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------------------------- THE BEST WAY TO CONTROL APPLICATIONS & INTERNET ON THE COMPUTER! RiteVia Incharge is a Web based application and desktop client that will help you protect your computer from inappropriate programs, secure your Internet connection and block unwanted activities. Ritevia Incharge is a tool that will help you to control what applications can run on your computer and when you're on the Internet. Like any other kind of internet security tool, Ritevia Incharge will make it possible for you to control which programs are allowed to be run on your computer. This tool will make it easy to restrict access to applications that you don't want your kids to use, such as game or chat programs that won't be controllable by adults. On the other hand, parents can use Ritevia Incharge to control the access to the Internet or lock a computer using program and schedule actions. You can decide whether to allow every website or a specific number of websites, block all or certain types of programs, monitor proxies and scan for security leaks, configure Remote Access, configure Windows Firewall and block unsafe websites. As Ritevia Incharge is a Web based application and desktop client, you will be able to control these features using a Web browser. Ritevia Incharge is the ultimate tool that will help you control what applications can be run on your computer. Key Features of Ritevia Incharge: =============================== 01. Block Internet and specific applications 02. Monitor Internet traffic 03. Remote Access 04. Configure Windows Firewall 05. Block unsafe websites 06. Configure Windows Firewall 07. Configure Internet Connection 08. Configure Internet Protocol 09. Configure Proxy 10. App Lock 11. Schedules 12. Schedule Automatically 13. Schedule Automatically for Time 14. Add programs to control access 15. Control applications via Remote Desktop 16. Control applications remotely via Web browser 17. Remotely control and lock computers Ritevia Incharge is a Web based application and desktop client that will help you control what applications can be run on your computer. You can decide whether to allow every website or a specific number of websites, block all or certain types of programs, monitor proxies and scan for security leaks, configure Windows Firewall, block unsafe websites and much more. You can even add programs to control access, as well as control applications via Remote Desktop and remotely control and lock computers. R

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================================================ Ritevia Incharge is an application that provides you with several features that will allow you to protect your PC from unauthorized usage. It works by locking applications, blocking access to the Internet or just providing you with an additional layer of protection. My Computer, My Key Nothing can be more essential than having your own encryption key at all times. All of your sensitive data, documents and communications are kept secure with the My Computer, My Key app. My Computer, My Key With My Computer, My Key, you can effortlessly add a secondary key to your Windows tablet or PC. This lets you secure your documents and sensitive data with the additional layer of security that a secondary key offers. Speed Booster: ========= Speed Booster is an interesting little application designed to boost the speed of your computer by removing as many "unnecessary" processes and files as possible from running. After a system scan, it will then remove useless applications that should not be running. This is useful if you notice that your system is running slow and you want to free up some system resources so that other processes can run more smoothly. This little app is nice and simple but has a helpful feature allowing you to set a "quota" to which it will avoid removing any programs, thereby giving you a chance to "save" these programs for later. Speed Booster Toolbar Inspector: =============== This handy little utility allows you to see what scripts are currently running on your PC. If you've got antivirus software installed, you'll be able to see what the app is currently scanning. If you're not using an antivirus program, you can see what any processes are currently running on the system. This can be very handy if you suspect malicious software on your system and want to prevent any chances of the software running in the background, possibly creating a security threat. Toolbar Inspector Dell Application Assistance: =========================== Dell Application Assistance allows you to get help when installing, removing, uninstalling or upgrading Dell applications. You can also check for Dell support information when you're updating your system. Dell Application Assistance Facebook App Gallery: ==================== Facebook App Gallery is an app designed to help you manage your Facebook applications. With this app, you can use your Facebook account to reset your Facebook password, search your Facebook applications and share applications with your friends. You can also enable or disable the app so that it won't automatically log you in. a69d392a70

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✔ New Incharge build! ✔ ADDITIONAL NEW FEATURES: Set up and run remotely. Set up and run automatically. Multiple hosts remote connections (see Readme.txt). Optional URL filtering; Set and run monitoring timers. For root. RECOMMENDED FEATURES: Run in background. Advanced Web Blocking. Document info/locations blocking. Contextual popup blocking. (orify) Fantastic! Fantastic support. Have tried quite a few "parental control" solutions in the past. Installed this (heaven forbid) online, no problems whatsoever. I'm new to office 365 and was surprised that I didn't have to install any additional software to use this. It connects and works the first time! 8.0 Simple to use, very user friendly. Easy to set up, and very easy to use and control. It can be set up for a residential tenant or for a business tenant. Its free for personal use. and for commercial use for the life of the tenant. 8.0 Easy to install, inexpensive. Works great for the life of the contract. Spoke to a tech support rep yesterday and he was able to help me right away, even though it was Saturday. If you get a chance, call and speak to someone!!! 9.0 Just what I was looking for! It does exactly what it is supposed to do! I have a very young child and am not able to be present at all times. This is such a lifesaver! 8.0 Use the free trial version. It is very easy to set up, and very easy to use. The only problem I had was my son playing online with the family computer. It was not access to the Internet at all that was the problem but rather access to certain application programs. I have reset the PC and he is not playing the game again.An organic light emitting diode (“OLED”) is a display device including an anode, an organic thin-film, and a cathode layered in order on a substrate. The organic thin-film includes a hole transport layer (“HTL”), an emission layer, and an electron transport layer (“ETL”), for example. In some organic light emitting devices, one or more of the anode, the organic thin-film, and the cath

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- Secure applications' access in a window or the entire screen. - Lock and unlock applications. - Schedule applications. - Block the applications' access and create a timeout. - The user interface is very easy to use. RiteVia Incharge is an advanced tool to secure apps' access, block access to the Internet or limit other personal computing activities and it's free for both personal and commercial use. If you're a parent and also have a computer in your house, you might understand the importance of restricting some applications from being accessed by children, as they might be exposed to inappropriate content or mess with your projects when you're not around. RiteVia Incharge is one of the applications that can help you stay on the safe side of things by letting you lock and unlock the access to the Internet and certain applications in a simple manner. Control application access As previously stated, this application can help you lock specific programs beyond the reach of others, whether it's children or other adults we're talking about, for any reason you see fit (protecting sensitive data, prevent children from spending all their time on the PC, etc.). You simply need to add the desired applications to the list, make sure that their box is checked and choose the actions from the side menu: unlocking, freezing or logging off altogether. Please note that you can choose to schedule these actions at a specific time or set a timer. Restrict access to the Internet In addition to blocking certain applications on your PC, RiteVia Incharge also enables you to restrict access to the Internet by providing you with several ways to achieve your goals. For instance, you can choose to allow all sites, only allow a bunch of them (whitelisting them), block them all or blocking only a few (blacklisting). More so, it is possible to detect and block proxy servers if you want to prevent someone bypassing your clever protection system. Block control remotely Ultimately, this application provides you with remote access to any hosts that you've previously configured, so there's no need to physically exist next to the computer you want to control. Just install this application on both ends, open the "File" menu and access the "Connect To Remote Host" submenu in order to do so. Handy Internet and app access blocker All in all, if you want a tool that can help you limit access to certain apps on your PC or restrain Internet usage, you might consider using RiteVia Incharge. It provides you with a lot of handy options, has a simplistic

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Supported OS: Windows 7, 8 and 10. Processor: Dual Core CPU 2.8GHz or better. Memory: 2GB RAM or more. Graphics: Minimum 1024 x 768. DirectX: Version 9.0 or above. Network: Broadband Internet connection. Hard Disk: 25GB free space on HD.Casein and lactose digestion in patients with cystic fibrosis. The fractional absorption of



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