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Name Elden Ring
Publisher bentalf
Format File
Rating 4.58 / 5 ( 7077 votes )
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* ※ An all-new fantasy action RPG * ※ An Epic Drama in Fragments * ※ A Vast World and Unique Online Play - A vast world - New online play that loosely connects you to others - Experience a multilayered story - Create a unique character - And more! Visit the official site at: Gameplay Videos New Game Features Elden Ring Full Crack - Pre-Register Moody Blues - Let Us Begin Majora's Mask - On the other Side Trickster's Hat - Dragon Master Mighty Blue - Bipsy the Blues


Features Key:

  • Vast Visuals and a three-dimensional World
  • An Epic Drama
  • Fantastic Fighters
  • A brand new game created in an entirely different genre from role-playing games that you've come to enjoy. It's the leading fantasy RPG to be released on the PS Vita.

    The new Egretia has a brand new fighting system. Just like the legendary fighting system in SNK's long-running Touhou series, the various Elements have been combined to create more attacks.

    Elements work on a base of three and combine to perform six different attacks:

    * Sparkles: Attacks that fire off sparks, and deal high damage. (Up to 40% more damage with Elementals I or less) * Valor: Attacks with increased physical power and low damage. * Rage: Attacks with decreased physical power, but increased damage to monsters with grunts, groans, or other sounds. * Magic: Attacks performed through the use of powerful magic. (up to 20% more damage with Elementals II or less) * Flash: Attacks with limited-time effects. (up to 10% more damage with Elementals III or less) * Gear: Attacks that benefit from the stat boosts obtained from equipped items. (20% more damage with gear I or less)

    It is important to master the use of all elements to create the most powerful attacks. In the initial stage, the Valor, Rage, and Magic elements excel.

    Players will also be able to observe the movements of enemies in real time. When you attack, you can use your attacking element to rival them.

    • Features of Earl Note of Combat:

    • Skills: Attack and Magic
    • Skill Shares: Attack and Magic attacks can be shared with a partner.
    • Battle System: Fighting System
    • Gimmicks: Weapon, Armor, and Magic items.
    • Online Multiplayer: Multiplayer System


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    I’m looking forward to the game. I love fantasy games. I love to play RPGs and I want more of them. So, an RPG in the vein of Vampire: Bloodlines, Diablo, and Fate seems like a match made in Heaven. The history of WFRPG is a fascinating tale, and I’m glad that Daedalic are finally releasing it for PC and PS4. PVE: The world of Eredin is dynamic and beautiful. I’m impressed by the amount of detail that has gone into the game. The world and geography is quite different in comparison to the other RPG’s mentioned above, and you’re very much at liberty to travel along the roads and settlements, and it’s great. At some points, you’ll come across an event that requires you to explore and search around for key to decipher. As you’re exploring, your character can travel further and further, and the underground environments and dungeons give such a depth to the role playing experience. QUALITY OF LIFE: I love the strategic map, but I don’t like the sub-map. The sub-map isn’t present during the main story, but becomes available at a later stage of the campaign. I hate this. It becomes a chore to travel from one node to another. But that’s because I couldn’t find a good way to access sub-map and return to the main map. THE BAD: 1. I think the online aspect lacks a bit. You can’t chat with other people. You can’t use the video or text chat feature. It’s annoying. But again, that’s probably because I couldn’t find a way to interface with online friends and return to the game. It’s not a problem when playing against AI, but I know the friends that I have on Steam are frustrated when I start a game and leave before they come online. THE GOOD: 1. I found the developer a lot. You’ll find that it’s dark and gloomy. It seems like a “realistic” game. It has a flow to it, and seems very organic. OVERALL: This is definitely a quality game. However, I’ve found that it bff6bb2d33


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    • Open World Map Travel the whole world at your free will and discover lots of new places. • Dungeons In contrast to many other RPGs, it is very easy to dive into more than 30 unique dungeons and take on the monsters that await you there. • Dynamic Battle System A dynamic battle system that generates active battles as you play. Unique battle tactics and special attacks are fully integrated into the core of the game. • First-Class Characters While the player can change the appearance of his or her character, he or she can also select from a variety of classes and armor sets. There are a great variety of classes such as warriors, magic users, priestesses, rogues, alchemists, and so on. • Action-Packed Game System The main goal of the game system is to stimulate the adrenaline of action and battles that are far more exciting than typical actions. Battles are handled in stages, and unlike other RPGs, you will not feel pressured and exhausted as the battle progresses. You can improve your own fighting technique and the level of the characters, which would lead to far more exciting battles. • Dynamic Alliances Equip equipped items to create alliances with neighboring characters, which will affect the amount of experience you gain and the job offer you receive when you finish the job. • Various Jobs A variety of jobs are presented, ranging from A+ jobs that are extremely easy to lower-level jobs. Each job has a different quest and can be adjusted according to your own play style. • Contact Other Players Players can contact each other through LFG, and you can speak with each other in the chat system. Therefore, you can communicate, trade, and fight with others by directly chatting with them. • Create Your Own Character You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic to make the characters to your liking. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing muscle strength to be a strong warrior, or mastering magic. You can freely improve your character and the abilities of your party members by equipping equipped items. With the powerful ESP (Enchant Effect System), you can directly attack enemies to gain enormous amounts of experience. There are a variety of skills that can be developed, such as the ability to use magic, improve swordsmanship, and so on. While the player can change the appearance of his or her character


    What's new:


    • A vivid fantasy RPG experience where you have the full freedom to create your own unique hero. Battle the brave armies of foreign lands and explore expansive dungeons with a variety of quests.
    • Customize your character by equipping a variety of weapons and armor and choose your own class and profession.
    • Create your own world by making connections among massive open fields and expansive dungeons.
    • Fight against rivals or gangs of fierce monsters in massive dungeons.
    • Enjoy online play through various mechanisms while maintaining a group alongside other players.
    • Jump into the story using visual novels that visually represent text.
    • Build long-lasting bonds with party members so that you can overcome rival armies.



    Offline Version:



    Online Version:

    Initially an offline RPG, you can now create your own world by connecting to other players seamlessly from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, the presence of others will flood through the ether. 

    Enjoy an extraordinary story where you play through an exciting visual novel with your party members as you move among massive open fields and astonishing dungeons.

    Enjoy online RPG play through various mechanisms while maintaining a party alongside other players.

    Jump into the story through the exciting interconnecting text of an original visual novel. 

    Craft your own story by joining forces with other players. You will certainly encounter many adventures and surprises when you join in the fray.


    Features :

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