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Password Revealer Pro recovers your hidden passwords from any program, or even lost passwords which you thought you lost a long time ago Limitations: ■ In demo version only 3 letters will be revealed







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Looking for a quick & easy way to crack the passwords stored in any application? If so, then this program is for you. Password Revealer Pro Crack Mac is a powerful password recovery program that saves hours of work and frustration. Installing this program is as easy as pie. By double clicking on the downloaded file you can start the installation. Once the installation has been completed, you should be ready to use Password Revealer Pro on any computer. To use Password Revealer Pro on a PC, click Start and open the Password Revealer Pro icon (it looks like a password box with three lines across the top) and then click Start. On a Mac, open Password Revealer Pro from Applications > Utilities and click the application icon, or if on the dock, from Applications > Password Revealer Pro. There should be a short intro video to watch before you begin. Passwords are arranged in the Password Revealer Pro file in a tree structure, which enables you to scroll through each file with the touch of a button. Each set of passwords appears in plain text, then when you click on it a dialog appears, asking you for your password. Type it in and a new password is saved in the file. After you are done with password cracking, the passwords can be saved to your computer. Click the Save button in the password dialog or type -sa and select a location where to save them. Password Revealer Pro provides total control over how passwords are displayed. You can either edit the passwords after they are stored, or switch between edit and display modes by clicking on the buttons in the top right corner. When a password is selected in edit mode the password is displayed in the password box. In display mode, any text under the password box is displayed. Sometimes the passwords are not ASCII character. This happens due to the fact that the owners of the passwords may have typed them in a different character set, such as Chinese or Russian. If this is the case, Password Revealer Pro will convert all characters to the ASCII character set. This may result in some password being displayed incorrectly. Password Revealer Pro is free, but if you want to remove the pass manager interface from the tool, you will have to pay for it. Version History: 2.0: The pass manager interface was removed, some minor bug fixes and new, better interface was implemented. 1.5: The update feature was implemented. 1.4: The "create backup" option and more interface updates were implemented.

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Looking to regain control of your personal and commercial information? Lost your password for a website or a program? Hidden your passwords so that only you know them? With Password Revealer Pro you can easily recover your passwords: Easy to use and very powerful. Recover your passwords to access anywhere: • Internet websites (emails, ebay, Google, social networks, banking site, PayPal,...) • Desktop Applications • Any type of File Explorer • All of the above Free to try before you buy. No more risky cheats. Work with you and not against you. Unlock any website on the Internet: • Control the website URL • Control the website URL recovery time • Control the email account recovery time • Set Password Revealer Pro website address to recover the website password: * Credentials are decrypted and displayed according to the place they are from (eg email account, social network...) Password Revealer Pro is the trusted software to recover your lost or forgotten passwords. With this powerful software you can easily regain control of your account by recovering your password. Password Revealer Pro is easy to use, very intuitive and ensures you never lose access to your web account, email account, website and to any Windows application. If you are facing a forgotten password or if you lost the password of a website, for instance, you will know exactly which is your email account, banking account and even your secret web password. Recover any website password online from any program, or lost passwords which you thought you lost a long time ago. Password Revealer Pro supports many features, such as: • Recover email passwords from Outlook • Recover email passwords from gmail • Recover Facebook passwords • Recover Gmail accounts • Recover Gmail accounts from Mozilla Thunderbird • Recover Hotmail passwords • Recover Google accounts from Chrome • Recover Internet Explorer accounts from Windows Explorer • Recover Internet Explorer accounts from Windows 7 • Recover Internet Explorer accounts from Windows 7 SP1 • Recover MySpace accounts • Recover MSN Messenger passwords • Recover MSN Messenger passwords from Windows Live Messenger • Recover MSN Messenger passwords from Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7 SP1 • Recover MSN Messenger passwords from Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7 SP1 • Recover MSN Messenger passwords from Windows Live Messenger in Windows 8 • Recover MySpace passwords from Windows Live Messenger • Recover POP3 email accounts • Recover POP3 email accounts from Windows Live Mail • Recover Yahoo Mail passwords from Windows Live 91bb86ccfa

