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Black Screen Fix is a lightweight application which intends to help you solve the black screen Windows startup problem. The so called “BlSoD” is a major problem that can prevent you from using your computer since it denies access to the Windows graphical interface. Since the BlSoD is a frequent problem, the Internet is crawling with tips and tricks that aim to help you regain control over your computer. Some of them are simple but there are other solutions that suggest that you should reinstall your operating system in order to fix the problem. A black screen can be caused by various virus infections, software malfunctions and even hardware failure. This tool is designed to help the users who can boot up their computer but cannot view their desktop, taskbar and other elements of the Windows GUI. If your computer only displays a black screen and a My Computer Explorer window, this tool can help you reset the Windows shell in order to restore the normal Windows behavior. It allows you to save time and to avoid other complicated actions like reinstalling Windows and reconfiguring your applications. The app lacks the documentation, and only asks your permission to reset the Windows shell in order to prevent the black screen from recurring when you restart your computer. It is a quick fix for a problem that can can cripple your activities and take up valuable time. Overall, the Black Screen Fix can be useful if your problem is not caused by a driver failure or a hardware component. The program description also includes the instructions on how to download and use the app directly from the computer that had the black screen.







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What you need: 1. Select “Reset Windows Shell” from the menu of the app. 2. Select the option to “Close all applications”. 3. When you see the black screen, the tool will install itself in your system and disable the automatic startup of Windows. 4. Press the “Apply” button. 5. When the Reset Windows Shell process is completed, reboot your computer in order to enable the normal Windows GUI. 6. If your reset process does not work as intended, double-click the “Windows Startup Repair” option from the list. 7. When the process is completed, reboot your computer in order to enable the normal Windows GUI. 8. You can now see your desktop and the icons from your computer tray. The Black Screen Fix tries to be as simple as possible and it can be used without writing any scripts or registry modifications. It works online and offline without being restricted by a time-limit. Dragon Killing Fairy is a game of strategic and tactical thinking that is quite addictive to play. The objectives of the game are to destroy the Dragon that is slowly growing and eating up the land and to keep the Fairy alive and safe. The game is a very entertaining one that is simple to play. A simple onscreen keyboard makes the gameplay easier and more pleasant for the player. The graphics are not bad as well. The graphics show you a nice landscape that presents you with a beautiful brown forest, with occasional green hills and a bright blue sky. The sound is low in volume and only a soft sound can be heard when you fire your cannon. In the beginning of the game, you are given a map that shows you where the forest is located. The forest is where you will find the Dragon, and there are three other places where you will find the Fairy. The main objective of the game is to reach the Dragon and to keep the Fairy alive. The end of the game depends on whether or not you destroy the Dragon or if the Dragon destroys you. If you defeat the Dragon, you will obtain a key that can then be used to unlock the secret. As for the Fairy, you will have the choice of either keeping her or sending her away. If you send the Fairy away, you have to start the game over again. The game is pretty simple to play and much more engaging. If you like strategic and tactical thinking games, you will love to play Dragon Killing Fairy.

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-It is lightweight software so it won't take up much of your hard drive space. -It requires no installation as it's an executable file. -It is a shortcut that can be run directly from your desktop. -It is a tool that will try to fix the black screen by resetting your windows shell. -It cannot by itself help you to find the problem that caused the black screen. -It will only work if you have Windows XP Home or Pro Edition installed on your computer. How to use Black Screen Fix: -You can download and run Black Screen Fix directly from your desktop. -The first time you run the program, you must agree that you want to reset your Windows shell and to prevent the black screen from recurring. -You can click on Start button and then type Black Screen Fix in the search window. -Click on the "Black Screen Fix" shortcut that is included in the desktop shortcut menu and then click on the "Start" button. -The application will try to fix the problem by resetting your Windows shell. -Upon successful completion, click on the "Exit" button. -Remember that you can use your computer again after the application is finished. Black Screen Fix Requirements: -Windows XP Home or Pro Edition. -The app cannot by itself help you to find the problem that caused the black screen. System requirements: -The Black Screen Fix can only work on Windows XP Home or Pro Edition. -It is lightweight and has no installation as it is an executable file. -The easiest way to download and run the app directly from your desktop is by clicking on the shortcut that is included in the desktop shortcut menu. -The menu that can be accessed by clicking on the "Start" button offers the option of providing consent to reset your Windows shell. -The app is a shortcut that can be run directly from your desktop. -It is a tool that will try to fix the black screen by resetting your Windows shell. -After installation, the black screen problem will be solved. It will not allow you to download anything. In the case of problems with your connection, it will do no more than letting you know. It is a tool that will help you to restore the browser that allows you to download a file that you want. Most of the programs have a server that provides the software and content that has been created. The one that you have just found b7e8fdf5c8

