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“The 22 FIFA Team™ is an extremely exciting group of players,” said Aaron McQuitty, Head of FIFA. “Given the incredible characteristics of the 22 FIFA Team™, we knew we needed to go back to the real-world to capture its authenticity.” The real-world player movements and tackling techniques have been translated to FIFA 22 by the world’s leading football movement analysis company, SportsVibes and this has been integrated into gameplay, including AI-controlled and human-controlled players, effectively simulating the forces and tactics which are typical of a football match. “Our goal is to create FIFA’s most authentic, realistic simulation of the real-world using motion capture data to bring a level of immersion never before seen in the series,” said James Firth, Executive Producer at EA Canada. “Using Player Intelligence at its core gives us the ability to accurately and dynamically react to situations in-game, and we believe this is the perfect combination of realism and fun.” Players will also have the opportunity to create their own team, playing their way into the ultimate FIFA 22 squad with customizations and carefully chosen attributes. For example, players can choose to control the positioning of their central midfield, the width of their attack, the position of their supporting striker, and the defensive and tactical ideas they wish to implement. FIFA 22 introduces a brand-new control scheme that utilises the Dual Shock 4 console's analog sticks and triggers to allow for more situational and unpredictable controls, and intuitively moving characters, allowing for a higher level of skill and decision making. Players can be surprised by opponents moving ahead of them, run in and around defenders, and catch the ball while in flight. FIFA 22 features a brand-new Dynamic Tackling animation system that will force players into a more natural tackle animation, making it much easier to control. For a first-time FIFA fan, and particularly for newcomers, the game's Quick Play mini-games will give a good flavour of what's to come in the full game. The mini-games will also help players get a feel for the controls and the way the game will feel. FIFA 22 features the most detailed core gameplay ever created in a FIFA game and introduces a first-time Virtual Pro licence mode, allowing players to create a custom-made Pro Team and play their way up the FIFA Career mode


Features Key:

  • Visuals and Pre-rendered 3D Content: Improvements in the graphics engine that see the FIFA franchise never look sharper. Support for 4K graphics, and lightning-fast frame rates. Big pitch backgrounds with improved lighting and shadows. New Field of play animations with interactive crowds and ball personality. New pre-rendered 3D universe with real-world player models. New player models: Fenix, T-Space, Hulk, and Jakub Jan Machalik. White player models are used for all players for various climates.
  • Smooth gameplay controls: FIFA 22 now supports the new Wii U GamePad controller with intuitive new touch screen controls, making the entire field of play available to players. The updated touch screen controls are lightning fast, and provide sharper response and comfort.
  • Universally praised soundtrack and pitch-perfect play-by-play commentary: Players can also listen to 49 game songs remixed with authentic EA SPORTS Soundtrack, transferred through Dolby Atmos. Players can also listen to an experienced commentary team comprised of David Platt, John Marshall, Nigel Clough, Ernie Dyer, and more, delivering their opinions and analysis on the field during gameplay.
  • Get closer to football than ever before: FIFA 22 introduces the All New Traction Control. Developed from the FIFA World Cup, the new system is a new feature that gives a greater sense of awareness of the player’s movement on the ball while putting a greater focus on ball control through the ball.
  • Delivering cooler visuals and interaction with the stadium and pitch around you: Players get more variety in the Stadium Experience, and the pitch textures are now cooler. Players can also feel the difference in the new weather system, with changes weather in some parts of the world.
  • Real Living Player Shaders: FIFA 22 introduces new player shaders for every player in the world, currently cast in White. This feature will transition over time to shades of Brown, Orange, Cyan, and Green like most real-world players.
  • New control styles: Players can now quickly open menus via the ZR button, which was previously reserved for ZR Camera.
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    The FIFA series is the umbrella for EA Sports' sports video game franchise. FIFA is a single-player career mode featuring career, exhibition and online options. There are also a variety of competitive modes, such as "international friendly", "knockout", "league", and "cup" matches. The online option allows the user to play against his friends on the same or different consoles, which can be set for "public", "friends only" or "private". The game is also available in the form of a series of mobile apps. The gameplay system is set in a football stadium, and in order to play, you must be connected to the internet. You can play single games, create challenges and challenges, play "live" matches, and other activities. The game is available as a free download. Do I need a monthly fee to play online? There is no monthly fee to play online, and there is no fee to play football. What's new in FIFA 22? This year's release of FIFA is filled with new features that take the game to the next level: Improved Player Experience: For the first time, you can experience each player's unique speed and speed of movement. Competitive Updates: Improve your gameplay through new mechanics that encourage tactics and positioning. New Coach Experience: Enter the coaching career with a new way to learn and innovate. Cross-Platform Play: Play cross-platform matches between FIFA and Madden NFL 25, FIFA and NHL 25 and more. Real Player Motion: Watch every move on the pitch through new animation powered by Physically Based Shading. Gigantic Stadiums: FIFA Stadiums are larger and much more detailed than ever before. Brand-New Draft Style: Ultimate Draft is the most intuitive and streamlined draft experience to date. Building a Team of Greatness: Play in the Be A Pro Ultimate Team mode and take your favorite real-life team online. Seamless Online: Play online matches against other players or AI while still progressing within Career mode, or play alone against the new all-new Real Opponents. "Real Player Motion" is a technology that renders the human form using a new algorithm. This gives the game a level of realism that you have never seen before. The latest version of the engine used by the game features dynamic torsos, which can be used for motion capture and bc9d6d6daa


