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While there are many compression utilities that you can use to store data in a more efficient manner and encrypt your files, most are not designed to help you organize items once they are archived, which is why it is often difficult to locate specific files after they are compressed. ABox - File Packer is a lightweight, portable utility that allows you to compress files or folders and encrypt their contents, as well as organize them in a tree structure, assign each item a specific color and insert comments. Easy-to-use archiving utility that can secure your data ABox - File Packer is designed to be as intuitive as possible and, for this reason, novices should find it to be very accessible. Whenever you want to archive a file or folder, you only need to drop it in the main application window. You can add as many items as you like, and then save the compressed data to an ABOX file. Moreover, it is possible to secure your files using AES encryption or block access to certain folders. Organize your data and search for important files Once a number of items have been added to the archive, you can organize them in a tree structure, create new folders, assign unique colors to certain files or directories and even write comments. Furthermore, ABox - File Packer includes a straightforward search function, and all actions are recorded in an event log. The program also allows you to wipe certain files from your hard drive in order to prevent them from being recovered after deletion. Lightweight tool that does not need to be installed on your PC The utilization of a proprietary archive format is perhaps the program’s biggest drawback, as the saved files cannot be opened with any other application. However, it is worth noting that ABox - File Packer can be placed on a portable storage device and used on various machines without being installed beforehand. In conclusion, ABox - File Packer is a relatively straightforward utility designed to provide you with an easier method of archiving and encrypting data. It does its job well and also has the advantage of being fully portable.


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ABox - File Packer is an award-winning file compression, encryption and archiving utility, developed by Radiksoft. It is designed to enable users to compress and encrypt files and folders and organize them in a tree-like structure, assign unique colors to certain items and include comments. Apart from that, ABox - File Packer allows its users to search for any file by name, delete certain files from their original location without having to first place them in an ABOX archive, encrypt sensitive files and wipe entire directories. The application also includes an automatic event log which lets users view all actions taken by the program. With the latest version of ABox - File Packer, even the executable file is encrypted and saved on an external storage device. A special feature also allows the program to recognize file extensions in any archive it creates. The application has a lightweight design and requires less than 50 MB of free space. The features and settings of ABox - File Packer can be adjusted via a wizard, which is included in the program. Binary Large OBject Archive (BLOB) - File Packer is a universal, portable archiving utility that allows you to compress and encrypt your files. Binary Large OBject Archive (BLOB) - File Packer Features: Compress your files as BLOB with its powerful compression algorithms BLOB - File Packer supports a wide range of popular compression formats, including BZIP2, GZIP, and LZH. Encrypt your files as BLOB with the built-in AES encryption Protect your important files as BLOB from eavesdroppers and snoops using strong AES encryption Ripping BLOB files and protecting your copyrighted material using watermark technology Compress and encrypt large files using BLOB's proprietary format In addition to creating an ABOX archive with your files, you can create a BLOB archive with them. BLOB - File Packer can rip BLOB files from other formats, including AVI, MP4, and MKV files. The application is portable and can be installed on any USB flash drive or external hard drive. Save your BLOB archive on the USB device without decompressing it Search your BLOB archive for files using the file's unique name Organize your BLOB archive in a tree structure Create folders and assign certain colors to BLOB items Security BLOB archive, using AES encryption BLOB archive holders use watermarking and other advanced technologies to

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ABox – File Packer is the ideal archiving and file encryption utility for storing files on a USB drive, CD or other removable storage medium. Allowing you to compress files or folders and encrypt their contents with ease, ABox - File Packer also allows you to reorganize your items in a tree structure, assign each file or folder a specific color and insert useful comments. Additionally, you can create and wipe off folders with ease, assign colors to individual files or directories and even record the actions you perform during file archiving and encryption. Despite a few limitations, such as the proprietary format used by the tool, ABox – File Packer is a simple solution for archiving and encrypting files in a portable manner. ABox – File Packer Features: Supported formats:.rar,.zip,.tar.gz,.tbz2,.bz2,.Z,.lha,.tar,.gz,.tgz,.tgz.bz2,.tgz.tar,.tgz.lha,.tgz.7z,.7z,.gz,.zip,.tar.bz2,.7z,.tbz2,.bz2,.z,.lha,.tar,.gz,.tgz,.tgz.bz2,.tgz.tar,.tgz.lha,.tgz.7z,.7z,.gz,.zip Portable:.rar,.zip,.tar.gz,.tar.bz2,.tar.7z Multi-language: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Easy-to-use: works from the Windows Explorer context menu, buttons on the toolbar, and a popup box Archive and protect your files and folders Encrypt files or folders Create folders and assign colors Comments and notes with each file Delete or wipe off all the files from your storage media Search for files and folders easily Embed compatible files in this program Process No matter what type of files you're trying to encrypt, you can compress them with ABox - File Packer without the need to use third party programs. 1. We recommend that you check the system requirements at b7e8fdf5c8