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Black Screen Fix is an application that helps fix the black screen that occurs after a fresh installation of Windows on a clean hard disk partition. Black Screen Fix is aimed at users of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Fix can be deployed to the whole computer including the operating system and system files. Black Screen Fix is based on the following points: 1. Reinstalling the Windows system files is not a good solution because it can make your computer unusable, as the BlSoD is a frequent problem. 2. Reinstalling the operating system means reconfiguring your applications and trying to use them in a new way. 3. Black Screen Fix does not require advanced computer skills. All you need is a laptop with a working Internet connection, a portable USB flash disk, and a USB memory stick on which you can store the computer fix package. 4. The app is a portable application, and it does not require installation. It can be deployed directly to the computer where the problem occurs. 5. The application does not suggest to make any changes to the Windows registry. It focuses on the loading order of Windows system files. The Black Screen Fix package includes 3 tools: 1. Reinstall the complete Windows system files. 2. Reinstall the Windows graphical interface including the taskbar, the Start button, etc. 3. Reinstall the most important system files on the USB flash drive. These three steps restore the working Windows to its initial state. Moreover, these steps prevent the Black Screen Fix to reoccur every time you restart your computer. Black Screen Fix uses the following methods to fix the problem: 1. Rescan all the disks of the computer. 2. Resize the NTFS partition and the C:\ drive. 3. Enumerate and remove any virus infections. 4. Start the Windows setup in the standard mode. It allows you to view and save the new program installation for the future use. 5. Install the application on the USB flash disk. How to download and use Black Screen Fix: Download the portable version of Black Screen Fix application. Place the Fix file on the root directory of your USB flash disk. Run Black Screen Fix tool in the computer where the problem occurs. The Black Screen Fix will scan all the hard disk partitions and all the USB flash drive connected to your computer. After the scan is complete, the PC will restart to the new Windows shell. It is recommended

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After installing the tool, restart your computer and then start the program. It will ask you to confirm that you are sure that you want to proceed with the following actions. It will then display a dialog box where you can change the name of the tool. You can then press OK. A new interface will appear. Click on OK to accept the settings. A new window will appear where you can start working on fixing the black screen. In order to fix the black screen, the program will prompt you to choose either the Troubleshooting mode or the Reset mode. In order to do this, choose one option from the menu bar. Click on OK. The tool will start working on finding out what caused your black screen to appear. After finding what caused the black screen to appear, the tool will reset the Windows shell. The tool will restart the Windows Explorer service and then reset the Windows shell. Click on OK. The tool will show you a dialog box again where you can see how your computer performed with the reset. Click on OK. A new interface will appear. Click on OK to close the interface. You can now explore the Desktop. You can also explore other parts of the computer. If you see a text saying that your system is still running, it is safe to close the tool. Click on OK. The tool will close. Black Screen Fix Tool Black Screen Fix has the following features: 1. Reset the Windows shell (fix a black screen when Windows fails to start) 2. Resets the Windows Explorer service to fix the black screen. 3. Black screen and missing taskbar. 4. Reset and disable taskbar, start menu, etc. 5. Resets your Windows shell. Cool Fix is a solution for a problem in which the Winlogon process of Windows starts normally but suddenly shuts down. It may happen because of several problems, including weak Windows password, poor Internet connection, file corruption, and virus attack. A successful booting of the system involves multiple components: software, the operating system, the hardware, and the user settings and habits. These components interact and most often, a situation occurs when the booting fails in one or another component. The situation is called “black screen error.” To resolve this problem, Cool Fix uses the most efficient tools at your disposal. With the help of this versatile application, you can detect the type of error, and thus decide which components are eligible for dealing with the problem. Cool Fix

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Windows 10/8.1 Minimum Specifications: Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2320, Core™ i7-2670QM/2.7 GHz Memory: 8GB RAM Hard Drive: 40GB HD space Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 960 Sound card: DirectX® 9.0 or above Webcam: Logitech® HD Webcam C920 Additional Information: Medal of Honor™ Warfighter

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