to create a near-endless stream of pinball mash-ups. 3000+ Points on-Screen at Once: Jump on targets, break them, and bounce off everything and everyone to score a total of over 3000 points! Easy to Pick Up and Play, Hard to Master: Just pair the all-new augmented reality technology with the pinch of genius and discover how pinball can be a fully-immersive gaming experience. Kabounce™ will charm even the most discerning pinball fan. 6 Special Gameboard Visual Themes: Deal with 15+ unique pinball graphics, including winged dogs, bloodthirsty monsters, and double-headed pinballs. Kabounce™ will give you lots of new challenges and opportunities to find new collectible items in every level! The Best Visual Themes from the World's Best Pinball Themes: Kabounce™ features the best pinball themes from the world's top pinball theme designers, which include Black Hole, Big League, Atari, Philips, Meca, and many more. And every scene has a surprise at the end! Pinball Mayhem for Everyone: One of the best apps in the mobile gaming world, Kabounce™ is crafted by the same people who developed Kabounce™ Pinball and Kabounce™ Pinball Party. Kabounce™ is designed to bring pinball to life in a way that's accessible to everyone! App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots Post Comment We post all unannounced games, demos, and information on 1Up. We only share this so that there are more resources for you to check out the game before it is officially announced. So, only share that which you would be comfortable sharing with your friends.Acetyl c9d1549cdd


      Panda Punch PC/Windows

      System requirements:OS: Windows 7 (64bit) Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-5600K @ 3.50GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080/1080 Ti/1070/1060/1050 Ti DirectX: Version 11 Hard drive: 60GB+ free space Other: 3.5 Inch screen Additional: N/A BETTER THAN JAIL (RPG) When L.E.A.R.N.E. sent in an app this time around, the game we received was an RPG with a twist. The biggest thing I liked about this game was that it had choices that you could make and that there was a story. Very few games have a story these days, so when you get one with choices, that's something. I also liked the fact that it was an option for the player to play as male or female or to choose if your character was a child or an adult and that it came with everything. For me, that's a lot because with other games I have to pay for extras or download them. There's a big bundle of extras that it comes with. THE CITY OF MAJIMARAH (RPG) This game was nothing out of the ordinary when you first start playing it. There's nothing that makes you want to sit down and play it. It's a shooting game. You're basically using a gun, and you can control how it shoots. Your gun has three types of weapons: a rifle, a gun, and a rocket launcher. There are a few other things in the game like RPG's, bosses, and shopping. That's the whole thing. PORTRAYAL OF WOMEN (3D FPS) When I first started playing this, it was a simple shooter. There's no story, it's really only a shooting game. But then, you play this one...this one, and this one. There's a couple of different ones. There are like a hundred different weapons, like a Super Shotgun or something. There's different tanks and planes and stuff. All the ones you buy are upgradable. You can upgrade the guns and the planes. They have a lot of different options and all these different guns. It's kind of nice because I'm always trying to upgrade my stuff so that I can have the best one. It's very similar to a shooter. BATTLE OF MIRAGA (ISRPG


      What's new:

        Turning Point in the battle against Dark forces has begun. Reports have reached us that the ancient power and malice known as the Dark Portal is acting under the spiteful influence of a powerful outsider. The Ghost King has turned the Dark Portal to its favour and summons forth a new army of Necromance. His agents have been dispatched into this new city and this is where their ambush shall be. The Order is mobilising its forces to counter this new threat. We ask your support. The Gold Throne Pack will equip two classes with two exclusive weapons so they can restore order and protect more Protoss from the Sorrow. Classes The Guardian - The guardian is ready and prepared to protect the purity of the Protoss Hierarchy. Its pool of Psi abilities allows it to control and hide from anything the Dark Portal sends its way and channel these abilities into devastating sonic and psychological attacks. The Spectrum - The Spectrum projects colors into a battlefield by imprinting their aura onto the ground. They channel this magic into empowering each other by making attacks share the Spectrum energy of that class and they can burst into raw energy that they can unleash as devastating auras. Weapon Blaster Jet - A partial upgrade for the Construction Phase cannon. A version of the Artifact Gun'nova, Blaster Jet is an Artifact Gun that penetrates enemy defenses with the strong speed or holds a moving target and zips the enemy away. Its upgraded capability grants the caster a superiority that masks the construct and allows the gun to chase up to three units. Key Improvements Improved Matchmaking - Bots will now choose random skill lines for you during matches, instead of giving you only one line. Gym Training mode - In addition to Armor and Weapon and other individual items, this mode now includes Mini Games. General An extensive rework to the Gold Void Node: A large, one unit wide, interaction window between the Void Rifts and the nodes, similar to the Void Rifts w/in node interactions. The option to disable the three main Void Rifts from appearing/appearing and interacting. A large refinement to the two Void Rifts and three nodes forming one large interactive area. This change will allow us to keep the statics from the smaller, earlier versions of the Gold Void Node while removing the much less used statics from the large, later void nodes. Pet Battle General After much research


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        Experience life in a medieval village in a brand new game by Warhorse Studios. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a new development by Warhorse Studios, based on the historical setting of 1403 – the game is set in the Kingdom of Bohemia, on the border of Europe. Set in a beautifully realized and expansive open world, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will immerse you in a thrilling experience, as you play as a Warrior, or an Archer, or a Brawler – either way you’ll uncover the story of this brave new world. A deep simulation and RPG system take you on a journey throughout Bohemia and in doing so, explore the importance of faith in this new world. Want to try the game for yourself, grab a copy today! Key Features: Over 60 hours of gameplay! Randomly generated world with randomly generated inhabitants. More than 40 hours of replayability. System of character advancement with over 50 skills. System of interpersonal relationships with historical and moral connotations. Three playable characters with defined and unique skills. More than 100 weapons. 20 enemies. An economy system and crafting. System of character growth through gameplay. An unpredictable moral system. Career system: Join a guild, band, or fellowship, create your own or choose from three. Play the game with your friends, meet the people of the world online, and become part of it. Forza Horizon 4 brings together the most beautiful cars, tracks and locations from around the world, and returns players to the places and moments that have defined them. With the introduction of Free Roam mode, every player has access to the entire map, travel wherever and whenever they choose – day or night, rain or shine, they’re free to explore and enjoy the world around them. Key Features: Free Roam: Play when and where you want, any time of the day, any day of the year. No more roadblocks, no more traffic. Play Every Week: Every week is Forza Horizon 4 – play every event, attend every Club Play session and become a member of the Forza community. Unparalleled Performance: The Forza Horizon series is known for its improved graphics over the years, and Free Roam further pushes the boundaries. Gain full performance improvements on all devices, over four times the draw distance than the previous Forza Horizon game, and improved reflections, shadows, and lighting. Driving-as


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      System Requirements:

      Minimum specifications: * OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7 * Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 * Memory: 2 GB RAM (4 GB if playing at 16× or more) * Graphics: ATI Radeon 7500 or nVidia Geforce 8600 * Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 * DirectX 10 compatible video card Recommended Specifications: * Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad or AMD Athlon 64 * Memory: 4 GB RAM


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