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“Gameplay has never been more realistic,” said Tobias Sjögren, Creative Director on FIFA. “The players have never been more life-like and the physics are sharper than ever before.” Every player moves in a lifelike and authentic manner, and physics will vary based on how a player is positioned on the pitch. Motion capture has been combined with the most advanced physics engine to ensure a more lifelike and unpredictable gameplay experience. All players react realistically to the physics of the environment, making it possible to control the ball in a more intuitive manner. “If you ever wanted to play the most authentic version of FIFA on a console, or FIFA where you could be playing with your friends in a completely different way, then you are in for a treat with FIFA 22," said David Rutter, Senior Producer at EA SPORTS. "We’ve designed every aspect of the FIFA gameplay experience with our fans in mind.” Gameplay The FIFA 22 engine features a new morphing player shape that starts out as a basic, human shaped element that evolves as the player moves. Unlike previous games, the player shape in FIFA 22 is dynamic and adapts to the shape and motion of the player in real-time. There is no penalty for tackling or holding the ball in FIFA 22. Players can realistically drag a teammate or opponent off the ball after a tackle, and players can realistically put both hands on the ball after an opponent. Defenders can clear the ball with both hands or place it in the net with two hands. FIFA 22 also features a new system that gives players the ability to work within the system to make creative decisions, even when they are under pressure. Players can control the ball with their head or body, and then have the ability to move the ball into a tight space or drive through multiple players at the same time. In addition to the improved movement, environmental awareness and a more accurate and varied ball AI, FIFA 22 allows players to control the pitch with more precision than ever before. Players will have the ability to change the game dynamics at all times and redefine how the flow of the game is controlled by the players on the pitch. Football AI AI-controlled human players will be more aggressive and intelligent with the ball, and be able to read the game better than ever before. The new football intelligence, which is powered by


Features Key:

  • Improved Visuals – EA SPORTS has made a lot of gameplay improvements including dynamic turf, new camera angles, and a new player model, facial feature, animations, running style, and signature celebration moves.
  • Caravan Integration – FIFA Ultimate Team fans now have a chance to import the Ultimate Caravan from FIFA 19.
  • Improved AI – Authentic AI gameplay and improved player intelligence, especially when managing games
  • “Play First” Dynamic FFP Simulation
  • FUT Champs Rivals Gameplay
  • Manager AI – A series of improvements, tweaks, and improvements to the Manager mode including improved gameplay action, more tactical options, and new tactics.


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EA SPORTS FIFA™ is the official videogame of the FIFA series. It brings to life the beautiful game of football, allowing its millions of fans to live the dreams of being the best goalkeeper, the best striker or the best defender of the pitch and compete in a completely new experience for 2015. What is Football™? Football™ is an open world game of global entertainment where you play with the ball and compete against 11 million players around the world. Run your foot through the other team's goalkeeper, negotiate a tackle and pass your way up the field, and score headed goals to conquer your opponents. Football™ is free to play, easy to learn, and has endless possibilities. Which FIFA mode is best? FIFA Ultimate Team™ is the game mode where you build and manage your very own dream team from a vast assortment of FUT players, including more than 5,000 in-game Legends. Create your dream squad as you assemble your dream team by purchasing players in packs or individually. FIFA Career Mode™ builds on the success of FIFA 12 with even more Career Mode elements and features to provide players with the opportunity to build their skills and legacy in the game's most prestigious clubs. The new and complete Master League Mode™ is the ideal test bed for your next transfer project, allowing you to play in a football world with more than 1,000 real top teams. What are the modes? Do You Speak FIFA? The EA SPORTS FIFA community is the place to be if you want to be the best. With more ways to compete than ever before, you will be able to play and watch football in a whole new way, through the official EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile App, Facebook, YouTube and PlayStation Network. FIFA Ultimate Team™: Search for the best football players from around the world and build your ultimate team from the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard and more. Create your dream team, choose a formation and learn how to play in the FUT practice matches. FIFA Soccer: Play against your friends in FIFA Soccer games that are packed with authentic game modes, competitions and festivals. FIFA Mobile: Play your way, build your team and customize your player. Watch matches and collect your favourite players and videos, or join a football league and play your way up the ranks. EA SPORTS FIFA: Create and share your favourite memories on Facebook, and compete in leagues. EA bc9d6d6daa


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FIFA Ultimate Team brings all the familiar gameplay of an Ultimate Team experience to a brand new format. As you progress in Career Mode, you’ll unlock packs that contain cards from the best players in the game including new Skill Moves, Superstars, Stadiums, and Stadium Access. Packs will also contain items such as cards, stickers, and more. Completing FUT challenges, playing online with your friends, and collecting goals, cards, and coins will earn you packs. Earn coins by playing in the Community Hub or by purchasing items in the in-game store. The quicker you progress, the more coins you’ll receive. Spend coins to unlock a variety of premium items or buy the latest cards in packs with your in-game currency to customize your squad with the best players in the game. Career Mode – Community Hub – Also known as Road to FIFA, this mode allows you to play against the CPU or other players using the new Online Pass-and-Play functionality. Play online in single-player matches using FIFA 22’s Online Skill Play functionality or challenge up to eight of your friends via Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network. A-Z of Ultimate Team Feature Improvements Brand New Player Experience – Improve all your players and make them perform in Career Mode with new deactivation animations, including the brand new addition of battling and missing your best players. FIFA Ultimate Team is a new way to play and experience the game of football like you’ve never seen before. Goalkeeper + Midfielder in One – Cut out unnecessary management steps and start building your squad with a goalkeeper and one of the three best midfielders in the game, rated at their best. Use your favorite of the best midfielders to build the ultimate game of midfield. Share on Social Media – Enhance your online gameplay experience by directly sharing in-game actions with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or via Clubs. Player Ratings – Use the new Physiological Ratings to unlock the best players, teams, and clubs in FIFA Ultimate Team. Complete Solo Play on the Road – With the new offline Pass-and-Play functionality, you can play matchmaking against the CPU without relying on Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network. Create your squad from a pool of players rated in FIFA 13 and take on the CPU. Simulation – Reorder your cards to create your dream squad. A new intuitive card reorder system allows you to start from scratch and reorder cards from the best to the


What's new in Fifa 22:

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