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* Be Competitor's Eye View tool to find top sites, advertisers and web page titles. * Find out the success rates of visitors and the key words that might improve your own website. * Able to export data. ACE Monitor Social Media is a powerful, fast and easy to use social media monitoring tool. With ACE Monitor, you can easily find people's conversations, post updates, tweets and whatever else they are talking about. You can find social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter and many more. ACE Monitor allows you to catch all the information from conversations in real time, so you don't have to wait for updates to come in. ACE Monitor is a monitor software that is light, quick and easy to use. There are no instructions for setup, just simple, intuitive, yet powerful features. Features Include: * Easily find chat messages from social networks, forums and more * Find your friends chat history * Find your competitors chat history * Easily find interesting discussions by themes * Find and follow discussions * Find conversations * Find discussions by keyword search * Find discussions by topic * Filter conversations by keyword * Filter conversations by date and time Real Time GEO IP Monitor is an advanced geo-location software solution that enables you to record and monitor any web server activities including web page requests. It displays real-time IP addresses of your visitors, and helps you find out which parts of your website are affected by slow network speed or a server failure. The program can be installed in your web server, on your PC, or even on a free hosted web server. It can be used with Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD operating systems. The program fully supports IPv4 and IPv6, allows to track only visited pages with dynamic content, and has a filtering option to select which pages to track. With a few clicks of a mouse you can monitor and track all your web traffic at the same time. You can create reports showing real time IP addresses of visitors who entered and left your website. You can analyze the most popular web pages and find out where most of your visitors are coming from. You can easily find IP addresses that have not been logged by your hosting provider, ISPs, etc. Of course, the program also logs spam and malicious requests, and sorts IP addresses by country and top level domain, i.e. The program does not

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Need to find the websites that are ranking for your keyword. Now you can! Search site rankings for a list of keywords and get instant results. Compare site rankings for multiple keywords to gain insight on your competitors. Quickly view how your competitors perform in Google and other search engines. This tool is a free search engine optimization (SEO) program that you can install and use. It can quickly check an individual keyword or a list of keywords against the top search engine results and any keywords in your local area. By simply entering the keyword, the program will show you the Top Rank Websites, Top Advertisers and Top Titles for each keyword that you want to search. With the ability to parse any keyword by URL, you can quickly narrow down your search to just the websites that are ranking for a given keyword. Competition Strategy Studio Pro Activation Code This tool will help you build links to your website and even submit your website to search engines. Select any keyword and instantly see the Top Rank Websites, Top Advertisers and Top Titles for each keyword. View the details for each result by clicking the URL link in each result. A face to face Appointment Reminder with State of Texas dept. of Criminal Justice! A face to face Appointment Reminder with State of Texas dept. of Criminal Justice! Title: A face to face Appointment Reminder with State of Texas dept. of Criminal Justice! Description: If you are scheduled to meet with an employee of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or any Texas Correctional Institution, Department of Juvenile Justice, or Department of Family and Protective Services, or any juvenile court, local child support, or welfare court, please use this reminder to remind you to bring your valid driver's license, voter's ID card, or birth certificate with you to the appointment to avoid any delays or turn arounds. This information is only intended to remind you to bring these important documents with you. If you are requesting a document, it is recommended that you continue to research if the document is required or not. If you request a document, please be prepared to provide your photo ID and to explain why you require the document. All documents shown here are only illustrations and may not be the exact documents you will receive. If you have any questions regarding your documentation, please contact the DPCI website listed below to view the information. b7e8fdf5c8

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Market Research : With the sophisticated market research module you can find out your competition's location, keywords, brand name, domain, status, HTML code and much more. Advanced SEO: With the five-stage SEO process you can speed up your page loading speed and improve your web site's user experience. In addition you can use other SEO best practices such as Robots.txt, Content Handling, Cross Page Linking and many more. Export & Import: You can export all the found information into different formats, including.CSV,.XML,.RTF and.HTML. You can also import the found information from different formats including.CSV,.XML and.RTF. Intelligent Scanner Pro is a robust and extremely efficient software which allows you to obtain required data on each visited website within time period defined in advanced parameters. Easy to install and easy to use, Intelligent Scanner Pro provides excellent performance with ability to scan millions of visited websites and thousands of URLs. On-the-fly filtering and search accuracy are two core features of Intelligent Scanner Pro that will help you get just the data you need. Intelligent Scanner Pro Description: Provides: - Ability to scan visited website/URLs - On-the-fly filtering - String or single text/keywords search - Scan up to... Website Traffic Analysis Suite Pro has a powerful traffic analysis (ROI) engine that enables you to discover what your site is losing by investing your time and money with the wrong keywords, links and website traffic source. It gathers vital information about your competitors, your backlinks and analyzes your incoming visits in order to improve your website's performance. Website Traffic Analysis Suite Pro lets you know everything about your competitors' link juice. Don't accept second place in your industry just because your competitor is less clever about out-smarting his/her competition. According to the latest statistics, top websites having

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Check your competitive intelligence report and easily optimize your keyword selection, site composition and related strategy. You can get the most important information about your ranking and your competitors, and learn how to develop keywords and generate keywords. You will get the key, which SEO trends are the most important and the key to the top, the most profitable and the best keywords, related links, titles and even HTML code. TraceTrust 2.9.1 is a security extension for Google Chrome that prevents online tracking. TraceTrust 2.9.1 Features: 1. Easily eliminate global tracking code from your website 2. Blocks spyware on your computer from spying on your surfing and operating 3. Prevents internet ads from tracking your web surfing, your searches, your shopping and your habits 4. Optimizes security, performance and your Internet connection 5. Easy to use yet very powerful TraceTrust 2.9.1 Security Fix: Adobe Reader is a PDF reader designed for Microsoft Windows. The application includes the ability to perform basic editing such as inserting, inserting files, image cropping and removing white spaces. Additionally, it offers the ability to change file properties, view images, attach files, search for text and check the version of a file. Adobe Reader Pro Description: Adobe Reader 9 Pro is a complete PDF reader with many useful features: • manage your files, highlighting, easy copying, image cropping and editing, • manage the fonts, text & images can be copied to the clipboard, • save the files on your hard disk or network drive for a longer time and • open and close your files. Adobe Reader 9 Pro Features: The Lite-PDF Writer allows you to create PDF files from your documents. It is a completely free program that is a great way to allow for easy access to your files in other places when you are working. Lite-PDF Writer Description: The last version of the Lite-PDF Writer has been redesigned to make it even easier to use. The program now handles Vista as well as Windows XP. The program's fonts are also optimized for everyone. NAPster Enterprise Edition is an enterprise-level solution for the biggest and most popular provider of website content management tools for websites, classified ad sites, and shopping malls. This lightweight version of NAPster is aimed at smaller sites and is free of charge. NAPster Enterprise Edition Features:

System Requirements:

Display resolution of minimum 1280 x 800 (800 x 600 recommended) Minimum 512MB of RAM Minimum 1GB of free HDD space One Microsoft Windows-compatible CD-ROM drive, available at retail Processor: Pentium II 266 MHz, AMD Athlon 800 MHz (for a faster machine, 800 MHz+ is recommended) Gamepads: 3-button keyboard & one joystick recommended DirectX: 9.0c Optional hardware: Xbox 360 controller, GameCube controller, N64 controller

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