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During a FIFA mock-up presentation at the event, as well as a short demo session in a packed, dimly-lit room inside EA’s Ocean City offices, we were shown the tools for working with the new HyperMotion technology: the Player Catalogue, Team Management and Player Attributes screens. In the Player Catalogue screen, players have their own individual portraits. You can see that a player’s attributes display on his or her card, including attributes such as their stamina, movement speed, acceleration, and so forth. Beyond their individual card, when you view a player’s position on the field, a highlight reel plays. The highlight reel shows a player’s movement throughout the game, no matter where he is on the field. The lights would also go off and on to show you how a player is moving and taking up positions. While we only got to see a portion of the magic in FIFA 22, we’ve seen enough that we can make an educated guess as to how the game will play. That’s an important thing to keep in mind when we talk about these things: we’re only making guesses based on what we’ve seen. Let’s start with the player cards. The Player Catalogue is what we were shown during FIFA’s presentation. The screen itself is pretty clean, with team names and player numbers color-coded. Hovering your mouse over a player card brings up a grid where you can see each player’s attributes. When you select a player on the grid, the highlights appear. If you’re in 3rd person, you might see the player’s movements in first-person. If you’re in first person, you might see a player in 3rd person. The highlight reel uses a combination of both view. The highlight reel and the Player Catalogue go hand-in-hand. All of the information you see on a player’s card and highlight reel is tracked and used to figure out the player’s overall rating as well as its six-star rating. As a refresher: the overall rating and six-star rating are measures of overall performance. The overall rating is determined by the attributes a player has, such as his or her attributes in shooting, tackling, dribbling, and passing. The six-star rating is


Features Key:

  • Unprecedented Game Engine: FIFA 22 is powered by a completely new game engine, providing all-new features like the True Player Motion engine, the Ball Calibration System, the Zonal Ball Physics System, and HyperMotion Technology. New gameplay features, combined with all the best gameplay innovations from FIFA 19, will create all new gameplay moments for FIFA to push your skills to the next level.
  • Bring your Game on the Field for the Highest Spectaculars
  • UEFA Champions League™ has been added to the official database and FIFA 22 is the first football game to feature true high-intensity action. See Neymar and other fan favorites in all-new high-quality gameplay moments and features using FIFA's Physically Based Rendering, Player 3D Character Creation and U-ROC Impact Engine.
  • Total U-ROC Impact  The physics engine when together with the Character Creation allows all players to feel the real physical edge that comes from the ball. U-ROC is also an integral part of ball physics and allows the player to know all the forces that their actions against the ball will have on its movement. And U-ROC evolution allows for the drastic changes of Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale’s game when all senses are alerted. He has now bigger shoulders, stronger legs and more power, resulting in the most absurd game moments this year.
  • Compound Layer 4  Every player has a different physical appeal to his game, and every player is also a unique and an individual. So instead of creating more generic playing styles for all players, the players’ playing styles are defined by their individual traits. To make you and the game look sharper and more realistic, we have now layer 4, bringing more realism into the compound’s movement. This creates a number of different behaviors that are still human and believable for example. The player’s head movements are noticeably more varied for Valencia’s left-back Miguel Velasco.
  • True Player Motion: Adjusted in-game camera view and perspective with an innovative new dynamic camera system that allows the player to see where the ball will go. This system increases the number of players visible


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     Play the winning way by customising your players for the way you like to play in FIFA Ultimate Team. Build your dream squad from a range of authentic players and make them yours in FIFA Ultimate Team. But be careful when transferring your players between Ultimate Team and Career Mode. VAR IN FIFA 22 Pitch the ball with greater accuracy on and off the pitch with the Impact Engine, which features the world’s first variable environmental behavior with physics. For the first time in FIFA, decisions have consequences and create new challenges for players. In FIFA 22, the pitch is more dynamic than ever: Whether you are playing as a midfielder who faces the defensive system, or a striker that thrives in areas of high pressure, our pitch intelligence constantly evolves throughout the game. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – UEFA Champions League represents ultimate competition with UEFA Champions League this year. The Champions League comes to EA SPORTS FIFA with FIFA 22 and delivers the ultimate pinnacle of club football. This year’s Champions League tournament promises to be the most exciting and unpredictable ever and features over 100 of the world’s best players including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe and many more. FIFA 22 delivers the greatest club soccer experience ever with 6v6 gameplay and Play First Pass. You’ll experience the next-generation pitch intelligence with enhanced player mechanics for the best passing, dribbling and striking on the pitch. FIFA 22 also introduces the new free-kick system, where players will control the direction of the free kick from a variety of angles. And new authentic online gameplay features including the chance to feature in fully interactive Champions League and Europa League videos and uploading player-worn jersey images online with a new auto-editor. *Every aspect of the game – including player names, kits, badges and stadium names – has been meticulously recreated for the new generation FIFA – with brand-new animations, accurate positioning and an unprecedented level of detail for a soccer game. FIFA 22 features a unique “The Journey” story mode. The story mode lets you follow the journey of a top professional footballer right from his early days as a kid and his remarkable rise to becoming the player of his generation. The story mode includes over 50 fictional player-generated events that directly reflect your efforts in career mode. In career mode, you can play a career with teams from more than 50 countries around the world. For the first bc9d6d6daa


