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“The players’ movements, plays, and actions are all captured and processed,” said FIFA’s Director of Match Innovation and Analytics Jordi Gomez. “This data is captured at a very high frame rate and used to apply a grid to your player. That grid is what creates the hyper-movement animation. The movement of the players is always predictable and realistic, even when they are executing a complex move. The grid also reflects how that player is being moved by the movements of the other players. For example, say a player decides to start moving with one step or one meter of space on the pitch. He anticipates this as a predictor for what is going to happen. But the team is also following his moves so he doesn’t have free space to move. This prediction doesn’t work with one player’s moves against another. That’s when he has to anticipate when the other players will react to his move. The grid also reflects what the defender’s primary reaction is to every move made by the player who is moving.” “The more accurate the data is, the more likely you will be able to predict players’ actions more accurately. As well, we can create more movement for FIFA players on the pitch,” explained Gomez. “It is the combination of the accuracy of the movement of the player that creates these better animations.” The team also shared a first-look at a new, easy-to-use Editor. Players can select single moves or sequences of moves during their free kicks and shots by hitting B in the new Editor. Players can also download their custom moves – including signature moves – directly from the new “Custom Moves” section of the game. The new Editor features a redesigned user interface that contains three tabs: FIFA, Move and Watch. The FIFA tab allows users to edit the animations of any player. The FIFA tab also allows users to alter attributes for players and teams, including player color, kit, and player ratings. “The team has completely overhauled the Editor,” said Mr. Gomez. “The workflow has also been improved with the aim of making it easier to create a move in a few steps.” A new Title Screen provides the player with a wide view of the pitch, custom team colors and more. The Title Screen also includes a Global Search, which allows players


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    Build your Ultimate Team from over 700 real-world footballers, including Alessandro Del Piero, Neymar, Arjen Robben and Chicharito, and compete in fabled tournaments and prestigious club competitions. Record and share your FIFA moves on a global scale thanks to your fully connected Career Mode, and live your life as a football icon. Choose your kits, hairstyles, training sessions, nutrition plans, tactics, celebrations and more before you take to the pitch. [Play now] [Latest games] [FIFA News] [Features] [Career Mode] [Club World Cup] [Orientation] [Orientation Language] [Antigua] [Music] [Handballs] [Video] FIFA Fantasy Premier League FIFA Fantasy Premier League is the official fantasy football game of the world's biggest club competition - UEFA Champions League. With the official clubs and players from the vast majority of top European soccer leagues, you can compete against fellow fans to create the strongest club team for your fantasy league, take part in the Ultimate Challenge and reach the top of the leaderboards. Based on the official league tables released by UEFA, the game gives you the ability to compete with other users and create the best team of all time. You can play against your friends, and carry on playing after the Premier League season ends. FIFA Ultimate Team Create your dream team of Football Icons and choose the tactics and training sessions of real-world football players - including your favorite player from each matchday. With over 700 real-world football players, including Alessandro Del Piero, Neymar, Arjen Robben and Chicharito, you can finally equip them with the best kits, boots, gloves, headwear, training sessions, nutrition plans, celebrations and more. [Play now] [Overview] [Career] [Competition] [News] [Features] [Fan Interaction] [Antigua] [MyClub] [Club World Cup] [International Tours] [Overview] [Matchday] [News] [Matchday Challenges] [Matchday Squad] [News] [MyClub] bc9d6d6daa


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    Create and play with your own dream team as you dominate weekly matches against other FUT teams. FIFA Ultimate Team remains as a staple of the series, offering all-new features as well as a wealth of rewards to unlock new items, players, and stadiums. Online Seasons/Tournaments – Play with or against other players from around the world in regional or global matches. Play as your club in the prestigious FIFA Club World Cup™. Compete with other clubs from around the world in FIFA Club World Cup™ Seasons, and unlock rewards through its single-match mode. The Journey – Experience the emotional journey of a pro footballer with an impressive new Career mode. To be part of the action, make your dreams of glory a reality by signing with your chosen club. After you have created a player, you can train your player using a variety of tactics to improve his performance. Tactics include precision passes, dribbling, controlling the ball with the player, controlling the ball with the goalkeeper, getting a shot off, shooting, laying on a through-ball, and more. How can you be more accurate with a pass? Check out the passing options in EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. You have the ability to train the precision of your passes to direct the ball at specific body angles. Some moves can be combined to create more complex moves. You can see the animation when doing different skills or physical moves that can be triggered with a single button. When choosing your special move you can choose which special animations you want to use with the specific button presses. To provide better and more realistic player motion, EA has worked in real-time motion capture, relying on players from several of the clubs to be on the pitch. “FIFA is the preeminent football game on the planet and FIFA 17 represents the pinnacle of the series. FIFA Ultimate Team has never been bigger or more dynamic and the new Career mode is a true evolution of gameplay,” said FIFA chief Patrick Koller. “The gameplay innovations to help make you feel like you are on the pitch with more authenticity and in-depth gameplay modes to satisfy even the most hardcore fan are must-have features. This year is going to be one of the most exciting in the history of the series.” Notes to editors FIFA 17 is now available for digital download in all territories except Japan for Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation®3. Download the game


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    FIFA is the world's leading video game franchise and the top-selling sports title of all time. Every year EA Sports delivers the most authentic, most complete football game experience for football fans, offering expert playability, critical acclaim, and magical storytelling. What’s in the Box? New to the FIFA series? We’ve got you covered. FIFA is your go-to choice for football games, with a full range of features and a deep gameplay that you can get your feet wet right away. There’s always plenty to do, whether you want to kick the ball around or challenge yourself to master the skills of your favourite player. With your Xbox One and FIFA Ultimate Team™ included, your journey begins right out of the box! FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM In FIFA Ultimate Team, you can buy, sell, trade and win with only the players in the game. Build the Ultimate Team of players from real leagues and real clubs all over the world. Draft using the new expansion FUT Draft Mode and sign your players while building your dream squad of football superstars. Sell your players for match-day funds to create the highest-paid club the world has ever seen. Unlock gear to boost your players and see your influence grow. The Ultimate Team experience is only limited by the imagination of football fans and players around the globe. FUT DRAFT MODE The mode allows players to download packs of new players, in the style of real football. Players are able to build teams from scratch using as many of the players in the pack as they like, and use packs from five different countries from all around the world. FOOTBALL AS A GAME OF BEAUTY AND BRAIN In FIFA 22, football has never been more beautiful and more brain-intensive. With refined game-play, new skills and more types of players to master, FIFA challenges gamers to be smarter and faster than ever before. THREE WAYS TO PLAY FIFA gives gamers the choice of playing online, taking the action on the pitch through Online Seasons or on the go with enhanced new features to roam the pitch on consoles. In Career Mode, work your way up the ranks to become one of the world's greatest footballers. Take up coaching duties or manage a club to victory in your choice of game modes. For the first time, Xbox One owners have the choice of playing


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