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The updated Motion Builder engine features new animation and animation blending technology, plus a more authentic and responsive ball physics system that provides an unprecedented level of freedom to players. Key Features: HyperMotion Technology, the first ever official FIFA gameplay engine, gives teams and players unmatched freedom and control. Players can move naturally and absorb contact in ways never before possible, ball control and passing is improved, and collisions are more dynamic and realistic, with contextual damage and injury that realistically reflects a real-life injury. The ball moves differently, reacting to head and shoulder contacts the same way the real ball does. Ranging from bumps and bruises to shattered bones, players feel every blow during gameplay. Dynamic environments react to players and their tactics, like never before. Players and players and players react to each other on the pitch, creating unprecedented depth and variety for AI and player control. FIFA Ultimate Team is now equipped with Power Up Items, Passes, Skills, Demos, Player Career Cards and Unlocks, where you will encounter different card-based challenges and earn rewards. Dynamic Skill Trees provide exciting new ways to customize players, unlock and upgrade Ultimate Team cards, and prepare for whatever the opponent will throw at you. The Ultimate Team card game is now even more fun with a brand new Challenge Mode and Live Events, where you will be tasked with completing multiple objectives based on the real-life teams you compete against in real matches like in a UEFA Champions League or FIFA Club World Cup match. The brand new FIFA Ultimate League (FUT) mode is a new type of experience that builds off the strategy of the FUT gameplay modes. FUT is a premier league in which the world’s best players work together to succeed in the premier club competition in soccer. Play as a superstar club or national team in a unique 16 team league format. A new Controller Mode has been added that features a completely new setup for the F1 steering wheel, as well as a number of Controller Configuration options. Unlockable Player Stories in My Career allow you to play the career of players from the very beginning until they achieve their sporting goals. FIFA 18 introduced the new football fiesta, combining the intensity of the original FIFA gameplay with a deeper, tactical approach. This year, we will introduce new controls and mechanics to create a more authentic football experience. Features: Innovative new control


Features Key:

  • “HyperMotion” - Manually coach your team, select tactics and instantly simulate advanced special abilities in a series of motions.
  • EA SPORTS Visual Enhancement enhances real-world player models to create a more realistic experience.
  • Real-world physics, reactions, balance and fatigue.
  • GOAL & MATCH IQ provides the tools needed to dominate the match.
  • Manager Tools provide new ways to unlock new teams and stadiums.
  • UCL – To play/enjoy your favourite UEFA competition is now more accessible than ever. See how many chances you've had in every round, as well as the goal difference bonus applied to each finalist.
  • Pro Scouting. Spend time at a game to look for the right players and performances.
  • Over 110 Real National Teams, with a special edition of 9 fans teams added.
  • New Six a Side at Multiple Scales, including Definitive 10-Player mode for an authentic team vs team experience.
  • Versus AI in better but still challenging game modes.
  • Team Strategies for Inter-team tactics.
  • In-depth Assistant Coach function.
  • Features new language options for Dutch, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish.


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As the most popular football game, FIFA delivers authentic and exciting gameplay in a variety of game modes, bringing the global action of the game to a variety of platforms and devices. Whether you’re a passionate club fan, a dedicated player or simply a lover of the beautiful game, this is FIFA for you. FIFA is an award-winning video game franchise that has captured the imagination of millions of players around the world. The FIFA series is available on a wide variety of platforms, including PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows, mobile phones, tablets, games consoles, PC, and the Wii U™, and has sold over 100 million units worldwide. The FIFA series has produced 15 FIFA World Cups, more than any other video game franchise; and in September 2015, FIFA made history by becoming the world’s biggest-selling sports franchise of all time, with FIFA 15 becoming the fastest-selling console sports video game in the UK*1. In the new FIFA series, FIFA 19, EA SPORTS brings you the most authentic football experience yet with the power of the new Frostbite™ engine. FIFA 19 delivers a new story mode, FIFA Ultimate Team™, a league system and much more. Classic Classics FIFA’s world-class roster of 30 club teams, authentic environments and gameplay, and match presentation, is the hallmark of the FIFA series. In FIFA 19, all previous clubs, rosters and stadiums will be available to play out your own dream team, making your own path to the top. This season, the FIFA series will see three exclusive playable female characters, The Story Mode: Road to the Women’s World Cup™ will give you an all-new story campaign with these female stars. The FIFA Ultimate Team mode will also see you build your dream team of the world’s greatest players. FIFA Street™ VR: Champions will also return and a new street experience is being added as part of this year’s update. Introducing the Frostbite Engine Frostbite brings new game engine technology to FIFA 19, adding to the speed, ball control and physics never before seen in the series. With the new Frostbite engine, the developers can design all new surfaces and surfaces, making them adaptable to different climate conditions and environmental factors, without ever compromising on authenticity. The new engine also enables greater representation and a more realistic player animation, making it easier for players to make bc9d6d6daa


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FIFA’s all-new FUT mode lets you expand your roster and unleash new creative powers on the pitch. Your first step is a journey into the game’s rich backstory – in which you will forge your FIFA 22 identity with custom, tailor-made players, all with their own unique, on-pitch style. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to bolster your squad’s balance by bringing new superstars into your Ultimate Team, or evolve the best of them into something new and improved. Live Your Moments – Experience true-to-life football recreated in astonishing virtual reality. FIFA 17’s brand new feature, Live Your Moments, will immerse you in a brand new way. Create your own football match by selecting up to six players, three of whom will be your goalkeeper, striker and defender. Take control of the ball and all the action with full pitch-scale motion. Use the on-pitch actions to line up and strike a free-kick or head in a shot, and bring your A-game with an interactive range of realistic player animations and reactions. Customise FIFA 21 FIFA 21 will be the first ever FIFA game to offer true customisation, allowing you to change the look of your boots, your shirt, your shorts, and much more. FIFA’s long-running tradition of copying top European, South American and North American football will be updated with all new kits designed to be as individual as you, or your club. You’ll have the chance to truly stand out on the pitch and represent your club in style. Matchday Atmospheres – Show your support in spectacular new ways. FIFA 21 will bring fans back to the stadiums in sensational new ways. When you play in front of a packed stadium, you’ll be able to hear the crowd from all over the stadium, alongside the roar of your own fans. Feel the energy of a packed stadium around you in the opening minute of each half as the atmosphere continues throughout the match. Newer FIFA 20 Trailer for January 28, 2019 GAME MODES Career Mode – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player


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