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1. Ethan Dawon 07/28/2020 01:21AM. By purbertdigti.CONTINUES The TPC at Belle Grove, birthplace of the illustrious General Douglas MacArthur, will be the site of the 99th edition of the tournament when it returns May 16-17-18. The tournament is a popular event that not only attracts high profile golfers but also the pleasure of the golfing public. It is open to members as well as nonmembers and to juniors. THE TOURNAMENT: First, second, third and fourth place divisions, followed by a mass meet. MEN'S RULE AND SCORING: Men compete for points in four groups with best eight advancing to semi-final. Semi-finals are best four out of eight score Final is best out of eight scores. First group consists of players by their position in the tournament at time of semi-finals (as the rules state); First in position, last in position, etc. Second group consists of the first four men in each group as ranked, that is, those who took the greatest number of points during the group. Third group consists of the next four men in each group as ranked, that is, those who took the next greatest number of points during the group. Fourth group consists of the next four men in each group as ranked, that is, those who took the least number of points during the group. RULES: A maximum of eight players per foursome in the following schedules: Men and Women must play 9 holes or less in any 18 hole round unless altered by special agreement with the tournament director. Striking of pencils or any other implement is strictly prohibited; holding the ball with the hands, except during a down stroke or putting, is also prohibited. USGA Rules, Rule 13-1, shall apply to this event except that the stroke penalty shall be a two stroke penalty for violations of the Rules. Each player shall display his/her score on his/her scorecard with the final score to be determined when the match is complete. Each team consists of two persons, who shall compete as an entity, and each individual shall be regarded

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The VPS has been down for almost a month. It was monitoring Linux servers. First, when we cannot find out the reason, we get back to the provider. This happened last week and I tryed to troubleshoot the issue and contacted them for the problem. They proposed my VPS run a small test. It was the 3rd Monday this month so the VPS had been up for more than a month. I had to go into a meeting and was only back home for approx 45 min. when the calls came in. I did ask them for some help and if they had any suggestions on how to troubleshoot the issue. About 30 minutes into the calls they finally suggested we reboot the server. Then about 2 hours later my site went down and I tried to troubleshoot as it had not loaded on their IP even. I asked them what the problem was and they suggested I had a ddos attack. We were already in the process of activating our new anti-ddos. Now the problem went away. They told me that the test they ran was tracking the load on the servers and that it was a new VPS that had been activated (I verified this). I suggested to them that there could be more than one server running out of the same IP and that they should start monitoring the load on a server that had been up for a long time as the load on the old server. I had hoped that they would have understood this and did some more research on what was happening. I am really bothered that they did not investigate this anymore and that I did not get any more response. I would like to know how they do their monitoring of the load, to the servers, on a web hosting platform. It could be using the ping IP traffic to a server. Or they could be monitoring the CPU utilization and the load. I would like to know how do they work on this or what they do when they are monitoring the servers? A: Okay first of all I would like to apologize for the delay. I have had a lot of things going on this week. Also I never heard from you about this. I was going to tell you about your issue. Your issue was that the Web Server (Linux) had been down for an extended period of time. The Web Server (Linux) was the first machine to break down in

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