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ABox - File Packer is an archiving tool that allows you to compress files or folders and encrypt their contents, as well as organize them in a tree structure. When multiple items are added to the application, they can be organized in a tree structure, and it is possible to create new folders, assign different colors to specific files and even add comments. Another useful feature is the search function, and all actions are logged. ABox - File Packer is a lightweight program designed to make archiving and encrypting data easy and intuitive. It's also possible to wipe certain files from your hard drive, and items can be exported to an ABOX format. ABox - File Packer Main Features: - Compress and encrypt files - Organize files in a tree structure - Insert comments - Add and delete files - Exclude files - Delete or archive selected files - Easy-to-use interface ABox - File Packer Setup: 1. Uncompress file and save in your desired location. 2. Go into your "Documents" folder and create a New folder in the same location. 3. Name your folder something of your choice (use underscores). 4. Go back to your "Documents" folder and double click the "ABox.exe" file. 5. Click the Next button. ABox - File Packer Main Screenshot: ABox - File Packer, simple & easy to use ABox - File Packer ABox - File Packer The Best File Archive Tool 1. Run ABox - File Packer 2. Select the folder you would like to add files to. 3. To compress the selected folder, simply press the Compress Files button. 4. If you would like to encrypt the folder or compress and encrypt the folder, simply press the Compress and Encrypt Files button. 5. Once the compression or encryption process is completed, click on the Save As button and save the compressed file to a designated folder. 6. Repeat this step to add more files. 7. Make sure you have a USB Flash Drive ready to export to your computer as this is the only way to archive files. 8. Click on the Next button. ABox - File Packer Installation & Usage: 2. Select the number of folders you wish to archive. 3. Click on the Next button. 4.

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ABox File Packer is an efficient and lightweight archiving and encryption tool developed to secure your data and make it more accessible and safe. The application allows you to compress any number of files or folders in a number of formats, including the following:7z, BinHex, ZIP, RAR, Z and Tar. It also makes it possible to protect the data with passwords and use AES encryption, but there is one little problem: the compressed files are inaccessible to any other program. This software use the exclusive proprietary format ABOX. The software is designed to be used with already created and stored ABox Files. ABox - File Packer supports the following file types: (.ABox,.Zip,.RAR,.LOB,.Tar,.Z,.BinHex,.Pz,.An,.Par,.Pp,.Pf,.Ab,.Xc,.Pb,.Zi,.Cb,.Pa,.Rz,.Tz,.Cz,.Zb,.Cf,.Pc,.Dr,.Fz,.Rt,.Pf,.Sf,.Pz,.Vf,.St,.Pm,.Vm,.St,.Pn,.Sb,.Pl,.Pc,.Dd,.Cb,.Sm,.Pf,.Xo,.Bn,.Pf,.Vf,.St,.Pm,.Vm,.St,.Pn,.Sb,.Pl,.Pc,.Dd,.Cb,.Sm,.Pf,.Xo,.Pn,.Sb,.Pl,.Pc,.Dd,.Cb,.Sm,.Pf,.Xo,.Pn,.Sb,.Pl,.Pc,.Dd,.Cb,.Sm,.Pf,.Xo,.Pn,.Sb,.Pl,.Pc,.Dd,.Cb,.Sm,.Pf,.Xo,.Pn,.Sb,.Pl,.Pc,.Dd,.Cb,.Sm,.Pf,.Xo,.Pn,.Sb,.

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