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Finding the basics After you get the basics, you'll develop the skills that enable you to more effectively take control of your images and create new effects and new ways to bring images to life. To start using Photoshop, all you need are an image and a Windows or Mac computer that contains Photoshop. In this section, you discover how to work with the standard layers in Photoshop. You learn about blending modes and create a Blending Options dialog box. You also learn how to correct color problems, perfect portraits, and create intriguing graphic compositions and designs. You also find out how to apply special effects to create unique results. ## About Photoshop Layers Photoshop contains a unique set of layers that work together to create complex images and designs. You'll find that these layers are at the heart of your image and that they work the way you would expect to organize and present your image. Although you can work with standard, traditional layers, these are not the only layers available in Photoshop. In addition to the standard layers,

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Download the free (0mb) 5 million users version from Adobe website Hint: 1) a big fan of Sébastien Leal (Photoshop & Illustrator course). 2) Photoshop alternatives - A list of the best Photoshop alternatives. Installation tutorial: Install Photoshop CC on your Mac Installing Photoshop CC on your Mac is easy. Simply download the trial version and follow the prompts. If you want to install it from scratch, follow these steps. (Learn how to install other Adobe software from their website ) Step 1: Download the software for Mac Download the software here. You can also download Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 from here Step 2: Install and update the software You can now access the software by clicking here Once the setup process completes, you are ready to start editing your images. ( More info on how to use Photoshop Elements ) Edit a photo with Photoshop Elements Sébastien Leal has created several video tutorials showing how to use Photoshop Elements 13. Please see his tutorial page Step 1: Open Photoshop Elements Open Photoshop Elements via the system preferences. On macOS open the "Applications" folder and select Photoshop Elements. Step 2: Select the document Open your image that you wish to edit. Choose "File" from the menu and select "Open." This will open the image in the "Open" window. Step 3: Adjust your image Open the "Effects" menu by pressing the "E" key. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your image. Step 4: Crop your image You can crop any part of the image. Cropping is done by selecting the rectangle that surrounds the area you wish to keep by pressing the "Rectangle" key. Step 5: Clone your image Select the "Clone" button and you will be able to clone the region you have selected. Cloning is very handy when you have a part of your image that is not part of the composition. The tool lets you duplicate the layer and position it on another part of the photo. Step 6: Red-Eye Removal In case your image has red-eye, select the "Red Eye Removal" icon. This tool will remove the red-eye effect a681f4349e

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Make correction with Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop. File Formats Photoshop stores images in.PSD or.PSB files, depending on which features you use. Photoshop is capable of editing almost any format, but it can't create new images in other formats. You can edit a JPEG file on your computer, but you can't send it to a customer unless it's in.PSD or.PSB format. It's possible to read Photoshop (.PSD) files on most other computer platforms, but you must install additional software to be able to edit them. By comparing an image's format to Adobe's help files you can tell which software may be needed to read and create a file in that format. The most common files are.PSD (Photoshop) and.PSB (Illustrator). Photoshop comes with a variety of built-in presets that can make the process of file conversion much easier. Photoshop offers these presets as.psd,.psb,.abr,.tga,.png and.eps. Effects Photoshop allows you to apply filters to images to make them appear different. You can add effects to existing layers, or you can use the Layer Styles palette to apply an effect to multiple layers. Some of these effects include: The Spot Healing Brush feature allows you to easily fix small spots of colors or gradients in your image. You can also selectively paint areas on objects. The Pattern Stamp feature allows you to apply a repeating design to an image. You can use the Rotate tool to move the design or use it as a mask to hide or reveal certain areas of the image. The Liquify filter is a powerful tool that lets you stretch or distort an image. This is useful for creating special effects, such as making someone appear slim or making a column to tilt. You can also use the Filter Gallery to browse and search for other filters. You can also generate images with the new Trace Bitmap and Traced Select tools. These tools work much like a pen and ink drawing where you trace over an image to be used as a template. If you're looking to make your creations quickly and easily, you can download the Tracing and Sketching tools from Adobe's website. The Tools Photoshop offers a variety of tools that let you modify objects, change filters, blend layers, create shapes, and much more. You can make a rectangle with the Rectangular Marqu

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PC system: OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 CPU: Intel or AMD 2.2 GHz (or higher) Memory: 1 GB (XP), 2 GB (Vista), 4 GB (7/8) Hard Disk: 2 GB (XP), 4 GB (Vista/7/8) PSP system: OS: PSP OS 2.5 or later *** System Requirements do not include the cost of game installation on your computer. The installation itself

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