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The following features are offered by this software: Layer editing Document management Image manipulation Cropping Editing text Masking Filters Adjustments Glasses Artistic effects Background replacement Text manipulation Flipping Image size Blending Background removal Masks Gradients Sharpen Blur Effects Transform Layer properties Document layout True color Effects mask Gradient tool Embedding Rasterize On screen display (OSD) What is Photoshop Elements? Photoshop Elements is a photo-editing application intended for basic photo editing. It supports the editing of RAW images, has a photo library, layer editing, a few basic image effects and a few advanced image adjustments. There are pre-installed proprietary plug-ins that allow it to perform advanced tasks like retouching, image manipulations, face detection, etc. It is easy to use, reliable, and efficient when it comes to adjusting images. The performance is also quite stable. Also, it provides access to a pre-existing selection of filters that were created by other Adobe users. You can also access additional filters like Liquify, and Magic Wand. Adobe Photoshop Elements comes in two editions: Photoshop Elements: Basic edition Photoshop Elements: Elements edition What are its key features? Photoshop Elements has a number of key features. Some of the key features include: Multiple editing modes Size control Coordinating editing tools Drag & drop layer stacks Improved alignment tools Edit multiple images at once Easier image editing with Pre-programmed a few filters Selection vector tools Shape tools Effects & frame Brush editor Brush tool Freehand selection tool Retouching tools The complete user interface Layer masking Text tools True color Gradient tool Improved art brush Text painter Highlight & shadow Straighten tools Basic edition of Photoshop Elements The Basic edition of Photoshop Elements, as the name suggests, only comes with a limited number of features and is designed primarily for beginner users. It provides easy to use a681f4349e

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Windows 10 or higher 8 GB RAM 20 GB free hard disk space NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390 Internet Explorer 11 How to Install: Double click the exe file to start installation. When the installation is finished, please restart your computer. System requirements:

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