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The GIMP is arguably more powerful than Photoshop, but it is also much harder to learn and use and there are fewer tutorial resources available. However, GIMP is also an amazing image editing program that is free and open-source, and it's useful for beginners. It's also recommended that users explore the vast open-source GIMP community, as there are many helpful graphics community sites that teach one-on-one lessons on the basics and advanced techniques. If you need any assistance with the programs, we've also included links to useful websites. Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom Photography Adobe Photoshop In the GIMP Lightroom Lightroom is an innovative, industry-standard photograph organization application. It is optimized for cataloguing, managing, editing, creating and printing of digital images and digital books. It offers a straightforward interface for creating stunning catalogs that contain metadata, embedded cataloging data, organization, tagging, searches, and browsing. Lightroom is the flagship photography application of Adobe, and has been used as the standard for organizing, editing, cataloging, and printing images since it was released in 2010. In addition to Lightroom, Adobe includes Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) and Adobe Bridge for converting RAW files to JPEGs, previewing, editing, and organizing images, and displaying metadata. Photos and media files saved to a computer are also incorporated, and users can create and edit JPG, TIFF, RAW, PDF, PSD, TGA, CR2, ORF, BMP, J2K, RAW8, Metadata, and other image file formats in the software. Lightroom maintains metadata throughout the editing process, and utilizes the imaging software Capture One for RAW conversion. Adobe Lightroom allows users to define image searches, present information in thumbnails, create folders and sub-folders, view thumbnails, and sort photos by camera, date, or RAW file format. Lightroom also includes an extensive feature set for users to edit, enhance, and organize an image, including photo retouching, channel processing, levels, curves, brushes, keying, color balance, auto white balance, posterize, and monochrome. Adobe Lightroom also offers a variety of tone mapping filters, including the Black & White and Monochrome effects, selective color adjustment tools, and an HDR Photo Merge function.

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Need to learn a new tool? Here are 29 photo editing apps for the ultimate photography kit. Alternatives to Photoshop Various alternatives to Photoshop exist, some of which are free and some which can run on Mac and Windows. Adobe Photoshop The most popular option is the world’s most powerful digital photography tool. It’s available on Mac and Windows computers, as well as Adobe’s own mobile apps for iOS and Android. Adobe Photoshop costs from $72.99 to $1,199.99 on its own. However, you can get a perpetual license which allows you to use the software on as many computers as you like, and the apps are usually free. The software is easy enough for beginners to start using it but has more features than most photographers will ever use. It’s not as easy to figure out how to use as the other programs on this list and many of the features don’t have basic presets like they do in some other programs. However, while it has all the features you could ever want, it does come with a price. Adobe Bridge Bridge is the only full-featured Photoshop alternative that doesn’t cost anything. It’s designed to be a more straightforward replacement to Photoshop than Photoshop. It’s designed to be a well-organized program that looks and works more like a simple app. Bridge runs on Windows, macOS, and iOS with all major iOS app providers. It has most of the features of Photoshop, but you can only use the features through the keyboard or the menu. Many of the buttons are disabled so you can’t use Photoshop in Bridge to scale and rotate images. While the software is not as complicated or as customizable, it has fewer features than Photoshop. Adobe Cloud Adobe Cloud is a paid photography and graphic design application that’s part of the Creative Cloud package. It includes Photoshop, an image organizer called Adobe Stock, and a library of royalty-free stock images. The stock images are good quality for most users but it is a paid program that requires a paid subscription. Adobe Cloud also comes with a subscription to Adobe’s creative cloud, which includes other cloud-based tools such as Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Creative Cloud costs from $7.99 to $19.99 a month. It works 05a79cecff

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