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Note If you're working on a small canvas, your image may appear zoomed into the default view. You can click the Zoom icon to zoom out or press Ctrl+0 on your keyboard. 2. **Choose Window** > **Photomerge**. A dialog box appears to let you choose how your image is merged. Choose Cancel to keep the standard, single image. Then click OK. A multi-image selection appears on your screen, showing each layer. You'll create different effects to see how each can be used. 3. **With the top layer selected, choose Edit** > **Move Down**. This "drags" the

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As a graphic designer, I find it essential to know how to use Photoshop. Since the software is a well-rounded image editor, learning a few tools can save hours of work. The following is a collection of 19 Photoshop shortcuts that you can use. If you’re like me, you use Photoshop a lot and have developed your own shortcuts over the years. These shortcuts will help you make edits faster and easier. Note that these shortcuts only apply to the basic user interface. For power users, the full options menu and the more complex shortcuts only apply to the creative panel. 1. Import and Rename Files with the Command Line The Command Line is a powerful tool that’s often used by experienced Photoshop users. You can use it to edit your files with speed and efficiency. The command line allows you to open a file, rename the file, or export files in different formats. Use this shortcut to insert the command line when you’re editing a file and save time. Cmd+Shift+N to open the file to open the file To insert the rename command, enter File → Rename. To insert the export command, enter File → Save As. 3. Save a File in the Library’s Place When opening an image, the image opens in your browser window or in Photoshop. If the image isn’t in your library, you have to open it to show it in your workspace. This method allows you to open it in the library, then search for and open the image in the desired library. “Save for Web” → “Save For Web” 4. Use the Brush Tool and Reset the DPI The Brush Tool is a powerful tool that’s useful in almost all types of creative projects. In addition to editing text and images, you can use the Brush Tool to paint on images, add special effects to images, or create new images. The brush is controlled with the S key. To increase or decrease the opacity of the brush, press the A key. Press the X key to change the color of the brush. The cursor changes to a brush when you press the S key. To draw, press the R key while pressing the S key. To release the S key, press the Esc key. To reset the size of the brush, 388ed7b0c7

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Operating System: Windows 8/10 or higher (64-bit versions). Windows 8/10 or higher (64-bit versions). Memory: 2 GB RAM 2 GB RAM Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent Intel i3 or equivalent Hard Drive: 20 GB available space 20 GB available space Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 How to Download and Install Diablo 3: First of all, you have to make sure that you already downloaded the game client and save it to your computer. If you have not yet downloaded Diablo 3 client,

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