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Note Although the images on this book's DVD are of Adobe Photoshop, this book concentrates on working with

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Elements, which came out in 2018, was announced as a replacement of Aperture. This guide will show you how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images. It is meant to teach you the basics of the program to allow you to get familiar with the program. It covers everything you need to know to create high-quality images from scratch. If you are more experienced with Photoshop or other graphic design tools, this tutorial is for you. This tutorial assumes you know the basics of Photoshop, but how to edit images. If you are new to Photoshop, you can check out the following tutorials: Let’s Start Editing The first thing you need to learn is the Photoshop Elements interface. The default interface is similar to Photoshop. Main Interface As you can see, in the main interface, you have the following: Crop Tool The crop tool is a rectangle that you can drag around the image. You can move the crop around the image and resize it. When you use the crop tool, you can adjust the size of the crop by dragging the green frame you see on the right side. If you want to change the position of the crop, use the arrow buttons on the left side. You can also click and drag the crop to adjust the placement. Add Layer Mask If you need to change the image slightly, just add a new layer to the current image layer. For example, if you want to add a red circle to the image, just create a new layer and draw the circle on it. You can use the layer mask to change the color of the layer and change the opacity of the layer. If you make the layer transparent, the black circle will not be visible. You can also turn the layer on or off if you don’t want to see the layer. Add a Layer Mask You can enable or disable the layer by clicking on the eye icon on the bottom left of the layer. You can also change the opacity of the layer by dragging the opacity slider on the left side. The opacity will be the same as the opacity of the layer beneath it. Move Layer The move layer tool will move the layers in an image to make them easier to work with. To move a layer, first select the layer using one of the tools. Then choose the move tool. When you move a layer, the text 05a79cecff

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Ubuntu 13.04 or higher Dual monitors not needed Hardware Acceleration is used GNOME Shell works fine Text Editors like kate, xfce4-terminal, gedit work Wine and steam work fine Sound works You don't have to agree with the user's choices, just don't disable anything You need to create/edit a file that points to directory and enter the location there. There are a bunch of important documentation⇒-flat-icon-sets-for-photoshop/

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