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· Author and burn DVD-Video discs with ease using built-in templates · Generate DVD menus with ease using built-in templates · Autodetect file format and progress · Easy DVD customizations · Optimized for using a remote control to navigate DVD menu Some keys on keyboard map to DVD buttons: Keyboard image: Left (L) key: Right (R) key: Space: - key: + key: A key: Z key: X key: Shift key: - key: + key: At the top right corner there is an icon with a magnifier glass: The magnifier glass is used to adjust the DVD menus size - key: + key: At the bottom right corner there is an icon with a "Customize Settings" label: The label is used to view and select menu templates - key: + key: The magnifier glass icon is used to adjust the DVD menu background image - key: + key: The magnifier glass icon is used to adjust the DVD media (thumbnail of a DVD) - key: + key: Keyboard settings: English (US) (USA) (Europe) (UK): Space: Shift: Ctrl: Alt: Troubleshooting: Here is the list of support issues that you can contact CrystalMotion and the list of unsupported issues: CrystalMotion: Avenue: E-mail: MSN: Skype: Twitter: Website: Do you want to support CrystalMotion? If you have time and can spend some efforts for this project, please donate by the following link If you are interested in crystalMotion, you can follow us on the following links Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube Channel: CrystalMotion 1:26 How to make your own DVD Menu using SMDVDby VisualSatisfy How to make your own DVD Menu using SMDVDby VisualSatisfy How to make your own DVD Menu using SMDVDby VisualSatisfy This video shows how to make your own DVD

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This is the CRYSTAL MOBTV20E DVD with menu. This is the most demanded version in the CRYSTAL MOB. The main changes in this version are: 1) DVD-Video with Menu 2) Keeps the same interface 3) Can have up to 99 video clips on a DVD-Video Image Title: "CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu Cracked 2022 Latest Version" Using CrytstalMovieBurner CrystalMotion DVD with MenuThere is a video version to have DVD with menu working to have the more comfortable video viewing and to have all the moviestable video without the movie region and subtitles. CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu is a software to create DVD with menu. The Crystalmotion DVDwithMenu DVD-Video menu is a powerful tool used to create DVD with menu. CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu is a software to create DVD with menu. Available to create DVD with menu only to create the main menu. At the main menu an option is available to do on the fly preview to the menu from the main menu. At the menu you can manage the DVD video clips with many fields. The first step is to do the compilation of the video clips to a video file *.m2ts that is composed to a standard DVD-Video movie. Then we are able to proceed to create the main menu. Main Menu is comprised by the video files. This is being a good choice only to create the video list. The second step is the creation of the main menu. At the main menu we can edit different fields like background, left navigation, right navigation, logo, selected titles, titles navigation, etc. The created DVD menu can be burned to DVD media. It is also possible to burn the created DVD to DVD+R and DVD+RW. The program interface is easy to learn to use. It has a nice interface to help editing your main menu. Key Features: ➢ Create and preview DVD video with menu- You can preview your menu at the main menu level. The resulting DVD menu can be reviewed and modified at the main menu level. ➢ Create DVD video with menu- You can create DVD with menu with up to 99 video clips. ➢ Create your DVD menus- Each of the video clips has a set of custom settings that can be saved and loaded with another clip using drag and drop to create custom menus for your DVD with the ability to preview for adjustment. ➢ Save and Burn b7e8fdf5c8

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DVD-Video Compatible and Author DVD Menu With Menu Templates CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu is a very easy to use program that can create and author interactive DVD menus. It works for most standard format video files. It can build DVD menus for full-screen or windowed videos, up to 99 video clips on a single DVD-Video disc. You can edit the most popular templates of DVD menu to get the perfect look and feel for your DVD menus. It also has a handy movie editor. You can add, remove or combine video clips from the compilation. It also has an option to clip off unwanted frames. CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu main window contains two parts Layout and Menu items. When you are using the Layout window you can: · Select background image of the main window of DVD menu and video playback · Add DVD video and interactive buttons · Set volume of DVD video and audio · Put video and audio to various regions of the window. · Add DVD video and buttons to the window layout. · Select template from the built-in DVD menu templates · Customize the template · Select template language from the languages supported by the program · Add DVD video and buttons to the template. · Create DVD menu from files. · Open template to edit the layout · Save the template · Remove template from the project to make a new one · Save the layout to the video file and store it to a DVD-Video disc. CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu uses simple controls that can be operated with a mouse, keyboard or a shortcut. It supports all standard operating systems. CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu has no installation and does not require DirectX, XAudio2, AVI, MP3, WAV and MP4 codecs to work. CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu features: · DVD video playback and authoring · 99 video clips on a single disc · Individual video clip changes · Remote control of DVD-Video compilation · Up to 99 video files in DVD-Video compilation · 12:08 aspect ratio · up to 1024 x 1024 resolution · Anti-flipping (using video grabber feature) · Bit budget indicator (estimate amount of video files required by DVD-Video) · Templates (Dozens of templates for DVD menu authoring and DVD-Video authoring) · All buttons and labels of the interface are customizable · Simple and easy to use interface (optional hotkeys can be used) Crystal

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CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu is a popular, easy-to-use and powerful software that lets you author and burn DVD-Video disc with full menu functionality. It is a kind of DVD-Video authoring software with a menu authoring and burning modules. It makes DVD authoring process quick and easy. The software lets you author and burn DVD-Video disc with full menu functionality. CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu understands all widely used video formats. It has templates that can be customized with ease. Creation of DVD-Video is divided into three phases Compose, Menu and Store. Necessary video files added during Compose phase. Bit budget indicator shows estimate amount of data required by DVD-Video compilation whenever video file added to or removed from the compilation. Display aspect ratio and interlaced properties extracted from the video file can be changed in case they are found incorrect. Moreover using built-in video player it is possible to change display aspect ratio during video playback thus getting visual confirmation of the correct display aspect ratio. At the Menu phase look and feel of the interactive DVD menu is selected from the list of built-in DVD menu templates. The basic attributes of the DVD menu such as background image, DVD buttons palette, size, position etc. can be customized. At this phase it also possible to simulate DVD menu navigation with a built-in remote control. So the final DVD menu behavior can be seen before moving to the Store phase. Finally, the Store phase is used to generate DVD-Video content and burn this content to DVD media. It is possible to do either both operations create and burn or each operation can be done separately. All existing DVD media are supported. After DVD-Video content is created it can be burned into DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL or DVD+R DL media. Here are some key features of "CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu": · Supports all widely used video formats · Doesn't require to have DirectX video codecs to build a disc · Up to 99 video clips on a single DVD-Video disc · Handle video with incorrect interlaced flag · Handle video with incorrect aspect ratio What is new in official CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu 7.0 software version? - New: Patch release. Download CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu 7.0 Patch... Here you can download a 100% FREE CrystalMotion DVDwithMenu 7.0 Patch release in direct links,

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PC Intel® Pentium® III 500MHz or higher Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or higher 128MB of RAM (1GB or higher recommended) 19 GB of free hard disk space DirectX® 8 Alternate Operating System: Mac OS X v10.2 Jaguar or higher Download size: 6.6GB Specs MSRP: $24.99 (not including tax) Packed with: 4,000 pre-loaded images 12 preset effects with unlimited

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