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Following the commercial launch, EA SPORTS FIFA 20 will also offer new in-game “Control Intelligence” technology, which learns from your gameplay. It can detect and learn from player style, as well as form a player’s unique skillset. Finally, EA SPORTS FIFA 20 also features “Real Player Motion Technology,” which brings its signature live football motion to consoles. This technology improves the realism of player likeness, facial expressions, and reacts dynamically to the action and environment around your player. Continue on to see FIFA 20 Ultimate Team’s new faces and cards. Road to Santiago Read up on our new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium A new stadium has just been added to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Here, you will find a stadium situated over the mountains of Spain’s capital and home to football club Real Madrid CF. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is a privately owned venue which has seating capacity of 87,405. It was refurbished for UEFA Euro 2016, as Real Madrid CF hosted the competition. The stadium is decorated with the likes of EFE’s Prince of Asturias Award and the Bernabeu Trophy, and includes the UEFA trophy which Real Madrid won in 1996. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Design of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium features a modern aesthetic which is recognisable to Los Blancos fans. There are 2 large sweeping curves for fans to enjoy the game from, and the pitch is laid out over a large area ensuring plenty of space for players and fans alike to enjoy the game. In-Game GloVe Editor Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the first FIFA 20 Ultimate Team DLC to have a “GloVe Editor,” a new tool that allows you to customise your own stadium. The GloVe Editor allows players to edit the pitch dimensions, stadium decorations, the height of the stadium and more! You can use the GloVe Editor to quickly create your own stadiums, for a real authentic feel. The GloVe Editor will be available in FIFA Ultimate Team from 13th February when the new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is available for download. New Stadiums


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New engine powering FIFA 20 and Career Mode
  • Bullet physics
  • Real-life Player Traits, Action Physics, Player Models and Graphics
  • New "touch" controls (Switch, Joy-Cons, On-Screen Touch Pad)
  • New FUT Draft
  • Significant performance enhancements
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Racial customization and microtransactions*
  • Live match soundtrack*
  • New FUT Draft*
  • Recommended for consoles; 11 years and up


Fifa 22

What is the FIFA series? Quests are now deeper and more connected, beginning with Seasons that give players goals to achieve. Match Day - a new, more in-depth Match Day experience for a more realistic match day atmosphere. Now featuring more Stories, a Conversation View and re-imagined Commentary to follow the action and help control the game. New Legend Play - an easy-to-use Legend Play mode featuring a multitude of customizable settings to challenge your playstyle. A Legend Play Passport has also been added for more custom content. New My Player feature - an all-new way to personalize your gameplay experience, including My Player Goals, My Style, My Formation, My Tactics and more. New Attributes feature - a suite of new skill-related attributes that enable you to mix and match your players and control how the game reacts to your style. Updated Pro-Style Passing - shot timing and accuracy, as well as the ability to dictate which players touch the ball, have all been reworked. New Attacking Motion This season of innovation across every mode introduces exciting improvements to create a new experience like no other in sports gaming, including: ● New Attacking Motion - For the first time, you will feel the weight and momentum of every run, chip and shot; ● New Awareness - Control your player's awareness in various match circumstances, such as Rally, Set Piece and Attack Zone; ● New Faces - Bring your favorite players from the world's most iconic leagues to the pitch - and then play in the same way you do in the real world; ● New Proactive Runs - Run in response to off-ball runs from teammates and opponents; ● New Guidance - Detect and track off-ball runs from teammates and opponents; ● New Vision Control - The new View Control feature allows you to command and dictate which player you want your camera to follow; ● New Player Physics - A brand-new and accurate player collision engine enables you to attack the ball like never before; ● New Springy Physics - All of the game's physical traits have been upgraded to provide players with improved control and speed, including new, springy and responsive animations, and the ball - all while enhancing the stadium and pitch detail. ● New Dynamic Atmosphere - a brand new dynamic weather engine brings the experience to life, with the smell, feel and features of the stadiums and pitches of the real world. All-new Player Breaks have been added, including: bc9d6d6daa


