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# Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Adobe's current flagship product, Lightroom, combines a very nice editing application with a sophisticated photo library manager. You can import, organize, and edit RAW or JPEG images, and then publish them for consumption later on or share them with others. The program comes with a range of modules that include social networking and publishing tools. So you can easily send out e-mails with links to photos that have been published, for example, or to the Flickr site where they can be uploaded. Lightroom can be purchased as a stand-alone product, but it's available as part of the Creative Cloud service (see the sidebar in this chapter for the details on how to join the service). Visit ` to download a demonstration of the program. You can download a copy yourself from the Adobe site at ``.

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The interface may be easier to use but there are some limitations that make it less suitable for image editing that Photoshop is designed for. This guide shows you some handy keyboard shortcuts for daily image editing, such as how to crop images, resize images, remove and apply filters, repair images, change contrast, brightness, colour, and more. The scroll wheel can also be used to zoom in and out, rotate the image, crop, change brightness, contrast and colour, remove and apply brushes, adjust images layer masks, transform images, flip or rotate them and even resize them. In our tips and tricks guide we will show you how to: Use the keyboard to navigate the interface and perform common tasks Navigate the interface using the keyboard. You can do this by using the arrow keys to move around your images. You can also press Enter to select and move around an image, or press the Enter key again to move an image. Press Shift+Enter to select multiple images. When you select all the images in your folder, press the N or T key to navigate the thumbnail pane. You can use the Home key or arrow keys to move from image to image in the list. Press Ctrl+F to access the Quick Filter panel. Use the Up or Down arrow keys to navigate the toolbox. Press the Command+F shortcut key to access the bookmarks panel. Press the Spacebar to toggle between the layout modes. Press the + and - keys to zoom in and out, use the Page Up and Page Down keys to zoom in and out, or use the Ctrl + up and Ctrl + down keys to zoom in and out in smaller increments. You can also use the arrow keys to zoom in and out. Press the Home key to zoom in, or press Shift+Home to zoom out. Press the Spacebar to toggle between the two zoom levels. Press the Left or Right arrow keys to move the active image. Press Esc to quit the zoom window. Use Tools to format images, repair them, change contrast, brightness, colour, and much more. Pressing the T key, or pressing the left or right arrow keys, brings up the tools that you can use to edit images. Use the Pencil, Airbrush, Eraser, Masks, Gradient Map, Curves, Photo Filter, and Blend toolbox for a wide range of editing effects. Using the tools to edit images is easy 05a79cecff

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3 Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.2 GHz or faster RAM: 2 GB Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8400 or ATI Radeon HD 3400 or better (DX9) Storage: 20 GB available space Input Device: Mouse or Keyboard Additional Notes: No TimeOut or UAC Recommended: OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or faster RAM: 4 GB

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