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Although video games, movies, and programs are now widely delivered via download, distribution through CD/DVDs is still a common thing. The package is what makes the first impression, and there are tons of applications like Label Xpress with which you can easily design cool labels for different kinds of casings, and discs. Choose the layout type Requiring no installation, the application is good to go as soon as you finish downloading it. System registry entries are not modified in the process, so you don’t have to worry about affecting the health status of the PC you use it on, since you can carry it around on a thumb drive. There are three steps to the whole operation, each found in a different tab so you can easily navigate. Needless to say you’re taken directly to the first, which lets you select the type of label to create. This can mean CD/DVD, mini CD, business card CD, CD jewel case, as well as spines/complements. Add background, images, and text Each label type is fitted with multiple components, but size values can’t be adjusted, so you need to start working on a template. This brings you to the seconds step, which is the actual edit process. Most of the space is the interactive preview area where you get to add, and arrange multiple objects. Unfortunately, editing is pretty rough, with poor navigation system through galleries, and rather frustrating overall arrangement of options. The background image can’t be positioned, being always centered. However, you can add extra pictures, including customizable text boxes. When done, the only export option is to print out on a sheet of paper. In conclusion Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Label Xpress comes with good intentions, but is a little underprepared for what it wants to deliver. The range of label types is decent, but the editing method becomes frustrating, especially since you have little control over object configuration.









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Create your own CD labels and DVD labels in a minute. Label Xpress was designed to be quick to use. No need to go to the registry editor. No muss, no fuss. Label Xpress has a crystal-clear interface that will help you create your own labels quickly and easily. Label Xpress Features: - Create labels within 5 seconds - Create business cards CD labels, mini CD labels, and CD jewel case labels - Choose from over 250 background images - 40+ templates - Customize your own size - Change font and color - Save and print With Label Xpress, you can create CD/DVD labels and CD cases. LabelXpress comes with 40 templates for creating CD and DVD labels. You can also create CD and DVD jewel cases for many popular CDs and DVDs. Label Xpress also allows you to choose from over 250 background images to place in your labels, and text on each label can be customized. LabelXpress lets you customize your background, foreground, and text on each label. Label Xpress Review: Label Xpress is a handy app that lets you design professional-looking labels in seconds. It has a huge selection of templates and backgrounds to choose from. Installation was a breeze. Simply open the executable, and the application runs. The interface is user-friendly, and straightforward. The tool allows you to create several types of labels, including CD and DVD jewel cases, business cards, mini-CD labels, and labels for CDs and DVDs. Label Xpress works with all sorts of formats, and you can export the labels you create as a PDF for printing. Label Xpress has a great selection of templates, which let you customize your labels before saving them. Bottom Line: The biggest problem with Label Xpress is the weak interface. It is a powerful and surprisingly easy-to-use application, but lacks the features to truly help you create professional-looking labels. Users: 0 user reviewsQ: How to upload images of different sizes using facebook graph API I need to upload a number of images on facebook to a album. The images I need to upload are bigger (height & width) than the default size that Facebook generates for new albums. Using the graph API, how can I upload images of the size I want? Note that the images I am uploading are PDF documents, and the problem I am encountering is that Facebook API restricts the size of a PDF document to

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The application is a clean and easy to use CD/DVD label creator that was created by NowDesigns. It is part of the NowDesigns family of applications for Windows. Key Features: Label Xpress ships as a portable software installation, allowing you to save it on your USB drive, and work with it wherever you go. Label Xpress is a CD/DVD label creator tool, which means it can be used for any kind of labels, including the ones for CD/DVDs, mini CDs, business card CD, CD jewel cases, spines/complements, and CD cases. It is able to generate a wide variety of label templates, and can be easily customized to your needs. Label Xpress is easy to use: all you need to do is select the type of label, and edit it in the interactive preview area. As usual, there is a process of defining the background, adding graphical elements such as images and text, and customizing the label in all its aspects before selecting the new template for printout. Download links: Label Software Toolbox Review Label Software Toolbox Review Mr. Lopes is back with another video in the Labels and CD/DVD labels series of reviews! Today we review Labels Software Toolbox. Label Software Toolbox is a fast label creator and editor for CD/DVD labels. The software is designed for Windows users and is available in a portable format. Label Software Toolbox is part of a group of label applications designed and produced by NowDesigns. Label Software Toolbox includes: * CD/DVD Label * Mini CD Label * Spine Label * Inner Sleeve Label * Inner Sleeve Side Label * Case Label Label Software Toolbox is available in a portable format, allowing users to carry it around with them with their USB drive, saving space. Label Software Toolbox offers several labeling capabilities that allow you to create and print out labels for different purposes including CD/DVD cases, inner sleeve labels, inner labels, CD labels, jewel cases, mini CD labels, spine labels, and even business cards. Label Software Toolbox allows you to create individual labels as well as create a complete library of elements that can be used over and over. Label Software Toolbox has a flat interface that offers 91bb86ccfa