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The most immersive football experience is back, and it’s better than ever. Take control of your very own team of Pro and Legends in a variety of game modes, including Online Matches, The Manager, and you can now seamlessly transfer Pro Players directly into your Ultimate Team from their real-life counterparts. Combine your Favorite Players to build a team that you can call your own. The more you play, the more you will improve. VIDEO LOUNGE Football from multiple camera angles with Player Motion Technology. THE BRAND The controls are naturally easy to learn and get to grips with. Game-changing innovations make gameplay more intuitive and accessible, and new intelligent Touchscreen technology makes both controls and gameplay more responsive. FIFA is the only football simulation game that has introduced more ways for players to score than ever before. Player and team intelligence are re-engineered to reflect the tactical and tactical subtlety of modern football. Play your favorite sport in a whole new light. THE GAME An all-new physics model ensures that the stars of the action deliver a realistic experience in any stadium. Everything from the way players interact with the ball to how it rebounds from the pitch is improved, as well as everything in between. Player and team intelligence is re-engineered to reflect the tactical and tactical subtlety of modern football. Choose from over 700 realistic kits and watch your club’s style come to life as they wear and improve on new club designs and kits. And, FIFA is the only football simulation game that has introduced more ways for players to score than ever before. All these innovations and improvements make FIFA the most exciting, authentic, and interactive football simulation experience. FIFA is all about the explosive, tactical, competitive, and unstoppable motion of soccer – and this is the definitive FIFA. New shiny Touchscreen technology brings the match to life with a more responsive game experience. CONTROLS FIFA comes with everything you need to take on the world in one game. FIFA 14 enables players to perform tricks, step out of bounds, and head the ball with ease. The controls are naturally easy to learn and get to grips with. Touchscreen technology raises the bar in gameplay responsiveness as it adds a new element to the control scheme. The game is designed around the fact that the most popular devices on the market contain a touch screen. This interaction, which occurs before the ball is given, allows you to perform new moves, including new kicks, headers,


What's new:

  • Referee Call-Outs.
  • “Your Day in the Sun”.
  • Thematic (visual) changes to major tournaments and championships.
  • New “I’m Feeling Lucky” rewards.
  • New Team of the Year.
  • Career Challenges.
  • Player Demotions & Transfers.
  • Player kits.


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FIFA is a franchise of iconic football video games. Developed by EA Canada, the franchise was the #1 sports game for more than 10 consecutive years. X MORE INFO - FIFA 12 Features - FIFA Ultimate Team - Fifa Ultimate Team - Gameplay Features - Dynasty Mode - Customise All 12 Teams - Champions League - League Cup - International Tournaments - FIFA 13 Features - New Player Creation - Chemistry - New Dynamic Tactics - New Skill Movements - New Defensive Mindset - New Player Cries - New Player Styles - New Goalkeeper Cries - New Tacticals - Updated Player Cries - Updated Skill Movements - Updated Defensive Mindset - Updated Goalkeeper Cries - Updated Player Styles - Updated Tempo - Updated Team Attack - Updated Team Attacking - Updated Team Defence - Updated Team Defence - Updated Team Combinations - Updated Tackles - Updated Passes - Updated Sprints - Updated Postures - Improved Skin Rendering - Improved Player Interaction - Improved Player Movement - Improved Player Behaviour - Improved Attacking - Improved Ball Control - Improved Passing - Improved Player Vision - Improved Finishing - Improved Shot Control - Improved Runners - Improved Defending - Improved Stationary Stance - Improved Blind Spots - Improved Speed - Improved Player Balance - Improved Player Movement - Improved Juggling - Improved Player Balance Take your best shot: Ultimate Team PRE-ORDER FEATURES - Ultimate Team Packs - Ultimate Team Packs - New Cards - New Cards - New Cards © 2017 Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. "FIFA", "EA" and "FIFA 21" are trademarks of the Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved. Join the conversation: and Powered by


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