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============== 1.Full screen 2.Preview PPT files in fullscreen mode 3.Support PPT files(pptx,ppsx,ppt) 4.Navigation to slides 5.Zoom in/out 6.Position of slide, navigation to slides 7.Unlock sheet size, lock sheet size 8.Transition style 9.Saving PPT files(.ppt,.pps,.pptx) 10.Options setting 11.Portrait/Landscape 12.Full screen support 13.Refresh displayed slide(Power Point Viewer only) 14.Navigate to new slide(Power Point Viewer only) 15.Automatically fit to screen 16.10 seconds time 17.Manual page adjust 18.PowerPoint as default software 19.If you turn off the "Enable right-click menu", the menu will not be displayed. 20.Converts the PPT file. 21.Preview in full screen. 22.Download and install easily. 23.Update does not occur. POWERSHELL is a sophisticated software used for creating macros in Microsoft Word documents that can be reused or distributed freely to other people. Like many other applications, the basic version was free but certain advanced features are only available for paid editions. Also, if you want to unlock certain features in your Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer, you need to get a license code. If you ever wish to buy a version of the tool that you think suits your needs, you can choose from a number of variations that include the license for as little as 20 USD. PowerPoint Viewer PowerPoint Viewer is a Free Powerpoint Viewer Download With Full Crack and converter that provides all essential features to users. Besides, it also converts all PowerPoint versions to PDF,.txt,.rtf,.pptx, etc. without affecting the original structure and features of the PPT. PowerPoint Viewer Features Bringing together all the essential features in one application, this program can be used in various ways. From opening and creating new presentations to previewing PPT files in various modes, the product also supports editing and converting PPTs. The following are some of the most important features you will find on this application. Open And View PPT Files If you are going to use one of the various editions of the software, you can open and view a PPT file

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• Free Powerpoint Viewer is an advanced, open source Powerpoint viewers. • Easy to use and well documented. • Free from any advertisements. • Can be used to view and edit Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. • Can view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and presentations saved in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later. • Can view Microsoft PowerPoint documents in stand-alone mode. • Can view a slide show in slideshow mode. • Can view a slide show by passing a file name to the application. • Can view a PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) as an image and can process the images. • Can display a PowerPoint presentation full screen. • Can export an image from a PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) and save it in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP format. • Can also edit the image. • Can edit the presentation text from a PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) document. • Can perform screen capture from PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) and save it in a JPEG, PNG, or BMP file format. • Can perform screen capture using keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks. • Can perform keyboard shortcuts. • Can scroll across a presentation slide by using the keyboard arrows. • Can highlight the text in a presentation slide and make it bold. • Can easily select a color and change the color of the text. • Can select a line and highlight it. • Can make the text underlined. • Can erase the text and delete the text. • Can align the text to left, center, or right. • Can resize the text. • Can compress/expand the PowerPoint slides. • Can change the text style. • Can save the PowerPoint file to a single PowerPoint file or to a group of slides. • Can save the PowerPoint presentations to PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, PPT, HTML, PPS, RTF, RTF, TXT, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, WMF, PSD, XPS, AVI, MPEG, or SWF formats. Free Powerpoint Viewer Screenshot Reviews PowerPoint Viewer is a free Powerpoint viewing application developed by E-TOOLS. (Based on Review: 5.0, Rating: 5) Free Powerpoint Viewer Download References Category:Windows-only freeware Category b7e8fdf5c8

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Free Powerpoint Viewer is a free program that enables the user to view powerpoint files without installing powerpoint on their computer. It is one of the simplest ways to view powerpoint files without the powerpoint addin. With Free Powerpoint Viewer all you have to do is point to your powerpoint file in your computer's file system. Then the powerpoint viewer will automatically start to view the powerpoint files. You can also manually navigate to your powerpoint file by entering the name or the path of your powerpoint file. Features - Fully compatible with powerpoint 2000, powerpoint 2003, and powerpoint 2007 - Navigates through powerpoint presentations one slide per press. - One click to review source slides - View presentations in fullscreen or windowed mode - Navigate through slides using arrow keys - Simple file browser - Point to your powerpoint file, then click to run. - Navigate to any powerpoint slide number using the arrow keys. PowerPoint Presentation Editor PowerPoint Presentation Editor is a simple yet powerful document editing and converting tool. It lets you change the text of a presentation and convert it to the various Microsoft PowerPoint file formats (.pptx,.pptm,.pptmx,.ppsx,.ppsm,.ppsz,.ppti,.odp,.pps,.potx) or the Apple Pages (.pages) document formats. Users can preview, modify and change each property of the slide layout, add multimedia, and insert e-forms into the PPT document. PowerPoint Presentation Editor can also save the presentation as a presentation template file (.potx), which includes a slide master, which has your changes, and other needed slides for you to be able to create a presentation in the future. Why is PowerPoint Presentation Editor better than other PowerPoint converters? It allows you to modify and customize any component of the presentation, including but not limited to: * Any styles for the slide master. * Any footer and header area. * Modify the images for the slide master. * Add new pages, slide master, or footer and header. * Combine multiple slides into one slide master. * Add any style you want to apply to any of the other slides. * Add e-forms. * Change the text and fonts of any other slide. * Add text in any format supported by Microsoft PowerPoint. * Add water

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The Free Powerpoint Viewer offers a nice solution to one of the common problems associated with PowerPoint. And this is a great way of viewing PPT/PPTX files within a nice well organized interface. One of the most amazing features that make this application stand out from other products is that it is freeware. Even though the software is free, it is packed with useful features that can make your life easier. And these features can be grouped into two basic categories - user interface and document viewing. Free Powerpoint Viewer for Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Features: User Interface: 1. The application offers an intuitive user interface where each task can be easily accomplished by using the software. 2. The application also works in the program’s fullscreen mode, which allows one to view a PPT slide in a convenient way. 3. The application allows users to preview their PPT files with a click of a button. This makes it really easy for the users as well as it supports all the standard PowerPoint file types such as PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX and ODP. Document viewing: 1. This program allows users to: 2. View slides within PPT/PPTX files with a click of a button. 3. View pages of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 4. View tables of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 5. View images and shapes of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 6. View a PPT/PPTX slide with a click of a button. 7. View all images of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 8. View the properties of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 9. View the fonts of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 10. View animations of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 11. View the notes of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 12. View the hyperlinks of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 13. View the custom menus of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button. 14. View the top and side margins of a PPT/PPTX file with a click of a button

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OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Processor: Intel Core i5 6500 or equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 30 GB available space Multi-core CPU: Recommended Additional Notes: The installer is only available in English. This release is for Steam users only. You need to have the Steam Client installed to use it. The full

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