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Photoshop Elements is Adobe's free version of Photoshop. Both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are offered for Windows computers, as well as Macintosh computers. Photoshop Elements is a much simpler program than Photoshop. Additionally, Elements has a long, interactive online tutorial. The main advantage to Elements is that it is free. Photoshop is always the topic of discussion at my software library and on my email lists. It's a popular, well-known, and much-used application for professional and home users. Many professionals swear by the program, and it's an industry standard. But many other professionals write off Photoshop and its other programs as being too complicated for their needs. Although they may be right in certain cases, I think that if you use the appropriate programs for the job, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or similar programs work just fine. The following sections demonstrate how to use Photoshop's basic tools to turn a simple black-and-white illustration into a colorful picture. Using Photoshop's Basic Tools Photoshop offers a wide variety of tools for you to use in editing your photos and artwork. You can use these tools to create special effects, add objects, or change the color of an image. To help you in your image manipulation, Photoshop has a set of basic tools that assist you in getting your project off the ground. The following sections take a look at each of these tools. Adjustment Layers A feature unique to Photoshop, and to many other editing programs, is the Adjustment Layer. With this tool, you can create Adjustment Layers, which overlay your image, modify a selected area of your image, or combine several settings to affect the entire image. To make an Adjustment Layer, follow these steps: 1. Choose Layer⇒New Adjustment Layer⇒Radial Gradient, as shown in Figure 8-1. The Radial Gradient tool is a commonly used tool in graphics applications, and it creates colored gradients. When you use the Radial Gradient tool to create an Adjustment Layer, you're actually creating a gradient with several different colors, such as red, green, or purple, along the gradient. 2. After you create the Radial Gradient Adjustment Layer, click OK to open the New Layer dialog box. 3. Add a name for this adjustment layer (such as Hue) in the Name box. 4. Change the layer's opacity to 0%,

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Photoshop Elements is a professional grade image editor that is very simple to use and with no confusing menus. It is available for a one time fee or as a yearly subscription. Photoshop comes with Elements for free (as are similar editions of Gimp and Paint tool Sai). It contains a beginner's photo editor that is very simple and easy to use. Photoshop Elements also offers many more editing tools and features but does not offer as many advanced options and only offers basic filters. Some of the ways in which you can use Photoshop Elements are as a free alternative to the more full-featured professional software or as a free beginner's photo editing program. Using Photoshop Elements as a Beginner's Program Because of its basic features and lack of a built-in photo library, this software can be used by anyone at any skill level. There is also a very simple learning curve. The software has a very simple interface. The only settings are an Image > Adjustments panel, a Window > Layer menu and a Window > Preferences menu. There is a File menu that contains a Preferences > Image menu, a File > Export Image menu, a File > Open menu, and a File > Save As menu. This is the File menu of all other programs, with all other options for saving and exporting the image being limited to the File menu. All others of the Tools > Edit menu of the other programs are also there with the exception of the Filters, Layers, and Merging options. With the way that it is organised, you should not have to pay much attention to the window menus. You will not be lost and you will not have to learn other menus to find the image editing tools. You can crop, rotate, resize, sharpen, remove red-eye, add text, and remove dust and scratches from your images quickly and easily. There are also some advanced editing tools such as blur, change white balance, contrast, highlights and shadows, and converting grayscale images to color. You can view, rename, open, save, edit, and export your images. It will take you about 20 minutes to use this program for the first time but after that you will be editing and saving and exporting images in no time. Pros: It is easy to learn and use The interface is very simple It is fast and has a simple learning curve The file saving and exporting options are extensive a681f4349e

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