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The implemented "HyperMotion Technology" powers more ball control in football and "makes you feel like a real footballer". "FIFA 22" is a football experience which delivers truly authentic and immersive football gameplay. Because of the advances made in technology, there is now a possibility to give players near-realistic, totally original physics-based engine that delivers more than just simple one-on-one action. The player decides if he wants to manage the ball or keep possession. Hints such as the distance from goal or the number of game-winning chances are displayed in real-time when a player is performing a clever dribble or an accurate pass, like in real life. FIFA - more than just pure passing and shooting. FIFA 22 will introduce three new control schemes. With "Jog," the player pushes forward and backwards to start and stop using the analog stick, he or she can then pick the ball up in each direction using the left and right sticks, and then dribble to the opposition or pass to a teammate. "Legand Control" allows for the player to pick the ball up or pass with only using the analogue stick, play a diagonal pass or shoot from a distance. Players can also shoot while in full sprint in "Legand Sprint". Players can also decide the ball is lost when they are offside. In "Trailing Control," the player has to drop back in order to control the ball without running, he or she can also run backwards when the ball is ready, provide assists and kicks from a distance while maintaining the ball. "Ball control" offers more ball control when the goalkeeper kicks the ball, and also gives the freedom to dribble when it is in the way. The ball will also attempt to go off the pitch and return to the spot where it was kicked, keeping the ball controlled with the right amount of intelligence. Interplay with players, the pitch and the game's physics will also be made more realistic. It is now possible to perceive the kicking and rolling of the ball, and the physical interaction between players and the ball and the pitch will also be more realistic. FIFA 22 introduces "HyperMotion Technology" - the world's first and only football motion-capture technology.The players' motion captured in motion capture suits with high definition cameras is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.The collected data from


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New Real Player Motion Data Powered Control - use your whole body to offload the ball.
  • Maximum Team Chemistry - compete in the biggest stadiums around the world, explore the most realistic issues, and play alongside the world’s best.
  • New Ownership Model - ownership is more split among managers and players, allowing for an even more authentic and competitive game.
  • Two Game Modes - compete in the Career mode, or play the game in the arcade-inspired Arcade Mode where you can play as your very own Pro.
  • New Online Game modes - catch your friends on the pitch and play the online games the way you want to.
  • Player Customisation - create one of thousands of player faces using over 3,500 scanned and detailed players.
  • Unprecedented AI - play alongside 30 players who think like a human, and react like no other.
  • All-new Match Engine - create your own personal highlights and save them for your team in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Best 3vs3 online match - join a best of 3 or best of 5 friends matches, and keep winning because your features don’t stop working throughout.
  • All-new Crowd Technology - capture millions of individual noises that you can use to hear the crowd in an all-new crowd engine that reacts to every player moment.
  • Online Seasons - Play on the pitch with the same teams throughout a single season, watching all the qualification and play-off matches as your club progresses.
  • The largest squad on the pitch - a new single-player match engine that features one of the largest squads in FIFA history, and customisability in key areas such as both kits and players.


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Earn a contract with the best clubs in the world. Play matches with your friends, and go head-to-head with the best players in the world. Go on a worldwide journey to play matches in real-world stadiums, and use your skills to win tournaments in unique competitions. FIFA Ultimate Team™ offers the deepest set of cards ever created for FIFA. Customise your players with unique outfits and improve your team’s performance over the course of the season. FIFA Mobile is the ultimate soccer platform with millions of players around the world playing every day. Connect with your friends to play co-op matches and unlock in-game items. EXCLUSIVE GAMEPLAY EFFECTS FIFA 22 introduces a brand-new ‘Focus’ gameplay feature. When you need to keep the ball in the middle of the pitch, switch to ‘Focus Mode’ to navigate the game more easily. ‘Precision’ and ‘Aerial Accuracy’ are game-changing moves that impact how the ball moves on the pitch. On the ball or in the air, these new behaviours help bring in a whole new level of player control. Movement Now More Precise Movement in FIFA is more intuitive and smoother than ever. Controls are easy to read, your animations are less restricted, and it’s easier than ever to make the most of your dribbling and passing – even in tight spaces. FIFA 22 introduces full “pitch-shift” controls in Career Mode. Players are now free to pick the ball up and run in any direction, allowing them to make full-field runs, dribble and pass any way they want. New Moves Everywhere FIFA 22 introduces new gameplay features throughout the game. Dynamic Free Kicks offer endless options when it comes to scoring, and set pieces can now be used with full control. Defenders cannot now be caught off-guard, and it’s easier than ever to set up counterattacks. Attack from Both Sides of the Pitch FIFA 22 introduces full “pitch-shift” controls in Career Mode. Players are now free to pick the ball up and run in any direction, allowing them to make full-field runs, dribble and pass any way they want. Set Pieces Can Be Reused FIFA 22 introduces the Set Piece System. Use the set piece bc9d6d6daa


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The most authentic football experience is back. Build the ultimate team of athletes, managers, and kits using over 850 players, then take them on game day. Featuring all-new gameplay refinements and Ultimate Team modes, FIFA Ultimate Team is expanded by new ways to customize your squad, including the new Squad Builder and Autograph Draft. In a first for the series, you can now challenge and duel your friends in new Squads Battles mode. Create and share customizable Ultimate Team collections of players and kits to level up and earn rewards. FIFA Mobile – A brand-new take on the best matchmaking and gameplay experience in the series. FIFA Mobile delivers a powerful arsenal of customizable cards to build the greatest FUT team. Take your football heroes on a journey to new leagues and competitions as you unlock items, play the game on the road or mobile, and more. Easter Events Hello, Friends! The joy of Easter, to me, is not the egg or candy, but the opportunity to give gifts that mean something. And if there’s anything I know about giving is that when you give a sincere, personal gift, it will always be appreciated and remembered. So this year, with the holidays behind us, there will be free content on the shop for all your favourite clubs, including new kits! You know I love Arsenal, but this year, I wanted to bring you some other clubs, who share my love of the game! I hope you have a joyful Easter season, friends! Matt EU FIFA Beach Soccer 7 On the tail end of last week’s EU teaser, it was confirmed that we’re going to get FIFA Beach Soccer 7 this year! Now, seeing as EA Canada have an awful track record when it comes to quality on multiplayer titles, I’m going to guess that the four different games in the series will likely be on 360 and PS3, with Wii U and mobile likely getting the odd one. I hope that the game will offer deep new modes, competitive touchline bowling and wacky mini-games, and will be a full sequel to the great FIFA Beach Soccer 5! I’m excited to see what they’re able to do.MP-6 MP-6, Military Police Regiment 6, was a Canadian Army multi-disciplinary unit that operated primarily in peacekeeping operations. The regiment's crest consists of a maple leaf on a


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