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Photoshop is designed to be used with a mouse, as it is a tool for photo editing and manipulation rather than a picture-taking tool. However, you can use a graphics tablet or a stylus with Photoshop if you so desire. Using Photoshop The number one rule of working with Photoshop is to stay organized. Even if you're working with a printed version, keep an organized file system with all documents in folders in the proper order. Never lose the PSD files in the project folder, which are the originals of all your pictures. If something goes awry and you need to go back to a picture, you can revert the edit you just made. Likewise, if you're working on a new file, don't save the original file until you're finished with editing it. To save changes, don't just click the Save icon. Instead, immediately press Ctrl+S (⌘-S) on the keyboard to save the file and then press Ctrl+Q (⌘-Q) to exit the Photoshop dialog box. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a digital imaging editing software application that helps you in managing and creating raster images. This version is for the Macintosh platform. It can be used to create digital images using the various imaging tools available in Photoshop, combine them into panoramic, or even a bitmap image, add text and captions to your images, retouch images, crop, cut, and resize them, and more. There are three basic work areas within Photoshop. The window you work in is called the workspace, and you can access other areas in the program at will through the Window menu at the top of the workspace screen. The Layers palette (or workspace window) The Layers palette is the first thing you see when you open Photoshop. The Layers palette is where you create, edit, or move layers, masks, and filters in Photoshop. Layers are basically the layers or pictures in your image that you can manipulate. They have the option to either be hidden or visible when you work in Photoshop. Masks have the same purpose of hiding or showing layers; however, they are the blue or black lumps that appear on layers. You can use them to hide or show parts of your layers. The Layers palette also includes the following: Layer mask: A layer mask is a bitmap that you can create in Photoshop to hide or show part of a layer. You can manipulate and

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Getting started with Photoshop is easy and we’ll show you how to get up and running. Key facts about Photoshop Who should use Photoshop Elements? Photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and artists of all types who need to edit, create, or both, use Photoshop to edit, create, or both images. Who should not use Photoshop Elements? If you want to take your photographic skills to the next level or enhance your images, then Photoshop Elements is the photo editor you need. What is Photoshop and what is Photoshop Elements? Computer software that allows you to edit and save digital photographs. Photoshop is the flagship software, built by Adobe, used by professionals and hobbyists alike for creating, modifying, or even both images. The professional version is available as a software download and as a subscription on a monthly basis. Photoshop Elements is a free, light version of the same program. Word of caution If you’ve used Photoshop before, Photoshop Elements might seem very basic at first. It is not intended to be a replacement for the professional version. Photoshop Elements gives you a lot of the same tools you use to edit images in Elements, but with a much simpler user interface and easier photo editing. You can still use Photoshop Elements for all your photo editing needs; it just won’t let you do all the things you can in the full-featured, professional version of the software. Getting started with Photoshop Elements You will need at least one copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements to get started with this tutorial. You can also download it as a free trial, which will give you access to all the features of the program. Photoshop Elements is available in the Mac App Store for OS X or the Google Play store for Android devices. The download for Windows users is available in the Microsoft Store. 1. Create a document You will need to create a document for your photos that will be edited in Photoshop Elements. Select File > New to get started creating a new document. The New Document window appears. Fill in the following information on the New Document window: Scanned name Name Target Location File size 3. Choose file types You will need to set the file type for your image. Select File > Properties to open the file’s properties. In the dialog box 05a79cecff

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7/Vista Processor: Intel Core i3 1.5Ghz Memory: 4GB RAM Graphics: DirectX9-compatible graphics card, 256MB minimum DirectX: 9.0c Sound Card: DirectSound hardware Recommended: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or faster DirectX


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