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Only when everyone knows how it works, everybody can and should do it. It is a technical problem: you can make a machine with 10 cores but that is worthless if no-one knows how to use it. This is totally politics. And my view is that the old cybercity "educated the people" politically soft approach was absurd and failed. Just stop it and show them the way. Let's suppose you create all the firewalls, apps, protocols and other things that prevent bad people from doing bad things. And then suppose that later you go back to take it all down. Either you risk a new wave of bad people doing new things on the network or you expose everybody to new attacks. We'll call this type of war a "soft" war, by contrast with a "hard" war. In a "soft" war you just upgrade the systems of the army (the techniques, protocols, etc) that are currently stopping bad people from doing bad things. You cannot win if your enemy knows what you are doing. Nobody is really interested in the "perfect" solution, and we should act as if we were not interested, and let technology evolve until it takes care of bad people. It will evolve so that nobody can figure it out! Don't worry about it. It's the "realistic" approach. In this way, you don't worry about what the "harder and better firewall" would be, just like the "better and harder cannon" doesn't really care about the details of the powder and gun barrel. The fact that you didn't really know the details until you got there doesn't matter. The next time you do it you'll just use the currently known cannon. And the newest cannon will be better! Right now the WannaCry and like illnesses we have are just the current cannon. So the best response to that illness is to just upgrade to the new cannon. That way, the next time we have a WannaCry, it will be a much worse weapon, and we will be prepared and able to wipe it out, all while probably not doing any harm to anyone. In a "hard" war you must keep on fighting at the level of the current enemy. You must completely take out the infrastructure and hope that something new won't spring up as quickly and as confidently as WannaCry. Anything that is "new" is an indication that you need to go back to the drawing board. The general idea is

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