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Note Even though it's called an "app" that's available for both Mac and Windows, Photoshop is a bit different from a stand-alone app. In the review, I explain how to use Photoshop and Elements on both the Mac and Windows operating systems.

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Photoshop has long been the gold standard of digital imagery editing software. Many graphic designers use it in one form or another, whether for design or, of course, for editing images. But these days, Photoshop is also frequently used by amateur photographers, web designers, and discord emojis creators. Adobe Photoshop is available in two versions. The paid version, Photoshop CS, is the most powerful, and features over 18,000 digital image editing tools. The free version, Photoshop Elements, is designed for those who want a simple, flexible image editing program. For many users, Photoshop is not only their favorite image editor, but also the gateway to more advanced editing programs. This tutorial will review the basics of using Photoshop Elements to get you started. Review of Photoshop Elements If you are a beginner in the use of Photoshop Elements, there are several references that can help you learn the basics. These references are available in the Help menu and are highly recommended. The basic image editing features that are included in Photoshop Elements are discussed below, along with a brief discussion of alternatives to Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements File Format Photoshop Elements save your images in a proprietary file format called PSD. This file is a Common Format which can be read by other popular graphics editors, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe AfterEffects, and Adobe Premiere Pro. The PSD format is not the only way to store digital images. Most graphics software that are compatible with Photoshop Elements use the Pixel-based format. Pixel-based images store pixels as bitmapped data, which can be saved as a separate file or embedded in the image file. Pixel-based images are often used for graphic design, but may not be suitable for all graphic images, depending on the type of graphic. For example, line art is best saved in the pixel-based format, while images with many colors are best in the PSD format. Adobe Photoshop Elements offers a built-in feature that will automatically convert your PSD file to the popular PSB file format. This is a better option for converting to other formats. If the PSD file was created in Photoshop, however, you may need to choose the conversion option to avoid losing the layers and editing tools that were used when the file was originally created. One shortcoming of the PSD file format is that it is a relatively new file format. Other graphics software such as Adobe Fireworks and the 05a79cecff

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