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"HyperMotion Technology" offers a glimpse into the future of the FIFA franchise. The technological advancement on the field is expected to make gameplay more fluid and responsive, putting players in the driver’s seat in real-time. EA Sports has confirmed that all skill-based attributes (team movements, dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.) will be impacted by the new technology to give players more control over the game, making them feel more comfortable and confident on the pitch. Next to the gameplay tweaks, FIFA 22 comes with new presentation, story mode and game mode themes. Storyline: With a new FIFA tournament, build your dream team and have a fresh competition on your hands. Build your dream team of national legends and guide them through the different stages of the competition. Make sure they are united, strong and have the talent to take on the world. When you win, FIFA 22 keeps up the tempo by showing you the highlights of your championship. Celebrate your win and add more to your trophy cabinet. When you lose, you get the chance to go through the highlights of your defeat. Learn more about your performance and take away some valuable lessons to improve in the following games. Game Mode: "Survival" The new Survival mode is a new test of your on-pitch skills. The goal of this mode is to survive as long as possible. Beat your previous best time or survive as long as possible to win. Team Control: Chase In the chase mode, you have a few seconds to score or prevent the other team from doing so. Catchup If you allow your opponent time to build up their attack, they can decide when to strike. You have 5 seconds to score or prevent them from scoring. Open Play All your usual scoring, defending, crowd control, and atmosphere, but with no restrictions. Team Play (QB) Playing as a team is the key to Team Play. This is where the other team wins, or if you have a high-intensity, aggressive game, it's the perfect way to play. Limited Breaks FIFA 22 lets you face opponents in the limited break. A brand new game mode and soundtrack were dedicated to football traditions. Goalkeeper Mode This mode will change the way you think about defense and the goalkeeper. For the first time ever,


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Cinematic Moments – Pause the action and immerse yourself in beautiful long-distance free kicks, fakes, tricks, and goals performed by the world’s best players; or show your team how you’d like to play through refinements to the way you control the ball and opponent movement.
  • Authentic Players – Take your game to the next level and play with the authentic look and feel of your favorite footballers, with more ways than ever before to personalize your player look including Adidas Ignite, Nike Mercurial and Nike Mercurial X; and the ability to play as your favorite team.
  • New Balls – Feel the ball react differently in the air, thanks to true differential spin and softer touches in the new Crash, Strike, and Sleek Hexagon-like variants.
  • More Skill Moves – The introduction of the Dynamic Maneuver Meter gives you control over the animations and timing of skills from a new perspective. The timing of common and previously unused skills has been adjusted to flow naturally with the player animations. and the new Sequence Moves function lets you perform up to four moves in a row to create more variety and flow in your play.
  • Cinematic Endings – A new set of goals marks the end of games. The Cinematic Goal Endings provide players with added opportunities to celebrate in spectacular, high-end, “big budget” style.
  • Game-Changing Moves – Dynamic Move animations bring unique moves to life, including lunging, side hops and fakes. Dynamic Heading animations give ball carriers more playing space to beat their opponents. New visual effects bring atmospherics to new heights. The Brand New Chip Teases position the ball carrier in the midfield to escape pressure.
  • Sociability. – Worldwide and local celebrations and tournaments add celebration moves and new audio lines to give you the coverage you want. Invite friends and see their celebrations through unique Player Highlights and Player Tributes.
  • Adaptive AI – AI that adapts and learns from matches you played in the past. Whether it�


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    FIFA is the official videogame of the world's number one global sports brand and is the most widely played and important sports franchise in the world. In FIFA there are no rules - every game, every decision, every shot is decided by skill, timing and the right place, at the right time. FIFA is popular with both gamers and non-gamers. Fans of the real-world game play compete with friends and strangers in the endless spectacle of online soccer matches. For years FIFA has enabled fans to experience the thrill of soccer as it is actually played through the game's "Be a Pro" Mode. In-Favoritism Be a Pro Mode is a world-renowned and respected mode - with over a million players playing daily worldwide. In Be a Pro you can choose your own team, customise your playing style with thousands of attributes and live out your dream of being a professional footballer. You can even play with a licensed team. Be a Pro Mode was first introduced in FIFA 2001 and has won multiple awards, including the Golden Joystick. Realistic Gameplay Because of the passion players and fans have for soccer, FIFA is known for its breathtaking realism and the commitment to authenticity. Innovations include the next generation of player movement and ball physics that create games that are more authentic and controlled than ever before. EA SPORTS also created an all-new set of skills, mechanics and strategies to enhance player's core abilities. FIFA brings to life the emotion and passion of playing soccer with detailed, match-like animations and a deeper, more immersive environment. 3D Match Engine The 3D match engine produces highly detailed scenes of real soccer matches with unparalleled depth and clarity. The game engine delivers the same depth and realism as the real world with a new and exclusive renderer that delivers a dynamic and responsive scene. The 3D game engine also introduces the game's next generation player animations, including an all-new sprint movement and tackle animation system for more realistic gameplay and improved ball physics for faster, more responsive play. When you're on the pitch, the 3D match engine delivers a more dynamic and immersive experience with both a new player model and a new set of animations for players and players' reactions. EA SPORTS' most advanced AI delivers ultra-realistic gameplay. Realistic Player Control (RPC) gives bc9d6d6daa


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    Create your own unique FUT team using the most popular real-world and licensed international players from around the world, as well as special players only available in EA SPORTS FIFA. EA SPORTS FIFA Matchday – Use authentic tactics, formations and goals to play like the pros. Create your own customizable tactics and earn higher status and deeper rosters in competitive mode. FIFA Ultimate Team Manager – Improve the strength and style of your team, and identify the best goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers in the world. EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Career Mode – Master the management challenges of building your club, training your team, negotiating lucrative transfer deals, deploying coaching staff, and improving your stadiums all the way to the top of the FIFA championship ladder. FIFA Ultimate Team – Build your Ultimate Team from over 35 leagues in over 500 licensed clubs around the world. Collect, level-up, and trade players to level up your stats, performances and attributes. EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Manager – Improve the strength and style of your team, and identify the best goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers in the world. EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Career Mode – The ability to share your gameplay with friends and bring them into the FIFA universe is one of the biggest advances in the history of the series. The game lets you play and share your FIFA experience with others by enabling fully-immersive, 4-player co-op gameplay. Four players can play as a pair or work together as one team in Online Seasons and the new 24-player FUT Seasons, and can even all play together in the same FIFA in the new FUT Draft Champions mode. The new co-op game is inspired by basketball where you can share the experience through a variety of modes and experiences. In addition to online co-op, the new features include two new offline co-op modes, Draft Champions, an all-new story and challenge mode, and controller support for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. FIFA Ultimate Team – FIFA Ultimate Team gives you the most options to build your team. Compete in the newly-expanded 24-player FUT Seasons as a single player, or with up to four friends in either traditional Online Seasons or in the new FUT Seasons. Create, customize and level-up your player and then use the Transfer Market in the game’


    What's new in Fifa 22:

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