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XML-Print Portable is not intended to be a printer, but it is made so you can manage with ease the formatting of this type of files. It is a collection of very useful tools: - The editor with syntax highlighting - The debugger which helps you check that the results are correct - The wizard that creates the XML file based on your selection - The save option which saves any changes you make.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a process for producing a printed wiring board and a printed wiring board produced by the process. 2. Description of the Related Art In recent years, the expansion of the function of electronic devices and the increase in the number of functions have been accompanied by an increase in the density of mounting parts and an increase in the number of pins. This has resulted in a demand for a surface-mounted device having a high density of mounting parts and pins and having a small thickness, as well as a demand for a higher density of wiring patterns as used in the surface-mounted device. One of the techniques for realizing such a high-density mounting device is a build-up process in which a conductive thin film is deposited on the surface of a substrate and wiring is formed from a conductive thin film. This build-up process is a technique that has been proposed to cope with the high-density wiring in the electronic devices of the next generation. To apply the build-up process to printed wiring boards, the conductive thin film is formed on the surface of the printed wiring board, followed by removing the unnecessary conductive thin film by chemical etching or the like, and the printed wiring board is then subjected to a multilayer-patterning process as required to produce a desired wiring pattern. The chemical etching may be wet etching or dry etching. The wet etching is performed by using an etching solution containing organic acid or alkaline. During the wet etching, a resist film formed on the surface of the printed wiring board serves as a mask to remove the conductive thin film deposited on the surface thereof, followed by removing the resist film. Thus, the necessary wiring pattern can be formed. The dry etching is performed by using a reactive gas plasma of an inert gas such as SF6, NF3, C4F8, CHF3, CH3F, or CF4, or a reactive gas plasma of a reactive gas such as oxygen, oxygen plasma, H2O, or N2

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XML-Print Portable for Mac is a full featured and effective XML editor. You can perform accurate and thorough editing of XML source code on Mac OS X. You can import XML files into XML-Print Portable, and export them in XMLP or PDF format. XML-Print Portable supports "out of the box", "out of the box" editing of XML files. XML-Print Portable has XML tools for editing: Footnotes -- this gives you full editing of all XML elements, attributes and comments. Styling -- you can edit styles and style references. Validating -- you can check XML files for errors. XML Printing -- you can print formatted files, as well as convert the files into other formats. XML-Print Portable enables you to perform precise editing and formatting XML files with ease. Main Features: Accurate XML Editing In order to make the process of XML editing more effective and intuitive, the algorithm has been added and supports most of the basic editing functions: indent, change block or line indentation, delete block or line content, insert and remove tags, properties, and attributes, etc. For example, you can set the indenting lines as a block by pressing `[Ctrl]+[` as in the following screenshot. In addition, XML-Print Portable provides a set of handy shortcut keys to speed up working. Flexible Layouts XML-Print Portable is a tool for editing XML files which has a built-in XML editor. The solution provides you with flexible layouts in which you can change the layout, format and other functions simply. XML-Print Portable enables you to choose from four layouts: Tabs -- this is the default layout. Grid -- this layout, which is similar to a Tabs layout, is suitable for editing XML files with objects that do not change their size. Wrap -- this layout is suitable for editing a single line of text. Table -- this layout, which is suitable for editing rows and columns, is suitable for large XML files. Code Tools XML-Print Portable supports two types of code tools: Shortcuts Snippets -- you can modify, create, delete, move or edit snippets in XML-Print Portable. 5.2.3 Simplifying 3a67dffeec

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XML-Print Portable offers an easy to use and efficient user interface to help you format your files in XML format. It uses WYSISYG, an easy to use and feature-rich XML editor to help you format your files. The output can be exported in XMLP or PDF format. XML-Print Portable main features: XML-Print Portable is a powerful, easy to use and efficient application designed to format your XML files in a consistent format, allowing you to create a special user experience. Translations: * The development of this application has been financed by a project that I undertook in collaboration with the economic and social development aid organization for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Inter-American Development Bank.package de.mpg.mpi_inf.ambiversenlu.nlu.entitylinking.datapreparation.keyphrase.extractors; import de.mpg.mpi_inf.ambiversenlu.nlu.entitylinking.datapreparation.keyphrase.KeyphraseExtractor; import de.mpg.mpi_inf.ambiversenlu.nlu.entitylinking.datapreparation.keyphrase.relation.RelationExtractor; /** * @author Thomas Höfferding */ public class ProdigyExtractor extends KeyphraseExtractor { private String id = null; private RelationExtractor relationExtractor; public ProdigyExtractor(String id) { this.id = id; } @Override public void setKeyphraseExtractor(KeyphraseExtractor keyphraseExtractor) { super.setKeyphraseExtractor(keyphraseExtractor); relationExtractor = (RelationExtractor) keyphraseExtractor; } @Override public String getId() { return id; } @Override public String extractKeyphrase(String text) { return "google.com"; } @Override public String extractSentenceKeyphrase(String text) { return "some sentences"; } @Override public String extractNounPhrase(String text) { return "google";

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• Editing XML is a highly complex task. Because of the XML syntax, it is often necessary to manually edit this type of file to reach the desired level of formatting. What is more, the process of editing XML files can be tedious and time-consuming. • With XML-Print Portable you will be able to edit XML files quickly and easily, without having to spend any time getting familiar with XML. • The program is designed to help you gain full control over XML formatting, despite the complex layout requirements of this type of files. You can edit attributes, such as the footnotes, lists, tables, registers and so on. The output can be exported in XMLP or PDF format. • The application is compatible with Microsoft Word, MS WordPad and Notepad. • Import an existing XML file and get started with it right away. • An intuitive interface and advanced tools make the program easy to use. • Numerous tools in this program allow you to perform XML editing in real time, and you can perform complex XML editing. • When you finish working with the XML file, you can choose to save it in HTML, XMLP or XSL format. • Powerful features such as XML editing can be used right from the start. ➤ XML-Print Portable XML-Print Portable is an easy to use tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently format XML files. The application is compatible with MS Word, MS WordPad, Notepad and all kinds of desktop or portable PCs. ➤ XML-Print Portable XML-Print Portable is an easy to use tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently format XML files. The application is compatible with MS Word, MS WordPad, Notepad and all kinds of desktop or portable PCs. It works by opening the XML file or by exporting the current XML file as a template. Once the XML file has been edited, you can run the resulting XML file with the XML-Print Portable Desktop Edition. You can perform a variety of actions and tasks, such as converting from HTML to XML. XML-Print Portable is compatible with all the following features: ➤ XML-Print Portable XML-Print Portable is an easy to use tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently format XML files. The application is compatible with MS Word, MS WordPad, Notepad and all kinds of desktop or portable PCs.

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