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Note You access this dialog box by choosing Adobe Photoshop Elements→Process→Batch Process. * **Preferences**. If you choose Edit » Preferences, you can configure Photoshop to your liking. As the name implies, you can customize the appearance and behavior of the program to fit your needs, although you can also get too advanced for your own good. In addition to the items that make up the interface, you can edit the properties of the Photoshop Elements workspace to fit the way you want to work. The Workspace options are covered in the next section.

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Adobe Photoshop is an image editing and graphic design software which is available in two editions, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It is the most popular image editing software. It’s a complete ecosystem for editing images. Photoshop is used by more than 100 million professional and amateur photographers. It is the most popular image editing and graphic design software. Photoshop is designed for both photographers and designers, and provides a wide range of features.It is used by more than 100 million professional and amateur photographers. It’s a complete ecosystem for editing images. # Advantages and Disadvantages of Photoshop ( Software ) : Advantages Highly compatible with other Adobe products Both CS and CS6 editions are Adobe product. Adobe Photoshop is a software mainly developed by Adobe. Since Adobe owns both Photoshop CS and CS6 editions, they are released together. The same product which means that it is compatible with other Adobe products. Open source Photoshop is a freeware and open source software. It offers developers with a large community and a wide range of possibilities to share. Built-in camera raw converter Adobe Photoshop has a built-in raw converter that helps photographers to get their images ready to be retouched or convert into a different file type. Creation of speedbooks Speedbooks is a program that helps photographers organize their work. Speedbooks offer a large feature list and make it easier for photographers to edit their work. Disadvantages Video processing Although Photoshop can be used for video, it cannot compete with Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Photoshop not supports Samsung Galaxy camera. Not as fast as the work speed of Lightroom Lightroom has the ability to open large image sets, but it is not as fast as Photoshop. # Final Verdict of Photoshop ( Software ) : Adobe Photoshop offers a wide range of capabilities. Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer or an entrepreneur, Photoshop is the perfect program for you. # Adobe Photoshop Settings : You can customize all Adobe Photoshop settings. You can access the settings by double-clicking the application icon. Every Photoshop default setting is set with a default value. However, if you find any setting different than the default value then you can change the default setting with Photoshop Settings. Here, we mention different Photoshop Setting and their default and custom value. Settings in Photoshop a681f4349e

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Let’s take a look at the main brushes in Photoshop CS5: Brush Tool The brush tool can be used for a variety of effects. It can be used to paint on images, draw shapes, apply gradients, and so on. To use the brush tool, simply click and hold down on a pixel, and it appears in your toolbox. From the toolbox, you can select the brush size and style. You can even layer the brush to create effects such as stippling and shading. Clicking and dragging is the primary way to move and drag the brush across the image. When you release the mouse button, the brush’s pixels continue to overwrite the existing pixels. You can also rotate, resize, copy, and move the brush by holding the Alt key, and pressing one of the arrow keys. You can also drag and zoom the brush by pressing Ctrl and the plus (+) or minus (-) key. Let’s use the brush tool to paint on this background. The paint bucket is a variant of the brush tool. It has more features such as erasing, which takes away pixels from the layer. Paint Bucket Tool The paint bucket tool is a variant of the brush tool. It offers the same functions, but does so in a much more efficient way. To use the paint bucket tool, make sure that you are using the right tool size. You can select the brush size by clicking and dragging the image’s edge. You can also select the brush style by clicking and dragging the tip. You can delete your strokes by pressing Delete. To fill an area with a color, click once, then hold down the Alt key and press the color’s name. The Eraser The eraser tool allows you to erase, or “cleanse”, an area by pressing Ctrl+E. The eraser has an Oval shape in the toolbox. You can simply click and drag to outline the area you want to erase. Pressing the Alt key indicates that you have selected the tool’s color. Pressing Alt+G selects the current foreground color. Let’s use the eraser to clean up some of the dirt from the previous brush strokes. Even though you have the Eraser tool selected, the outline of the eraser is indicated with a green background color. If you want to deselect the eraser, just

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Minimum system requirements vary based on system configuration and may be higher than recommended. Recommended system requirements are provided as a guideline only. Minimum Recommended Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-530 (2.13GHz) or higher Memory: 2 GB RAM OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) Hard Drive: 10 GB available space Additional Notes: In the default configuration, the minimum requirement is 4 GB of RAM. However, there are only two options in the resolution settings menu to

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