    Fifa 22 Free For PC

    Play the most popular mode on the web and build the ultimate dream team. New features include improved card animations, smarter card interaction, brand new stadiums, and many more. For the first time ever, create custom cards and share your teams with others. ESPN Ultimate Team – Featuring more ways to customize and experience the game. New ways to control and interact with the cards, a new player animation set, and the return of World Leagues and Captain cards all combine to bring more winning to the game. CONCEPT CARDS – Bring your favorite football players into this series of cards found in FIFA 22. Play as real-world stars such as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar in the game’s new licensed packs, or use the Create a Card feature to make your own personalized cards to share with your friends. SINGLE-PLAYER CAMPAIGN – Take on all-new challenges against other players online in two different modes: – Play multiple new free-for-all & skill-based matches or – Compete in an epic online career tournament. CLUB SHOWCASES – Play out the rivalry between English Premier League clubs Manchester United and Manchester City. In this new mode, you will get to experience all of the fanfare and intensity of the Premier League season. You’ll battle it out in the new club showcases. Watch as your favorite clubs go head-to-head in these real-world rivalries. AFK REWIND – Hitch a ride with your friends and relive the most memorable moments of the career mode. With the all-new AFK Rewind feature, your ability to play as your favourite player will be brought back in a second. TRIPLE ACTION – Featuring a brand-new playbook system and enhanced player intelligence, player actions and AI will all react quicker in order to create a more dynamic and authentic football experience. FIFA 21 delves into the topic of the modern era of football, and the unprecedented speed at which players can rise to the top and the players where only a small handful can dominate on a week-by-week basis. FIFA 21 has all the new content you’d expect, but is packed into the signature gameplay that made FIFA the world’s #1 sports game, and is the deepest, most authentic, and most enjoyable football experience in the series’ history! REAL FOOTBALL ACTION - Want


    What's new:

    • Tactics
      • - FIFA 22 introduces the first-ever emotional journey of managing Football Club.
  • Passing
    • - Easily dictate the perfect pass with detailed new controls, features and improvements to passing dynamics.
    • Fitness
      • - FIFA 22 introduces the next generation of the “Fitness” system in its pursuit to deliver more opportunity to exert more control over players, with action-over-reaction based AI.
    • New Moves
      • - New dribbling, shooting, shooting at goal and waist bending moves.
    • Hair
      • - New hairstyles for Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi in FIFA 21.
    • Ball Physics
      • - FIFA 22 introduces the world’s smartest new ball physics. This combines with more control over goalkeeper coordination, allowing you to control how the ball in flight behaves. The ball also reacts to injuries like toothpick breaks and more accurately lands after bouncing erratically.
    • Premier League Video
  • New Broadcast Camera Stills
    • - Predominantly watch improved video replays and match camera images in-game. As well as more multi-angle viewscreens inside stadiums.
  • Replay
    • - More detailed timing of all the action on the pitch.
    • - The ability to edit and create a custom celebration and team display, the ideal way to celebrate a perfect team goal.
  • New Strikers:
    • Diego Maradona, Pelé, Maradona Ex-President
      Xavi, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Fernando, Bebeto, Ronaldinho
      Mesut Ozil, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Ronaldo, Rakitic, Carlos Tévez, Xavi


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    As the home of the game that brings the World into your living room, EA SPORTS™ FIFA is the undisputed leader when it comes to the deepest and most authentic soccer action in the video game industry. EA SPORTS FIFA delivers the real game of football, with every element of the game designed with unrivaled attention to authenticity. Thinking of FIFA as a game, EA SPORTS FIFA allows you to become the manager, player or referee of your very own pro team, and as such, FIFA has all the game modes you've come to expect, including career, online, exhibition, and head-to-head. But above all, EA SPORTS FIFA is about the team. Your team. There is no other experience like FIFA. So let us introduce you to your team. The team and players of your team are almost as important as your team itself. As your team plays, the player you choose will influence how you perform in your match, whether you make game-winning goals, whether you miss a chance or not, whether you're first, second or third in your team. When it comes to your team, there are more choices than you can imagine. From head coach to player position to stadium and kits, there are countless combinations to put your team together. As your team is the foundation of your game, EA SPORTS FIFA lets you create the exact team you want. With a new Career Mode featuring enhanced player stats, controller-based passing and shooting, and a robust pre-match build-up mode, FIFA 22 provides your fantasy team with the most comprehensive toolkit to succeed on the pitch. Franchise Mode offers an experience like no other, allowing you to build your own pro club from the ground up. With real-world transfers, realistic roster management, and a league that shares real-world data, FIFA is the only football game that's truly yours. From the grassroots to the international level, FIFA Ultimate Team™ provides you the opportunity to bring your ideas to life. You can create and customize your very own superstar players, and then collect and trade your ultimate squad in more than 50 different ways. It’s the ultimate soccer experience. FIFA 22 brings you closer than ever to the real thing, and brings your career even further to life. FIFA 22 comes with two brand new stadiums: The Allianz Arena and the SSC Stadium. New kits for over 30 teams. With new animations and goal celebrations, the


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