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Am I missing something? A: The reason for this behavior, as can be seen from the output of the command, is that the file's encoding is set to UTF-8. When running the command with the -c argument, you can choose the encoding of the file to be used instead, for example: $./acc.exe -c ISO-8859-1 file If you are using a Windows GUI, you can enable the View menu item of the Save dialog to show the encoding in the Save As dialog: To change the encoding in an editor, you can right-click on the file and choose an encoding from the Encoding menu: It is important to note that to use the aforementioned method, the file encoding must be set to UTF-8. In any case, that the question does not need a canonical answer. When I was in grade school, one of my biggest embarrassments was setting the globe into motion. Yes, in unison, most of my class thrust their arms forward, arms extended, foreheads squarely on the globe. Our teacher, in front of the class, demonstrated how to move the globe. It was something that I, as a young boy, feared and was sure would surely come back and embarrass me. Fast forward, now as an adult, I am a part of a church and community that is set into motion as we find ourselves facing the same situation. Not in unison, but in the safety, protection, and love of a circle. A circle created to bring life into the world. We face distractions and temptations, and we are in a state of being where there is no longer anything to fear. Image via, by trolleyfan. In the past I was afraid to let people see the real me, afraid that their thoughts and feelings would color how I was viewed or judged. Today, my heart, mind, and soul are excited about the power and life that God is doing in my own life and the lives of those around me. Yet, if we are honest, every day is not one of a grand adventure. It’s a struggle, and a fight to be present and fully engaged. The days can look like this: The blessings are real, but the distractions and temptations are real. Every day we are under attack from forces that seek to hinder the growth and harvest that God is creating.

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