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ChromaticLabel Quickly Label CDs, DVDs, and Books with Home/Business Labels in seconds. Beautiful Templates Included * Customize your labels with high-resolution photos, logos, and titles * Design two different labels per page * Easily print your new labels on paper Using chromatic label creator, you can quickly and easily create home or business labels for CDs, DVDs, and books. Create your labels in seconds with the most popular size choices and print them on the most common paper. Wednesday, 28 August 2012 Sharkfin Snapper Software Another cheap app from $5.00, but this is a must try! It is really great to do your homework on-the-go. The original application is an electronic notebook, but it is not limited to that, is created with the same concept of other sticky note apps such as NotePaker, and Evernote. Looking and feel like PocketBook, which is one of the most famous ones, Sharkfin Snapper is what you need to write notes, mark todo lists, and keep your thoughts on the go. The application can save all your contents in either notebooks or tags, and once you close the application, your data will be automatically backed up. This application gives you the opportunity to easily manage your notes through folders, just like in real books. Sharkfin Snapper software is still in beta, so if you want to test the app, you can download from the Windows Marketplace right now. Sharkfin Snapper Features: -Work as an electronic notebook -Create new notebooks or tags -Mark your ideas and keep your thoughts -Save all your notes in one place to get them later -Supports all the popular formats for reading and working (DOC, RTF, XLS, XLSX, EML, PPT, HTML, TXT, etc.) -Open PDF, Word, and many other files -Share your notes via e-mail -Save your notes with a portable app -Backup and sync all your notes online Thursday, 22 August 2012 Lambda Simulator 3D Pro Lambda Simulator 3D Pro is the last application we're gonna highlight on the list of best apps under $5.00, but it is really a great one. The latest version brings a new interface, making it really easy to use. Specially

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Designs CD/DVD labels like a pro! Includes a fully functional frontend, advanced layout wizard, and publishing capabilities. Label Xpress makes designing and formatting your first-ever CD/DVD label a breeze! Immediate assistance is available from our friendly, knowledgeable support staff. We’ll respond to all issues in a timely and professional manner, while providing helpful suggestions and alternatives. Label Xpress is a fully featured, yet easy-to-use CD/DVD label design application. It is suitable for power users and beginners alike, and can be used by hobbyists and professionals alike. Key features: - Full CD/DVD label design experience - Very powerful layout wizard - Printing capabilities - Digital domain registration (Automatically register your CD/DVD label design domain name in the package) - Native Windows Vista and Windows 7 support - Fully customizable templates - Easy to use, easy to use! + Supports hundreds of layouts for CD/DVD labeling, including full or half-width label, jewel case, business card CD, mini CD, cardboard slipcase, spines, and a whole lot more + Adjustable spacing and proportional values. + Fully interactive preview area. You can add, move, resize, and edit almost any object. + Adjustable background color, shape, and transparency. + A real-time, free design preview. + Multiple fonts and font sizes. + Text and background easily changeable. + Fully sharable designs. + Advanced PDF exporting options, with customizable layout, text, and background settings. In the near future, we will be making additional improvements to Label Xpress. We will add more layouts, include even more features, and print a variety of CD/DVD labeling options, including half- and full-width labels, jewel cases, and a whole lot more. Thank you for choosing Label Xpress! Review Label Xpress Download What's new in this version: - Improved Print Preview options - Improved rendering and GPU utilization - Added multiple font sizes - Added support for printing to dual labels - Added support for printing to custom-sized labels Description: UPGRADE INSTRUCTION For support please e-mail to Thank you. Cox Communications, USBCom, SBC Communications, AT&T, and Verizon, let us know what your problems are, and we

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In addition to a compatible Internet browser, the following systems are required for playing this game. Windows OS: Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) Mac OS: OS X 10.6 or later (32-bit and 64-bit) Linux: Ubuntu 10.10 or later (32-bit and 64-bit) Android: 2.3 or later iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: iOS 9.3 or later Android TV: Android TV 2.0 or

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