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The Simple Network Chat application was developed to be a basic little local network chat tool that communicates via shared folders. Designed for use in homes when there are lots of different computers and possibly not internet on some. Can be run on startup in a minimized system tray state. After installing the program via the setup program you should have an icon on your desktop. Double click this to open the program. You will notice that nothing opens. This is because it loads into the system tray.







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Simple Network Chat Free Download is a basic chat tool, running from the system tray. It listens on multiple local or remote shares for new chat messages and informs the user (via a popup message) of new messages. Available shares can be configured or changed via the config.ini file. The config.ini file can be in one of three locations. ~\. Simple Network Chat\ C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Roaming\Simple Network Chat\ C:\Program Files\Simple Network Chat\ The settings file is then searched for a config.ini file in the selected folder. Note: The setting up of the shares is easy and you have 3 options depending on how much you want to configure. CONFIGURE SHARES FROM THE GUI To configure the shares from the GUI simply double-click on shares.ini in the program folder. You will then have a small dialogue box. Here you will need to setup the username and passwords of each share (if you want). The simple network chat program has a config.ini settings file that allows you to configure the behaviour of the application. This file is in the following location: ~\. Simple Network Chat\ C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Roaming\Simple Network Chat\ C:\Program Files\Simple Network Chat\ The configuration settings can be saved to a *.ini file and then loaded by the Simple Network Chat program. Save & Load your own settings: To save your settings, first open the config.ini settings file using Notepad, To load your settings, simply double-click on the config.ini file. The config file will then open in Notepad and automatically load the settings. Checking your shares: To test if your shares are set up correctly, enter the following command and the list of available shares should be displayed. net share dir=C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Roaming\Simple Network Chat\ dir | findstr /b /v:"share_name" Example: net share dir=C:\Users\JoeD\AppData\Roaming\Simple Network Chat\ dir | findstr /b /v:"share_name" About The Author: "GumpPeep" is the author of this software. It is a free software that makes it easy to chat with your friends.Download:

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Simple Network Chat is a basic local chat tool that uses shared folders. The application has a basic chat window that uses very little system resources. The chat window is packed with all of the features and options you need to make online chatting easier than ever. Advanced features are easily accessible and can be set to chat in the system tray to minimize the visual clutter. Simplicity was the goal of this project. The developers decided to create an application that provides the basic chat functionality people expected to work at no cost. Features: · Simple, easy to use interface · Chat text box in system tray · Minimized chat window that doesn't steal the display · Chat history with ability to filter · Ability to block unwanted contacts · Add contacts to contact list · Ability to send files via chat · Extended and advanced options · Ability to send emoticons · Have fun! Main features · Chat history with ability to filter · Ability to block unwanted contacts · Chat message window does not cover the entire system tray (can be minimized) · User can block chat messages with password · User can set custom smileys and emoticons · Add contact list to chat messages · Option to send private message · Right click contact list to access options · Add contacts to contact list · Ability to disable online/offline status of contacts General · Chat history with ability to filter · Minimized chat window that doesn't steal the display · Chat message window does not cover the entire system tray · User can block chat messages with password · User can set custom smileys and emoticons · Right click contact list to access options · Able to send private messages · Ability to block online/offline status of contacts Advanced features · Option to send files via chat · Extended options · The whole application can be changed to fit the user's need · Ability to import emoticons and smileys · Ability to sort the contact list · User can choose an online status color · User can set custom automatic emoticons and smileys · User can disable the auto chat start feature · User can put the chat window on top right corner of the system tray · User can change the color of the non-icon buttons · User can set different colors for different emoticons/smiley icons · User can set custom colors for emoticons/smiley icons · User can disable the automatic quick show of the 91bb86ccfa

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It has a number of features to make it easy to use. They are 1.Built in Media Player: (as part of File sharing) 2.Message bubbles. 3.Support for Password Encryption. 4.Is asynchronous so the connection will not hang when sending messages. 5.Supports text based chat. 6.Easy to use and understand interface. 7.Supports creating channels and invites. 8.Windows NT/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/Laptop/DESKTOP ETC History Charts Version: 0.1 Date: 2004 - 12 - 25 Version: 0.2 Date: 2004 - 12 - 25 Version: 0.3 Date: 2004 - 12 - 25 Version: 0.4 Date: 2004 - 12 - 25 Version: 0.5 Date: 2004 - 12 - 25 Version: 0.6 Date: 2005 - 6 - 16 Version: 0.7 Date: 2005 - 6 - 16 Version: 0.8 Date: 2005 - 6 - 16 Version: 0.9 Date: 2005 - 6 - 16 Version: 1.0 Date: 2005 - 6 - 16 Conclusion: Simple Network Chat developed by David R Bednarz is a free, lightweight and easy-to-use chat program for Windows operating systems. You can connect a range of computers or devices to share files, configure them to use a common directory location, and see if any of them are online and ready to chat. Rating: Comments by the developer: A one man band with a day job, so don't expect much support from me. I am just a user like the next person. Hope you find it useful in your PC. If you find any bugs, or if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to email me at the address in my profile.Paddy, an Irishman about to be married. His bride, Frances, makes no pretense of keeping house in her entire home. A great secret is brewing. Meanwhile, the unmarried folk of the family ride through the Irish countryside in a cart. The train is running behind time. Only a chance encounter with a clock-loving country lass will save the day. Tunes: "Bonnie lass an' a round an' bonnie

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This program is basically a minimalist little network chat client. Once installed it will show up on your desktop. If you can see it right click on it and you can minimize it to the system tray which will show the icon and this icon will represent the status of the chat. Simple Network Chat Key Features: *Network chat from multiple machines *Simple setup *It will display its status on your desktop *It will show system tray to minimize and close the program Simple Network Chat Screen Shots: PCRE C++ Library What is it? PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) is a free and powerful set of regular expressions for Unicode pattern matching. This software is developed by the PCRE development team for the Perl programming language but can be used on almost any platform that supports C/C++ and POSIX regular expressions. Some of the advantages of PCRE over other regular expression tools include: • Support for Unicode • Partial and incremental matching • Case-insensitive matching • Use of named capturing groups PCRE Features: Features of this PCRE library: The PCRE C++ library is intended to be a drop in replacement for the C library. If you have a C++ project, you can be sure to find a solution to your problem. PCRE C++ supports most of the features of the existing C, C++ and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) version PCRE C++ provides both header and library files. The header file is provided for use in C++ code. The library itself is the heart of this library, which can be used by all the other languages and projects. PCRE C++ library depends on the ANSI C library (or the POSIX C library) in order to create a regular expression engine. But even in that case, there is no need to modify your existing program. Just link your program to PCRE C++ and start using it. PCRE C++ is compatible with POSIX, PCRE and Perl regular expressions, and can use the features of ANSI C and the C++ class template library. The PCRE C++ library can process binary data, such as images. It can also process text data. The PCRE C++ library is transparent to the user, and does not require any direct program access. It provides all the functionality that is necessary for an application to use regular expressions. It does not require any modification to the user’s existing

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