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The Internet gave birth to social media, which is probably the fastest way to spread news of any kind. What’s more, even news themselves migrated to this information superhighway, with tons of desktop clients like Portable Abilon which can keep you updated with the latest headlines. Choose presets or add custom RSS feeds Just like the name clearly states, this is the edition of Abilon that doesn’t take you through a setup process, and can even be used on other computers directly from a USB flash drive. What’s more there is no need to worry about affecting the target PC’s health status, since registries are not a dependency. The first thing that shows up when launching the application is a prompt that gives you the possibility to select from several preset categories, such as entertainment, general news, health, misc news, rolling stone, science, software news, technology, and a few more. You can ignore them and add your own entries by adding the RSS address. Organize groups and share via your blog Once the connection is established, you see latest headlines popping up on screen from the tray area, with an audio alert for every new item. There’s enough space to view brief info on the subject, but you can also bring up the main menu to read the whole article, or even navigate to the specific website for media content. The main window is well organized, and gives you the possibility to add more groups and categories, and even save items of interest under custom memories. There’s no possibility to export headlines to desktop files. However, the application comes with a built-in editor which lets you upload articles on your personal blog by simply filling in credential fields. On an ending note All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Portable Abilon lives up to expectations and provides a comprehensive set of tools and intuitive environment in which to manage all news sources of interest, and receive notification for every update. Various customization options are at your disposal, with an additional component to share via your personal blog.







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Create your own RSS feeds from any news site! Portable Abilon Crack Keygen is a lightweight RSS reader that lets you keep up-to-date with any news site. Feeds can be saved, grouped, and organized, and notifications are received via e-mail, desktop, or Facebook. It is easier to create your own customized RSS feed than to type in the URL manually, and supports any news source. Following are a few of the most popular news sites are included: New York Times Business Week Bloomberg Wall Street Journal CNN BBC Lonely Planet Sports Illustrated Auto News FoxNews Arielle.com MSN News BBC News BBC Science Wikipedia is an American online magazine and website founded in 1996. The web site provides news and related content as well as opinion pieces, and commentary, and photos. The web site The anti-virus software you need Over the years, the anti-virus industry has become a $5 billion industry, spanning a wide range of products from PC programs to anti-malware programs, to entire anti-virus suites. Even the big players like Microsoft buy the anti-virus technology from smaller software companies. The specific trade-offs between effective protection and computer performance are often not clear. But the key goals of anti-virus software are to identify the threat and prevent it from infecting your computer, and to minimize any performance impact. If you have never heard of anti-malware software before, then you should know what it does. I have put together the following quick guide to anti-virus products to help you understand what they do. Windows/Office Virus Protection A big part of your computer’s anti-virus program is the built-in antivirus protection that comes with Windows, as well as the built-in virus scanner in Microsoft Office documents. These tools scan documents and program files, as well as their attachments. Anti-Virus Software Anti-virus software is the major product of the anti-virus industry, and it has proven to be one of the most important threats to computer security. Anti-virus software is a central part of every computer. All modern operating systems have built-in anti-virus software built in to the basic operating system. A typical anti-virus program is easy to set up, but there are a lot of details that you need to consider, both before installing the program,

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Personalize your profile and your notifications. Get unlimited news sources with RSS and Atom. Tag your news sources. Share them via your blog. Filter news by your interest. Notify you by SMS. Abilon Portable is an RSS and Atom news aggregator for the Windows operating systems. Get unlimited news sources with RSS and Atom feeds. Add your favourite news sources and get notified about them via SMS. Post your news on your blog. It's personalize and easy to use. With Abilon you can receive notifications by SMS and by email and can manage your RSS and Atom feeds. You can personalize your notifications and choose your favorite ones. Abilon comes with a complete set of functions. Download the app. If you love the use of Abilon Portable, consider giving us a 10-minute rating of one of our games: ABLION PORTABLE is a product developed by BE PORTABLE... get results Portable software is aimed to be used on the computer we use the most, as it is supposed to be light, fast, small and result driven. We also provide tools and communities to help our users to achieve this goal. e4gamers.com is a dedicated place for PSP and PS Vita games. We do reviews and article recaps, have a lot of walkthrough and cheats and more. REAL BIG WORLD - All kind of big games. ARCADIA Games - Arcade and indie games. PS Vita Games - The best games for PSP and PS Vita. PORTABLE ABLION - Get the latest & updated games for PSP, PS Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and more video games platforms. We also provide top and best games list, game walkthrough, game tips, tricks, cheats etc.Drive: Vol. 1 Drive: Vol. 1 is a 2005 American martial arts action film written, produced, and directed by Larry Yulin and starring Steven Seagal. The film is the first installment of the Drive film series, and is a loose adaptation of the 2002 Hong Kong film, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow. The film stars Seagal as a martial arts expert who takes on a group of mobsters that are trying to rule the streets in New York City. It is known for a long-running legal battle between Seagal's lawyer Jeff Gaspin and WWE wrestler Vince McMahon 91bb86ccfa

