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_Figure 1.6_ In addition to managing layers in the same way as other image-editing programs, Photoshop offers some specialized tools, such as the advanced selection tools, file-saving tools, and a few options not found in other software. **NOTE** To further differentiate it from other image-editing programs, Adobe has called Photoshop a _digital imaging_ program. ## **Chapter Two The Photoshop Workflow** You can open an image in Photoshop with a window and start working immediately. Before jumping into creating and editing images, consider how you would approach an image in each of the following steps. This will help you to plan out your workflow strategy before beginning your image-editing project. You can find help getting started, including answers to frequently asked questions at ****.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements, is a free image editing and general graphics software, designed for use on computers and Apple iOS devices. Photoshop Elements has been acquired by Adobe since 2010, and is, together with Acrobat Pro, integrated into the Creative Cloud product suite, Adobe Photography & Lightroom. For this reason, most of the information below is about Photoshop Elements 12, the latest version of Photoshop Elements. Elements was originally part of the Adobe Photoshop product line, and now shares many features of that product, including full version history; the “CC” after a version number means that it is part of the new Adobe Creative Cloud suite. The official video tutorial below shows a quick run-through of the basics. Adobe Photoshop Elements Adobe Photoshop Elements is a powerful graphics editor with lots of tools, effects and filters. It is widely used to create web images, adjust images for social media, make clip art, or to create graphics for print media. It is an essential tool for graphic designers and photographers. Photoshop Elements has excellent retouching tools that enable you to remove defects (such as spots) and add details, including gradients, drop shadows, dust and scratches. It also includes a selection tool to help you select small areas of a larger image or group of images. Photoshop Elements 12 Photoshop Elements 12 is Adobe's latest version of its flagship photo editor, which is designed for graphic designers, photography and web users. The new feature-set caters for graphic designers who want to use Elements to edit multiple photos without learning all the tool's trickier areas. It's perfect for creating web graphics, and for image manipulation. Table of Contents What is Photoshop Elements? Adobe Photoshop Elements is a free image editing and general graphics software. It contains many more features than a basic photo editing software, including layers, the ability to retouch old photos and save multiple versions of your edits, the option to resize and crop a photo, the powerful selection tools, and the ability to make graphics for print. You can also add new text, change colors and adjust image brightness and contrast. You can also edit photos to add extra effects such as black-and-white or sepia, or to remove spots, blemishes and other defects. Photo editing software for Mac users Adobe Photoshop Elements, as part of the new Creative Cloud suite, is included in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Light 388ed7b0c7

Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.1.1)

1. _Move the mouse over an image and click and drag. 2. Click the preset that looks like a pencil icon in the upper-right corner of the image window. You can find the available presets in the dialog box that appears, as shown in Figure 3.14. (You can also choose a preset from the Brush Preset panel, located at the right side of the Brush tool.) The first one is a "Quick Fix" with a lot of default settings. We recommend using the one with a smaller brush size. You can also select a brush from the Brush Presets panel, located in the upper-right corner of the Image window. A "Brush" tab shows available brushes for the current brush size and color, and a small button labeled " _New_ " or " _Edit_ " next to each preset allows you to easily change the preset. **Figure 3.14** Select a brush preset from the Brush Preset panel or from the Brush menu. **Figure 3.15** The Brush settings are shown in the Options bar above the image window. Brush settings are controlled via a pop-up menu (indicated by a diamond symbol at the top-right side of the brush thumbnail). Click the pop-up menu and select the settings you want to change. The settings shown in Figure 3.15 are available in the Options bar above the image window. If the icon under the brush is a rectangle with a line through it, the brush has a mask. When you use it, you can control how the brush works only on parts of the image. 1. Click the triangle next to the brush icon to toggle the mask. 2. If the mask appears, you can either 1. Click and drag to define its shape. 2. Click the brush icon at the bottom-left of the brushes settings to open the Brush Picker dialog box and select a brush.

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