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Photoshop CS5 comes with all the capabilities of Photoshop CS4 and in some cases even adds to them. For instance, new tools include: **Undo:** Undo the last command or selection, undo the last change, or redo changes made recently. **Redo:** Undo the last command or selection, undo the last change, or redo changes made recently. **Faster AI:** Automatically capture changes to your canvas and continue working without having to manually capture the change each time. **Adjustment Layers:** Customize your image to adjust a specific type of property. Use one layer or multiple to achieve different effects. **New Adjustment Brush:** Use digital paintbrush strokes to make adjustments like color balance, contrast, and brightness. **Smart Adjustment Brush:** The new Adaptive Adjustment Brush changes shape and size automatically, depending on the nature of the image. In this book, we focus on the new additions in Photoshop CS5. But with Adobe's learning path for Photoshop CS5, all the additions to Photoshop can easily be found in your software manual. ## Automatically Adjusting Your Image Photoshop CS5 has many enhancements to its tools. One of the most useful is the new Adjustment Layers. The Adjustment Layers feature allows you to specify adjustments for more than one image at a time. Think of an adjustment layer as a new layer where you can specify the adjustment to make to the image at a specific point. You can add as many adjustment layers as you want and make them active, or you can add multiple adjustment layers at once and easily apply them to more than one image at a time. Choose Window⇒Layers to display the Layers dialog box. Choose the adjustment layers check box to add them to the list. You can modify them by double-clicking on an adjustment layer to access the Properties panel. In the Layers panel, you see the adjustment layer icon for each adjustment. When you add multiple adjustment layers, you can adjust the opacity of each one at different strengths. Figure 4-1 shows the New Adjustment Layer dialog box, which opens when you add an adjustment layer. You can customize the Adjustment Brush tool — the one you use to make most of your image adjustments — as well as the Adjustment Tool and the Smudge Tool. You can also change the background color and make color selections

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When I upgraded my photos to Elements I couldn't believe how fast I could get a great finished product with the amateur tools that it offers. There are two ways to install Photoshop Elements, one is by USB installation, another one is the disk version. In this article, we will show you the process of creating a USB installation of Photoshop Elements. What you need You will need: A Windows computer with an active Internet connection (Requirement: When you make a USB installation of the software you need an active Internet connection. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait until you go online again before you can do the next step). A proper USB installation disk if you choose this method. Download here. If you don’t have one you can use the CD/DVD that came with Photoshop Elements if you prefer, but if you only have access to the software online you’ll need to download an image and burn it on a blank disk for installation, so you’ll need a disk image and that’s why you need to download the image of the software. Step 1: Downloading Photoshop Elements 13 Download the PSE Disk Image file Make sure you download the correct Disk Image file, there are two options of that. One is a DVD image and the other is a Blu-Ray disc. I recommend you download the DVD image. The next step is to move the download to your desktop. Step 2: Cleaning up the downloaded file There are two files that need to be cleaned up from the download. The Downloader/Installer.exe file, this is where the installation starts. And the file needed to be cleaned from the download, that’s the Installablefile.exe You don’t need to start the installer from your desktop, so you just need to download it again. Make sure you select the option to Run the file from the download location. Step 3: Unplugging the CD or DVD You will need to unplug the CD/DVD that came with the software if you burned the image on a disc. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait until you go online again before you can do the next step. And if you only have access to the software online, a681f4349e

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