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* The easiest way to keep up to date with all news of interest, keep up with your favorite sports and news sites * Get news from all major news sites at once with specially prepared RSS feeds * Import/export RSS feeds to/from hosts of your choice * Load settings for the best performance * Customize groups and RSS feeds * Supports popular news sites (including technology, entertainment, business, popular culture, and sports) * Supports over 20 news sites * Plus, subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds for the latest news Portable Abilon for Mac OS X gets its idea from a client for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, with a clean and minimal interface, organized in the standard split-pane tabbed format. There’s a reading panel with read-only text and icons when the feed is opened, but for reading the actual text you’ll need to double click the item, and the detailed information will appear in a standard panels format: Customize… “Customize” from the menu is where most settings can be adjusted, such as font and icon size, number of feeds to show, colors and background, and more. Import… The third option, “Import” provides a shortcut to a “Favorite” folder, where any RSS feeds that you have imported can be stored for future reference, and use on other computers. Import… “Export to…” allows you to export all the RSS feeds and favorites to a file. Favorite… “Favorite” provides a shortcut to a folder with all the feeds you have selected. Import… “Use separate RSS pages” provides the ability to set a separate icon, background, text, and a font for each RSS feed, which will make it easier to view them in the feed panel. Export… “Export” provides a shortcut to a “Favorite” folder, where all the RSS feeds and favorites are stored for future reference. Help… “Help” provides a shortcut to a tutorial and a FAQ section that provides info and a list of common questions with answers. OK/Cancel The main panel, with all the feed titles, can be collapsed to one pane by pressing the plus or minus icons next to the text. Feed: The second window, with the list of RSS feeds, can be collapsed to one panel if you want to open or

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■ Download “Abilon Portable 1.11” and enjoy the upgrade “Portable Abilon”. ■ This version is based on the latest Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. ■ 64-bit is supported. ■ Up to 400 MHz CPU is supported. ■ You can enjoy 3D computer games and other popular apps. ■ You can run Portable Abilon as a background app. ■ You can run Portable Abilon while continuing to use other applications. ■ You can use Portable Abilon without restarting your computer. ■ You can add any RSS feeds. ■ The display is attractive and simple. ■ With this version, you can read the downloaded RSS feed content as an extension. ■ You can save in the registered memory. ■ You can receive the latest headlines as an alert sound. ■ You can notify to your cellphone. ■ You can receive notifications about the RSS feeds. ■ You can receive instant notifications about read articles. ■ You can read the news without charging your cell phone. ■ You can receive notifications in the background. ■ You can be released from advertisements. ■ You can be released from cookies. ■ You can be released from history. ■ You can be released from tracking. ■ You can share the news. ■ You can share the RSS feeds. ■ You can share the bookmarks. ■ You can upload your own RSS feeds. ■ You can receive a notification about every article. ■ You can monitor your RSS feeds. ■ When the RSS feeds are updated, you will be informed. ■ You can clear the cloud service. ■ You can clear the memory of the RSS feeds. ■ You can choose the RSS feeds. ■ The program launches immediately after the start. ■ You can monitor your RSS feeds. ■ You can read the updated RSS feeds. ■ You can display the message in the cloud. ■ You can monitor the RSS feeds. ■ You can monitor your RSS feeds. ■ You can display the RSS feeds. ■ You can check the RSS feeds. ■ You can check the RSS feeds. ■ You can select the RSS feeds. ■ You can activate the cloud service. ■ You can receive an instant notification about RSS feeds. ■ You can receive notifications about RSS feeds. ■ You can edit the RSS feeds. ■ You can create a different RSS feeds. ■ You can

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3 with Service Pack 3, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 with an AMD Athlon 64, Dual Core processor and 3GB RAM or an Intel Core 2 Quad processor and 4GB RAM. Memory: 1GB RAM Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6950 or an equivalent NVIDIA card Hard Disk: 2GB available space Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU with AMD Athlon 64 processor Additional Requirements: Hard Disk: 2GB available space

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