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Make sure that you download the proper version of Photoshop for your version of Windows, although it may work better in 7 than in a later version of Windows. For Windows versions, go to ``. ## Choosing a Basic Version: CS4 or CS5? Photoshop CS4 has been out for several years now, and it has some nice new features, such as the ability to organize layers and groups, along with new tools for creating web graphics. Photoshop CS5 is an all-new version that includes some eye-opening new features. First of all, Photoshop CS5 is more like the Windows Paint program than it is a photo editor. All these new features can really be overwhelming, so if you're new to Photoshop, start with CS4 and see how you like the CS5 layout. CS5 also has the ability to create graphics for the web. Graphics created with Photoshop CS5 can be optimized for the web and be formatted in HTML tags. ## Getting Started in Photoshop What I can tell you in the following sections is that Photoshop is pretty darn good. You can work with hundreds and thousands of creative projects in a relatively short amount of time. After you have installed Photoshop, look at the Quick Access panel, shown in Figure 1-3. The icons are called the _Flexible Spacing_ options; this feature lets you arrange controls and windows any way you want. Check out the button labeled View tool in Figure 1-3. It's the icon you can place with your cursor to see the tools on the screen. When Photoshop opens, it starts with a _welcome screen_ that displays numerous controls and utilities for working with your projects. See the screen shown in Figure 1-4. To begin working in Photoshop, you need to do some housekeeping. A number of commands are in a dock along the bottom of the screen. Figure 1-5 shows some of the tools in this dock. For more information, look at the `Adobe Photoshop Help/Using Your Mac` manual. ## Using the Filters Photoshop has a special set of filters called _effects,_ such as the one shown in Figure 1-6. Filters add a special effect to an image; most often you can find effects to help jazz up an image. You can apply as many filters as you want and then add an adjustment layer over them

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Read this Adobe Lightroom review to find out what it can do and whether it's worth buying. And if you're interested in video editing, check out this guide to Adobe Premiere Pro. What is Photoshop? Just to preface this guide, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular creative programs on the market today. It's a powerful graphic design and photo editing software used by designers, photographers, web designers, and even videographers and podcasters. It's one of the most versatile software packages around, and can be used to achieve a wide range of creative goals. Where can I use Photoshop? Photoshop is available on almost all modern computers and on smartphones like the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. The Adobe Creative Cloud features access to Photoshop and other programs in the same package, as well as a library of creative tools. How does Photoshop work? Photoshop is designed to work in a series of steps called 'layers'. All of the elements of your photograph or design are placed on layers, and are then combined into a single image. Making changes to the actual image You can only make adjustments to the elements that are on the same layer in Photoshop. To make changes to the rest of your photo, you need to create a new layer that contains the layer you wish to edit. The order in which you make changes to a layer will determine the order in which the elements in the layer are applied, and the final look of the image. Create a new layer. It is possible to create a new layer by clicking the Add Layer button on the Layers menu, or using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+L. Click the New Layer button at the bottom of the Layers panel, then choose the most appropriate place on the canvas for this layer. Press CTRL+N on a PC or the OPTION key on a Mac and draw or type the layer name in the New Layer dialog box. It is important to give this layer a meaningful name, as you will be unable to change this name later. Using the Move tool, drag your new layer to a suitable position on the canvas, then press the Enter key to place it there. Using a selection tool such as the Magic Wand, select the areas you want to apply your changes to, then press CTRL+C (PC) or CMD+C (Mac) to copy those areas. Using 05a79cecff

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Brushes The simplest brushes in Photoshop are the brushes that come with the software. They are available as pen (pencil) brushes, paper brushes, and background brushes. Pen brushes are the most basic brushes. Like the paper brushes, they can be used to brush over existing images with a result similar to using a paper stencil. Pen brushes use straight lines, circles, and crosshatches as if you were drawing with a pencil. Paper brushes are like pen brushes, but are composed of a variety of line and hatching patterns that are ideal for painting. Most paper brushes have fill patterns, allowing you to add color to the brushstrokes. A few have a solid fill, meaning that any color fills in the brushstrokes. Brush Settings Brush settings allow you to specify the size, type, spacing, and flow of brushstrokes. These settings enable you to add a texture or fade to the effect. Brush Tips Brush tips work like the pen tool (pencil) in that they can be used to draw straight or curved lines. However, they are more versatile, as they can be used to add or subtract lines, as well as to create any kind of shape. Lines Lines are the most basic shape in Photoshop. They include the rectangle, square, and curve tools. (Curves can be accessed in the drawing tools section of the Adobe Flash CS5 software.) Rectangles are the simplest shape that is used to lay out page elements or create graphics. Sqaure and elliptical shapes can be used to frame elements or set up areas to apply effects. Arrows Arrows can be used to create paths for stroke or fill effects. When drawn as curves, you can create the outline for your lettering. Gradient Gradient allows you to create linear or radial overlays. This tool is also a good way to create gradient fills in Photoshop. The GIMP includes a variety of pen tools, such as pencils, water brushes, and brushes that allow you to apply effects like cross-hatch. The number of pen tools in GIMP and the popularity of pen painting on paper in Japanese culture are strong factors influencing the development of paint brushes. For the most part, the Photoshop brush features are based on the techniques used in these and other painting programs. The Photoshop brush has about 30 different types of pen tools, in addition to

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