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As its name clearly states, Torrent Manager is a Windows 10 application that provides you with one of the easiest ways of downloading your favorite content via torrents. The Pros Being a Microsoft Store app, Torrent Manager feels rather at home on Windows 10, sporting a gray-themed interface as well as a few customization options. For example, you can change the accent tones of the app as well as choose between two default GUI themes (Light and Dark). Another advantage is the fact that it's extremely simple to operate, unlike some torrent clients out there that still rely on the old-fashioned menu bar + toolbar combo to get things done. The app also features a background mode, support for multiple downloads at once, priority downloads, multilanguage support and the option to download files directly to SD or external USB storage devices. The not-so-good parts Being a super simple app is all nice and all, but the truth of the matter is that Torrent Manager doesn't offer much in terms of advanced features. There is no Web GUI (or remote control options), no IP filtering, no download scheduling, no built-in search engine, no media player, no support for private torrents, and no ability to add a proxy. However, anyone who only wants a simple torrent client should have no issues with the lack of advanced features. The same cannot be said about the fact that that Torrent Manager is not ad-free. Each time you add a torrent to the client, the app will display a nag screen asking you to pay a monthly fee for removing these ads which, truth be told, can be quite annoying. Conclusion Taking everything into account, Torrent Manager is a decent, lightweight, Windows-10 client torrent. If all you're looking for is just a simple torrent client, and you have nothing against ads, then Torrent Manager is worth considering.


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The only app youll ever need. Torrent Manager is the only torrent management app with every features, and all the features you use every day. It will make downloading torrents easy and simple, and give you the ability to download torrents in high quality. When you download a torrent, you can download it to a specific location or download it to SD or USB drive. Its completely free, and you dont have to pay anything to use it. Key Features: ✔ Download and manage multiple torrents at the same time. ✔ Send torrents with Highest quality. ✔ Convert torrents to video, audio, or image. ✔ Have the ability to remove the ads. ✔ Private torrents. ✔ Customizable interface. ✔ Autorun. ✔ Download directly to SD or external USB drive. ✔ Different download categories. ✔ Manage different folders. ✔ Support multilanguage. ✔ Fully FREE. Suggested Changelog: VERSION 2.3.1- Fixed the issue with icons. And also minor changes. VERSION 2.3.0- Added the ability to delete the downloaded torrents from the SD or USB drive. VERSION 2.2.0- Fixed the problem with the layout of the torrents when viewed offline. VERSION 2.1.0- Added the ability to download torrents to the SD or USB drive. VERSION 2.0.0- Added the ability to manage the torrents on the SD or USB drive. VERSION 1.9.0- Added the ability to download torrents to the SD or USB drive. VERSION 1.8.2- Added the ability to manage torrents on the SD or USB drive. VERSION 1.8.0- Added the ability to convert torrents to video, audio, or image. VERSION 1.7.0- Added the ability to download torrents to the SD or USB drive. VERSION 1.6.1- Added the ability to convert torrents to video, audio, or image. VERSION 1.6.0- Added the ability to manage the torrents on the SD or USB drive. VERSION 1.5.0- Added the ability to manage torrents on the SD or USB drive. VERSION 1.4.1- Added the ability to convert torrents to video, audio, or image. VERSION 1.4.0 b7e8fdf5c8

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Torrent Manager TorrentMeter is the simplest torrent client which is easy to use, clear and secure. Do not need to be confused when downloading torrents, this is a single-window, one-button Download Manager. Download torrents and save them in different folders simultaneously, all tracks organized by subject; management storage of torrents in different folders of the same file; management the information of torrents and scheduling the downloads for future use. TorrentMeter lets you have a grip on everything in your torrents, and it is very simple to use, easy to operate, easy to manage and easy to find torrents. In addition, every download that is completed will start downloading only the next torrent immediately. To download torrents, hit the 'Download' button, it will search for torrent files in all saved torrents. When downloading torrents successfully, it will download the next torrent immediately. This is a free download, but the program requires a premium of $2.99 only for one year. TorrentMeter Features downloading multiple torrents at once in a single window; multi-language support; support for multiple downloads at once; to find torrents; highlight directory window, tab color switch; download and manage your files; download flash player support; play and manage torrent files; built-in search engine; built-in download scheduling; integrate the clipboard; built-in torrent manager search; automatic download manager; scheduling download; list download source; to find and manage files online; clean and clear interface; powerful management for user settings; friendly when it works; download manager integrates the clipboard; you have access to the switch of how torrents appear; It's possible to add a feature to manage two types of torrents downloaded from the Internet; The free version (without premium plan) still has many features, you can download TorrentMeter yourself. TorrentMeter is designed to change the way you download torrents as it's possible to download torrents in multiple windows and manage downloaded torrents easily. Support for flash downloaders. The download manager integrates into the clipboard. You can set up the priority to prioritize specific torrents. Import/Export torrents and files. Support for scheduling

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Windows XP (32-bit) OS: Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 1GB or ATI Radeon HD 3200 DirectX: Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 2 GB available space Additional Notes: If you purchase the game through a digital distribution site, please be aware that some of the following may apply: If you do not own

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