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* **Drawing and Painting:** This section helps you create, edit, and enhance digital drawings and paintings. * **Video and Digital Composites:** The Video and Digital Composites section helps you create or composite images, frames, and video. You can use video to create slideshows or add effects to photos. * **Retouching:** This section covers the many helpful tools for retouching pictures, from removing blemishes to adjusting the overall tone. * **Photo Restoration and Enhancement:** This section helps you retouch faded or damaged photos. * **Sketching:** This section gives you various tools for creating elegant watercolor-like sketches. You can also use the settings to create a variety of styles, including chevrons, arrows, and serifs. * **Working with Type:** This section covers all of the tools for creating and editing type. You can create text, edit type, and merge two types, all within Photoshop. ## Adding Text Text is another essential tool for this program, and it comes in two flavors: plain and editable. A _plain_ text object consists of any text content, no matter the type of font, size, weight, or color. You can create and manipulate this type of object with the Pen tool and the Charcoal feature. An _editable_ text object, on the other hand, is a stand-alone object, independent of the image, that enables you to control text characteristics such as size, style, typeface, placement, and alignment (see Figure 2-18). You can't move a text object, but you can apply effects to it, such as a drop shadow, inner glow, or stroke. FIGURE 2-18: This text object is ready to be manipulated. Because you can't move an edited text object, selecting it and clicking a new spot on the canvas is your best option for placing it elsewhere. This works, but the text doesn't always change where you click when you switch from the Move tool to a selection tool — nor do all selection tools work as expected. Figure 2-19 displays a selection tool that didn't change the text's position, but Figure 2-20 does. FIGURE 2-19: Selecting the text object isn't enough to move it. FIGURE 2-20: Moving a text object via a selection tool is easier

Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20 Crack License Key Free [32|64bit]

Importing Photoshop File Types To import Photoshop file types into Photoshop Elements you must first add the required file types. To do this, go to Edit → Type. If you do not see the Photoshop import type option, you will need to add it manually. To add a new type (or add the new version of Photoshop to an existing type) you can: From the main menu, choose File → Manage Types. Click on the Import tab. If you are asked to choose a file type, select Photoshop Imports, select the directory, and click on Open. Click Import. If the file was successfully imported, you will be taken back to the Import tab, and you can re-import that type if you want to. If there was an error importing a Photoshop file, you will be taken back to the Edit tab, where you can correct the error and re-import that type. Tip: If you have multiple Photoshop file types on your computer that you want to add, you can import them all in a batch by choosing File → Manage Types, selecting the Import tab and then clicking on Import. Saving the Image Every time you want to save the image you have opened in Photoshop Elements, you can do so by clicking on the Save icon ( or Window → Save) on the main Photoshop Elements toolbar. You can also: Click on the File drop-down arrow (or the Save icon/Window button on a Mac). Choose File → Save. File → Save. In the File Location box, type a name for the image. You can find your images in any location that you have used before. (By default Photoshop Elements uses an automatically-generated image name based on the location you have the image opened in.) Type a name for the image. You can find your images in any location that you have used before. (By default Photoshop Elements uses an automatically-generated image name based on the location you have the image opened in.) Click Save. You can also save your image files by double-clicking on the file (clicking and holding the mouse button down to drag the file to the Save icon on the side of the window). The default location to save is in your Photoshop Elements document. If you want to save an image in a different location, or to open the image in a new tab, you can: Right-click on the image (Windows) or Control a681f4349e

Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20

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