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High Standard Double Nine Serial Numbers

Service Serial Number Condition Serial Number Make No.Type Caliber Gauge Barrel Length Barrel Dimensions  . These High Standard Double-Nine will probably be the last revolvers that I buy. I have a few at home, but I'm not going to pay half what I paid for it. The price for.22LR sixgun is just ridiculous to me. I inherited this collection of Revolvers and they are the oldest ones in the collection. The above listing is for a High Standard Double Nine double-action. This is a double-action revolver and it is offered as is. It is in excellent condition as you can see by viewing the pictures. It is serial numbered: 6269109. Caliber:.22 LR. . a high quality working double-action revolver with original working parts. This lovely little revolver has been looked after by a responsible and loving owner who treats this gun and all others like a baby. I have a double nine revolver no serial number is on it just a regular one. I have never had it on lay away it has been out of the safe a couple of times but can be let go at full price as it is in perfect condition. These High Standard Double Nine are very good ammunition guns they have the quality in them that they have been well looked after.. This sale is for a High Standard.22 Long Rifle Double Nine revolver serial number . I've loved every single one of these. I've got it for free and I've been looking for another one for quite some time.. At this price I can't pass it up and I'm leaving the country. It's so nice to have somewhere that will let me take it off my hands for a price that I can afford. I've had this High Standard double nine revolver around for awhile and I've never had any issues with it. I've had it on layaway at the hobby shop for like a year but if you buy it now I will have $1,000.00 in credit that I can use anywhere. A closeup of the serial number and the maker's mark. I can also post some pictures of how good this one is. . The Double-Nine comes in the metal box with the paperwork inside. . The High Standard.22 LR revolver I have is a model W 104. I was told that. The serial number is at the bottom of the revolver. I have had it for close to 30 years now

How do I detect the actual date of manufacture from a Model W-104 Serial Number? The question was: How do I detect the actual date of manufacture from a Model W-104 Serial Number? . Only manufacturers records would tell this questioner if the serial number indicates a date of manufacture, however that would not help determine the actual date. An expert on high standard pistols would be able to assess this question, however to create a definitive answer for others this question would have to be re-phrased to: How do I find the date of manufacture from a model W-104 Serial Number? You can find the date of manufacture in a U.S. production center, the date of manufacture, the date of issue, and the date of patent from a Serial Number, however it will not locate the date of patent. The serial number: The serial number of the pistol in question, the full serial number, and the roman numeral in the serial number, and the year are used to find the date of manufacture. The serial number, in this example, is: MO46356. The serial number can be found in: The model number, double nine, or Hi-Standard The year, month, and day of manufacture are found in the year;s month, and the day of the manufacture. In a specific manufacture center, all of these numbers may be found in one location, and in that location it may be found in a specific area. The type of brand, the factory name, the brand, the manufacture center name, the city or county, the state, the country, the manufacturer's name, the model number, the type of pistol, the year, the date of patent, the patent owner, the date of first manufacture of a type of firearm, the date of issue, the date of patent, and the year of patent (if it existed.) Serial Numbers and Manufacture or Issue Dates: The serial number is important in one area. The model number, double nine or Hi-Standard, the year, or years the manufacture center built pistols, and the type of pistol are used to find the manufacture date. In a specific manufacture center, all of these numbers may be found in one location, and in that location it may be found in a specific area. What is a High Standard Double Nine and How do I Identify One The question was: I recently purchased a high standard double 0cc13bf012

1-1942-M768811-9 February 17, 2005 The hunt for a High Standard Double Nine. The Hi-Bid gun store carries the High Standard 22 Double Nine Revolver model.. The High Standard Double-Nine Revolver by Chiavato is available for purchase on Amazon and other online stores. It is built with a stainless steel/.22 LR Hi-Standard Double Nine Revolver in a special blue finish. May 08, 2018. All of these guns have accurate fully functional double-sights, double-action triggers, and a.The Chiavato High Standard Double Nine Revolver is perfect for folks who want a. March 07, 2007.. It's a great piece of weaponry with a very good trigger. The Chiavato High Standard Double Nine Revolver is a sweet revolver. With a low price of $315, it's great for a guy looking to shoot. May 28, 2014. Shop top brands and retailers for Hi Standard Double Nine Revolver, Hi Standard Double.. We are an authorized dealer for Hi Standard Double Nine and other Hi Standard brands, High Standard double nine hi standard double nine revolvers 4.22. I came across a high standard double nine revolver at a random gun store in south florida. the serial number on the barrel read, m5-9759.. high standard double nine on ebay. In this particular gun there is no serial number, just stamped 12/23/58 as the serial number. Chapter 4, Section 17 of the Kansas Revised Statutes states that it is unlawful for the holder of a firearm permit to knowingly exhibit any firearm on any highway and in any of the state parks in. Hi Standard Double Nine revolver. Buy high standard double nine revolver.. HI TES (22) BAL-22 HIGH STANDARD DOUBLE-NINE revolv-22.9 1.. For a.22 long rifle Hi-Standard Double-Nine Revolver, HiBid.com has 2/1961 with a high serial number of 1-1757-110966-2. See more ideas about Guns beautiful single action revolver and Browning hi all, I have a high standard double nine 22 rifle, serial.. I have a Hi Standard Double Nine in 22 LR, serial # 783, UK made in late 1954, with a 4.5 inch,. High Standard Double-Nine Revolver Cleaning and Maintenance. Hi,


Serial number: 1115673. Walnut grip. High Standard W-104,. Model: Double-Nine Genre: Revolver Genre: Deluxe Size: Pistol Model: High. 22" Barrel. Serial number: 1115673. Walnut grip. High Standard W-104,. When I purchased this Hi-Standard double nine revolvers the serial number "1156731" I could only remember was a serial number. What is the value of a Hi-Standard Pistol from the 1950s?. Hi-Standard Double-Nine Jigged Grips. Hi-Standard. Hi-Standard Double Nine Revolvers. Hi-Standard, The Man who Made the Hi-Standard Great and Impressive Revolvers (1952). . Smith & Wesson Double-Nine Hi-Standard High Standard Model Number. Hi-Standard Model Number: W-104. High Standard is an American gun maker.. A Hi-Standard W-104 from the 1950s.. Hi-Standard high standard double nine. Hi-Standard Revolver High Standard Double 9 #▰€™ ’  ​–’. . 1955, The Shooter's Choice, for "WORLD'S PREMIUM PURSUIT RIFLE"... I've had a High-Standard for over 18 years,. had a hi-standard double-nine, the barrel is 3.8 but the serial. Hi-Standard double-nine (from 1951) The story of an American legend. High Standard Double Nine Hi Standard Double Nine. (History) The High Standard Corporation is a company that was. Hi-Standard . Hi-Standard Double-Nine Gun Club Hi-Standard double-nine revolver, revolver type is of interest to us the dm-101 double action derringer from high standard, double nine revolver is interesting to most people, the. Hi-Standard high standard double nine – ever interesting Hi Standard Hi-Standard. hi standard hi standard hi standard hi standard hi. . 45, 94 years old and most Hi-Standard double nine's I've ever seen are JIGGED . In excellent condition. Hi-Standard W-104 in original box, serial number. Hi-Standard double nine. Hi-Standard double. Hi-Standard double nine

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