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Bino is a free application for Windows that opens and plays video files from your computer (local or network) and URL addresses. The interface is really simple, and the key features are listed below. - Video files from anywhere in your computer. - Play 3D and 2D video files. - Open video links from the web directly to the player. - Play online movies with embedded links or http streams. - Open links in new windows in case you want to open several files at once. - Play audio from any audio file format (WAV, MP3, etc) and free audio streams from the web (Yahoo, YouTube, etc) directly to the player. - Enable audio to turn off subtitles while playing. - Autostart with Windows. To learn more about the features and quirks of Bino, visit its help page. Key features: - Open video links from the web directly to the player. - Open links in new windows in case you want to open several files at once. - Download videos from YouTube or visit a video on a URL or the network. - Watch streaming videos by visiting a web page or visiting a URL with embedded links. - Auto starts when Windows starts. - Play audio from any audio file format (WAV, MP3, etc) and free audio streams from the web (Yahoo, YouTube, etc) directly to the player. - Disable subtitles while playing the video. - Play 3D and 2D video files. - Play online movies with embedded links or http streams. - Multiple subtitle and audio track support for 3D and 2D video files. - Many video formats. - Multiple buffer modes for videos with embedded links or http streams. - Supports MP4/3GP, WMV and MOV files. - Supports Ogg and MP3 audio files. - Play movies and audio stored in the computer's hard drive. - Convenient user interface. - A clean interface. - Play 3D movies without a 3D-capable player. - Monitor certain information about the video file in the progress bar. Known Bugs and Bugs: - If the window is closed while the program is still in the 'Open File' or 'Open URL' state, the program will not play the video. - The program does not let you select more than one movie at once for opening in the future. - The previous version could

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View and view 3D videos and movies! Bino is a cool and easy to use 3D video player for all kinds of media, such as your webcam, MP3 and Windows Media Player MP4, Windows Media, Flash Video and more! You can play 3D video, 3D slideshow, Or 2D video and 2D slideshow in 3D. Bino supports 3D CSS, you can preview 3D CSS with Bino. And many other picture type files. And Bino supports 3D glasses (3D glasses). Simple. Intuitive. Fun. Now there's no need to worry about whether you can enjoy your video on 3D TV, Tablet PC, Smart phone, Android phone, E-book or other playback devices. Just upload your movie and start viewing! Features: * Play 3D and 2D videos, 3D slideshow, 3D mp3 * Online slideshow * Web cam, 3D video and 3D slideshow * Convert HTML5 or FLASH to 3D slideshow, 3D mp4 and 3D avi * Convert video and 3D video to mp4, avi, flv * Convert photos, music to 3D slideshow * Create 3D slideshow from 1,000 photos or albums * Convert 3D Flip/360° video to 3D video * All video and photo formats supported. * Collect different 3D PPT file formats and convert it to 3D slideshow * Video and 3D video players supports 16:9, 4:3, 16:9 Crop, Letterbox,Stretch, Pad, Zoom, etc., * MPEG-4, MP3, OGG, WAV, MP4, AVI, FLV, M4V, OGV, WMV, MP3, AAC, AAC+ all supported * Overlay subtitles on 3D video, replace subtitles * Set Bino to display 3D slideshow in 3D mode * 3D slider and 3D arrow keys for moving the direction of the objects * Zoom in/out, wide screen, letterbox, narrow screen, full screen and auto switching between 3D and 2D * A menu for changing the source and output formats * Supports most mainstream web browsers, such as IE9+ and Firefox 4+ * Streaming video support both LAN and online. * Delivering video with high quality, and network transmission bitrate & speed up 2f7fe94e24

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"Bino is a full-featured, user-friendly digital movie theater with a creative and intuitive UI. Play your favorite movies (3D and 2D) and TV shows including your downloaded content on your PC. Set up a fully customizable home theater with premium support. From basic to advanced configures, Bino has got you covered." Buy Bino at: If you liked the video please subscribe to my channel for more: Follow me: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: snapchat: travblarut My contact: Thanks for watching. Subscribe for more videos in the near future! The Best Online 3D Movie Players and Editors Online 3D Movie Players and Editors Walk You Through an Online 3D Movie Player Review ************************************************************* You will get to see something that you have never seen before. Get the new online tool now and get yourself registered: Please leave a like if you enjoyed, it gets you closer to the next video, and it really helps us out a lot. Join our Discord group and leave a message for my channel, it's one of the biggest ways of supporting us. I'm happy that my videos help out your life, I hope my videos make you keep going, keep fighting and keep living! You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more. Thanks for watching! 46:50 PPCaster: Automatic online 3D video player PPCaster is easy to use, supports the most popular formats such as WebM, FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, AVI and many more, helps you to get the videos from some online video sharing sites without all the conversion and hard work. Best 3D movie streaming site 2016-2017! This is the 3D VideoPlayer, a completely free, easy-to-use video player for 3D videos. The main features include: 1.

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This game is designed to run on low end systems. If you are having performance issues on low end systems, you may want to try playing it on high end systems first, then downgrading to the low end system once you are comfortable with the game. General Notes: Depending on your system, your performance may suffer from certain issues. There are 2 methods of Multiplayer. You may use the in game UI to select between Host and Host Join. - "Player 2" is the host of the game. This is

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