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    The most exciting new feature of FIFA 22 is Ultimate Team, where you manage and update your team of 32 players throughout the year. Make the right decisions in your transfer market by building the team you want to see in action – from club legends to the latest superstars in the world of football. Upgrade your players and adjust your tactics to lead your team to glory. FIFA Ultimate Team is available on EA SPORTS FIFA and EA Access.* FUT Draft – The latest addition to FUT is a draft style system, where you create your team by selecting a group of players in order to create your Ultimate Team. With this new mechanic, you can create your own team with your own strategy and style, so you can follow your favourite player, read the tactical reports and favourite stat of all your favourite players to choose your perfect team. In FUT Draft mode you can: - Create and manage your ideal team. - Upgrade your players with Optimal Ultimate Team Packs. - Choose from 30 Major League Soccer club legends. - Play your Ultimate Team online and against other FUT players. - Fight for your rewards in the FUT Champions League. View your squad from the stands as you watch your team from the stadium of your choice. Take pride in your players’ battles and use them to create the most magnificent Ultimate Team. Dare to challenge your friends in a head to head or team match and win rewards for your best performing players. TICKETING EA SPORTS has launched the new promotion – ‘Champions Play For FREE’ to celebrate the FIFA Champions League (FCL) Final on 6th May in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During the promotion period, any FCL Champions League Champion will be able to play FIFA 22 for free (any updates and content during the free trial will remain inaccessible) for 7 days! *Champions play for free promotion is only available on PS4 and XBOX ONE. Re-play the highs, challenge for glory, and live out your dreams in FIFA. FEATURES: - Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22 - Create your newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions - Or test your skills as a player, with more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve


    What's new in Fifa 22:

    • New Player Faces, Player Progression & Legends
    • New challenges in The Journey, Career Mode
    • Antonio Busquets. Finally.
    • It’s time to prove yourself in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    • First-of-its-kind ‘Matchday Creator’.

    FIFA 22 demo:

    FIFA 22 Release date:

    • September 28, 2017
    • Exclusive demo available in the UK and other selected markets
    • As of September 14, 2017, all additional gameplay features and additional game content is included as part of the EA Access game membership
    • Check out EA Access for full details.


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    EA SPORTS FIFA is a record-setting, sports gaming franchise created by EA SPORTS, the number-one sports video game developer in the world. Building on the success of FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and the FIFA 360 community, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is powered by Football™, where every decision counts. What is Football? Football is the world’s favourite sport and a staple on the social scene everywhere. With Football, EA SPORTS FIFA combines comprehensive live and online features to capture the heart of the game in a way never before seen in a sports video game. Details New Players FIFA 22 Comes with the FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons Pass including: • 2 x FUT Champions Packs – featuring Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. • 400 Gameweek Packs – with a brand new design. • 20 FUT Classic Packs. FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA Ultimate Team, the game that helps players build the world’s best team is more authentic and flexible than ever before. With the new Ultimate Team Seasons Pass, players can take their gaming experience to new heights with: • 400 Gameweek Packs, a brand new design. • 2 FUT Champions Packs – featuring Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. More Ways to Win Matchday Now every team and every player has an individual AI that is designed to make the game more tactical and reactive. Players will no longer be outmuscled and manoeuvred by teammates and opponents alike. New Depth, and Variety FIFA 18 was the first FIFA game to offer true dribble, improvise and make smart decisions as you take to the pitch. With FIFA 22 the game will take the controller-to-joystick migration to the next level with new direction pad controls and an improved user interface. FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA Ultimate Team is your sandbox to build your dream team from an incredible mix of millions of real players and players from your own creation. Now that the Ultimate Team Seasons Pass is available, every player has new tools to unlock the secret potential of FIFA Ultimate Team. The Ultimate Team Seasons Pass includes: • 400 Gameweek Packs, a brand new design. • 2 FUT Champions Packs – featuring Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. • 20 FUT Classic Packs. Add-Ons Every year


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    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

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