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Legacy versions of Windows automatically save your passwords in a set of files for you. In this case, you are often unaware of these stored passwords. Legacy versions of Windows can be turned off, but as a practical matter, this rarely happens. In the case that your password is not stored in a password file, when you type a password into a program or website, instead of being asked for your password, Windows will prompt you to select a password that has been previously saved. Password Revealer Pro recovers all passwords from all Windows passwords stored in these files. You can reveal up to 5 passwords at once using our auto-find feature. Once each password is revealed, you have the option of moving to the next password or go back to the auto-find feature to find a new password. Password Revealer Pro is a feature-packed and unique password recovery tool. It recovers any password that is stored by Windows. It displays the hidden passwords and lets you decide which of the displayed passwords to reveal. You don’t need to have the password file with you when using Password Revealer Pro. Use the Auto Find option to find any hidden password in just a few seconds. You can resume the search at any time. You can also choose to move on to a new password that you’ve found. Password Revealer Pro is ideal for you if you can’t remember your password. Or if you want to recover all the passwords for all the applications that you use. Key Features of Password Revealer Pro: Select how many passwords to reveal at once, from one up to 5 passwords at once Use the auto-find feature to find any hidden password Preview the newly revealed password before deciding to reveal it Choose a password hint for the newly revealed password The program contains a tool that helps you recover lost passwords for various browsers, file encryptors, office apps, text editors and a lot more. It provides easy access to all those forgotten passwords with just one click. One of the best features of this tool is that you can recover the password for an entire application just with one click. If you have multiple applications and files that you need to recover the password of, then this tool can help you find the lost passwords of these applications in no time. The tool will scan your PC for your personal and confidential data. It provides quick scanning for text files, emails, browser history, passwords, emails, instant messaging conversations, images, documents, and much more

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■ Reveal your hidden passwords of your favorite apps and programs in just a few minutes ■ Invisible Password Researcher Pro is the ultimate way to find out any password whether it is username/password, the unlock code or pin code of your favorite mobile or smart devices ■ In invisible mode, no one can access your device or apps No trace of any investigation is left ■ Restore your passwords by using Invisible Password Researcher Pro and the values appear in list view ■ Backup your passwords and recover from any condition This is the only software that helps to recover lost and hidden passwords of your favorite apps & programs in just a few minutes. It is the ultimate solution to find out any password and you can explore every detail of any website and mobile apps 【How to use】1. Install the app.2. Open the app and launch the search function, use the search bar to search any program that you want to recover the password.3. Now the program will search any app for you and show the results in the list view.4. Click any result to reveal the password of the program you have searched.5. List View: List any information including URL, Weblink, Access Code, Login Name, ID, Password, Phone Number, Url string, Emails, Passwords, Photos, Viber, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Spotify, Pocket, Youtube, Social media, Sms, Email, WhatsApp, Whatsapp, Line, Instagram Password, Notes, Cards, Bookmark, Apple ID, FaceBook ID, Viber, etc...6. What you see in list view are the details about the hidden information you are searching for.7. To open the URL or Bookmark file, click the right arrow key to choose the bookmark or the file for editing.8. To save the new information to clipboard, use the left arrow key to choose the clipboard or the text file, then click the "Save Text As" button.9.To restore the password/passwords in the program, click the right arrow key to choose the program/s, then click the "Restore From Text/File" to restore.100. To skip the examination of the password, clear the "Skip" box.101. In the free version, you can only recover the password of two apps each time. 【How to Buy】1. If you are interested, click the "Buy Now" button.2. Add the product in

System Requirements For Password Revealer Pro:

* Windows 7 or later * 500MB of free hard disk space * 1024x768 resolution * DirectX 9 or later * Minimum 1GB of RAM * Minimum 512MB of video RAM * 80MB of free disk space for installation * 20MB of free RAM * UAC must be disabled for installation * 800x600 resolution * OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card with 1GB or more of RAM * 1GB of free disk space * This update

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